Natural or Non-Natural Appetite Suppressants?

Natural or Non-Natural Appetite Suppressants? Topic: Natural or Non-Natural Appetite Suppressants?
June 18, 2019 / By Abegail
Question: I find I'm on edge sometimes if I really want to eat something...but I'm not hungry. I'm looking for either a natural appetite suppressant that takes the edge off (or makes it go away completely) or a generic "pill". I feel like this is the only way to make this work...because, really, weight loss is calories in versus calories out. I don't eat when I'm full/satisfied/not hungry. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope... any help is greatly appreciated! H
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Stephen Stephen | 10 days ago
drink water. free, natural suppressent and has no calories. have protein in some of your meals. it has a hormone in it that can suppress your appetite (leptin).
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Stephen Originally Answered: Natural Appetite Suppressants?
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Pace Pace
Doesn't really make sense. You say you want to eat when not hungry (ie you have no appetite) and this puts you on edge. But if you're not hungry why do you want an appetite suppressant? Your "edge" seems more related to a desire to eat rather than natural appetite for food. Appetite suppressants suppress your appetite, but they won't take away your edge or desire to eat when not hungry. Sounds like you want something to deal with the edge or urge to eat. My advice would be to just satisfy your desire - but with something healthy and nutritious, like a banana or a wholemeal sandwich. Even better, stop eating meals and "graze" instead, eating small portions throughout the day. This way you can get rid of the edge and still eat naturally.
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Lincoln Lincoln
no one's mentioned this yet so i will--- i heard it on the News one night. one word --- PEANUTS.... they are full of protein, which temporarily fills you up. They're good FOR you as well, so there's always *that* plus side. That and i've always heard that guzzling some water down isn't such a bad idea either. That Protein Water Kellogg brings out is along the same lines as both the water & the peanuts idea -- meh. the stuff's ok, i've tried it once. It was good for tiding over your "hunger", but... pshhh!! Made my mouth dry and afterwards you have a thirst that can't be quenched - something about Protein Water dries your mouth - so watch out.
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Jared Jared
just two tablespoons of soya nuts take away the hunger pangs. isafgol before a meal is also a suppressant and it is hi on fibre. my dietician told me to start a meal with a soup or a salad. it will make you eat less.
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Freddie Freddie
You maybe pleased to here this. CHOCOLATE! But not a bar of chocolate. Pure refined cocoa. And drink it as a part of a balanced diet with skimmed milk. Real cocoa is an acquired taste and do not be tempted to add to much sugar. It is especially good at night, but please drink it in moderation, there really is no substitute for exercise, variety of foods and do drink water!
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Freddie Originally Answered: natural appetite suppressants?
if you eat a lot of high sodium or sugar your body thinks its dependent and you crave it more almost like a drug so u will just have to bit the bullet and and not eat them. caffeine is a natural diet suppressant and so are cigarettes altho if you dont smoke i wouldnt start. Coffee is a great way to start your day and it fills you up. they have low cal creamers. if i drink a diet coke before i eat i usually am pretty fulll already from the carbination but, drinking water is best. a lot of times when your hungry its just because your thirsty and ur body is tryin to convince you to eat something high in hydrogen.

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