Good way to lose belly fat?

Good way to lose belly fat? Topic: Good way to lose belly fat?
November 17, 2019 / By Madlyn
Question: I'm not too much of a health freak, and it's only been recently that I've been a little more concerned about my health. So bear with me if I seem to not know what I'm talking about. I'm rather overweight for my age, no matter how often I exercise. I jog for at least 20 minutes and do sit-ups until I can't lift my body up, all on a daily basis for the past three weeks. Even with that, I still have a rather large gut. I've been lowering my calorie intake, and I'm trying not to eat in between meals. Is there anything else I need to know or do to be able to lose belly fat?
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Keren Keren | 9 days ago
First point - some exercise is good, but do not do too much especially at the beginning. You want to slowly fit up your fitness. Calorie intake - this is where a lot of people get it wrong. There are different types of calories and the body still needs certain amounts of all of them to function correctly. Without some of them, tiredness and headaches can occur as well as other less noticeable problems. A little known trick is to eat MORE than 3 times per day. If you space out these meals correctly, they will actually help you lose weight. I have been able to get rid of my weight using a diet program that is available on the internet. It is good value and certainly worked for me.
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Keren Originally Answered: What is a good way to lose belly fat?
jogging is an excellent exercise because it let you lose weight evenly throughout your whole body. If you want to lose weight in specific areas, you should target them with exercises. If they are your problem areas, they will be very difficult to tone. You will have to work double on them. The best approach is this: 1. Lower/control your daily calorie intake (control for normal weight, lower for overweight). 2. Run/jog to lower your overall body fat percentage. 3. Target your problem areas with exercises. an excellent exercise, you can do it in front of your TV: sit on a stool, and put your toes under something (piece of heavy furniture, for example). In your hands hold a little dumbbell. Please, make sure that it is not very heavy, start with one kilo, for example, or you will damage your back and spine! Slowly move the upper part of your body back, until it's parallel with the ground. Stop for a second and move it back to the sitting position. Repeat ten times. Every week add to the number of repetitions. You will see the results in a week, guaranteed! You will see or feel under the fat - if you have any - six pack and muscles. Dumbbells do wonders. Much better than these crunches - I came up to three hundreds and there was no results AT ALL. With the dumbbells you will see it in a week.
Keren Originally Answered: What is a good way to lose belly fat?
Try a combo of cardio and stretches. Hop on the treadmill, eliptical, or cardio dvd for 40 minutes (30 minutes maintains weight, 40 minutes+ makes you lose weight). Do this atleast 4 days a week. After you are done with your cardio you need to do crunches and reverse crunches. Do ab stretches to really stretch out those ab muscles. You'll lose 2 pounds a week by doing this!

Jacinda Jacinda
After having three kids I'm really fat, particularly around the tummy. So I sympathize with you. Unfortunately, three weeks isn't long enough to get the results you are looking for. To add to this... taking over the counter diet concoctions is only going to give you temporary relief from the fat. Everything will come back with a vengeance. (I got 20 pounds to add to the 40 I lost). I recently sought help from a real nutritionist/dietitian. I was told to increase my fruit and veggie intake, lower my meats and keep my starches. She showed me what my plate should look like. Imagine a circle. Half that circle is fruit/veggies, the other half is divided again half of that is meat and the other half starches. Next, I had to get physically active. Since I can't go to a gym because I don't have a babysitter I got the Nintendo WII Fit. Sounds crazy, I know. That's what I told my husband. However, it works. I can do step arobics, yoga, jogging, strength training and even play some games. Part of the cardio allows me to do step while watching tv. I work closely with my nutritionist so that I can actually get rid of this fat for good and not get stuck in the yoyo trap. I was 240 pounds when I started 2 months ago and now I'm 220. It's taking a long time to get the weight off but it's happening and best of all, it's permanent!
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Eloise Eloise
Try to work your way up to two or three cardio sessions a day of between 25-35 minutes although don't push it to fast or hard right away as you can hurt yourself aka work on getting longer until you comfortably reach 35 minutes and then try another session later that day and then repeat the process until you up to three. Also try to do this cardio a while after eating to help target fat. Refer to a food pyramid or food guide to help your diet even more.
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Eloise Originally Answered: What's a good weekly workout to do to lose belly fat and tone your body?
Anything that gets your heartrate up to it's maximum zone will be most effective at burning calories. High intensity interval training is the best way to burn way calories. You can't gain muscle really on a calorie deficit (ie: losing weight) because you need to feed the muscle to grow it. However, strength training is still important when losing weight because when you lose weight, not only do you lose fat but lean muscle. A full body strength training routine 3x a week will help combat lean muscle loss. There really is no such thing as "toning" you either gain muscle through a calorie surplus or maintain muscle while on a calorie deficit.

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