constipated during pregnancy!?

constipated during pregnancy!? Topic: constipated during pregnancy!?
January 29, 2020 / By Ellery
Question: Anybody please help I am 2 months pregnant and very constipated it is so uncomfortable who has had this and what have you done?
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Chris Chris | 4 days ago
You can take Metamucil with Fiber. It's the orange tasting drink it's actually not to bad of tasting it taste like orange koolaid just a little thicker. I was constipated throughout my whole pregnancy and taking it according to the directions helped a lot. I wouldn't take laxatives though my doctor told me those could harm the baby.
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Chris Originally Answered: Constipated? toddler. I need help. I have a 2 yr 11 month old toddler who seems constipated.?
My grandson has had a constipation problem his whole life. He's five now and has been on Miralax since about 1 year. He eats tons of fruits and vegetables. Drinks juices and eats healthy food. Rarely does he get sweet treats or any junk food. So diet isn't the only reason a kid can have constipation problems. He been to the doctor and gastroenterologist. No help from them at all. You may have to keep searching till you find the right food that will help him go. That's what we're hoping for. Otherwise keep giving him some Miralax in the meantime.

Ambie Ambie
Fibre, fibre and more fibre. I made sure that my diet ahd a lot of fruit in it and I took metamucil every day.
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Tiffiny Tiffiny
get some fiber tablets, that should do... as your hormones changes so does your body. don't strain, you'll likely get hemorrhoids.. but you may get them anyway. drink plenty of WATER too.. that helps. good luck and congrats.
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Rowena Rowena
i know its bad but my sister had the same thing and she drank coffe or how ever you spellit so try drinking coffe and eating chocolate
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Nancy Nancy
I constantly had constipation during all 3 of my pregnancies. The doctors will say eat more fiber and there are certain stool softeners that your doctor will say is okay to take while you're pregnant. I don't think any are harmful but I'd check with your doc just to be sure.
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Nancy Originally Answered: What is it if it's not pregnancy?
Usually they say on the bloodwork to be at least a week late. So you are 4 days so far. I think the frequent urination is definately not a symptom. That is a symptom when you are like 9 months pregant and the baby is dancing on your bladder. What about back pain?? I always knew when I was pregnant b/c of back pain across my lower back and it was a "different" type of back pain than just picking up something heavy and your back hurting!!

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