Summer date ideas with the Girlfriend?

Summer date ideas with the Girlfriend? Topic: Summer date ideas with the Girlfriend?
October 15, 2019 / By Driscoll
Question: I dont work tomorrow for once and i would love to do something with my girlfriend. Nothing to original, but something out of the ordinary and something that is fun. we have done a lot of stuff together and we would really like to do something we havent done before. if you have ideas please help,
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Best Answers: Summer date ideas with the Girlfriend?

Brigham Brigham | 2 days ago
beach, the city (if you live near nyc or dc, etc) bowling, laser tag, arcades, picnic, hiking, dave n busters, other fun place for dinner make a pizza or other fun food, go to a comedy club, go strawberry picking, tie dye something together, go fishing, the zoo, aquarium, and stuff like that!
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Brigham Originally Answered: Seem good first date ideas?
Bowling sounds good for first date. Allows for chances to talk and room to move around. Then eat CiCi's after or something like that (a cheap food place).

Ahiram Ahiram
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Susannah Susannah
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Ralphina Ralphina
Keep in mind its not what you do, its how you interact when you are together and whether you have fun or not. The following are a collection of dating ideas that may help you come up with the prescription for the perfect date: 16 Romantic Dating Ideas - http://www.valentine-shop.com/16-romanti... Fun Dating Ideas - http://www.valentine-shop.com/fun-dating... Date Ideas - http://www.valentine-shop.com/date-ideas... Romance on a Budget - http://www.valentine-shop.com/romance-on-a-budget.htm I hope you have a great time!
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Melyssa Melyssa
"Tell her to make you a sandwich" JOKES lol If you want to do a group thing with her then go to a beach for a bbq with friends. If you want alone time then spend sometime with each other anywhere you two like then treat her to a nice dinner :)
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Melyssa Originally Answered: good date ideas?
I don't know what is available in your area, but I love dates for games...like miniature golf, bowling,laser tag, things like that. We have Disney Land near here..that is a really great date...

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