what happens if my mum gets swine flu?

what happens if my mum gets swine flu? Topic: what happens if my mum gets swine flu?
June 19, 2019 / By Alyse
Question: my mum has an illness called m.s (multiple sclorosis) and it means her immune system can't fight of things such as the flu and i'm really worried for her because we live in england...what happens if she gets it because on the news it said '1 in every 3 people will get swine flu' i don't want her to die :( cos about 6 people have died already here :( help please x
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Vic Vic | 7 days ago
I think people should strengthen the immune system to maintain health and fight diseases through preventative care, like exercise, healthy diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods, get good amount of sleep. All these can build a healthy body with strong immune defense system that ward off any illnesses passing by. However, people nowadays may find hard to maintain healthy lifestyle and healthy diet to get sufficient essential nutrients for building a strong immune system. That's why we need to incorporate quality supplements into our diets to get the most optimized nutrition. Supplements that contain essential minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and specialty nutrients are vital in boosting and maintaining a strong immune system. are ideally taken before serious symptoms occur. When everyone around you is falling victim to certain diseases, it is best to consult your herbal treatment expert and take a proactive approach to your medical treatment.
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Vic Originally Answered: If you already have swine flu should you get the vaccine?
Once you get sick with swine flu, generally you should be immune to it. However, since many people are becoming infected and gaining immunity it is likely that the virus will shift slightly like most other seasonal flu strains and the immunity that you gained will be lost. So if you do contract swine flu and recover, it is recommended that you get the vaccine anyway to prevent the chance of reinfection. No the vaccine prevents the flu it does not treat it. Tamiflu is the recommended treatment for most flu patients.
Vic Originally Answered: If you already have swine flu should you get the vaccine?
you will get it in case you have been uncovered to the virus earlier the vaccine has the prospect to construct the immunity on your physique. case in point I gave my little ones the typical flu vaccine and 3 days later certainly one of them became ill with the flu. it oftentimes takes approximately 2 weeks on your physique to have immunity when you get the shot. Dont purchase into the media hype. extra human beings have already died this twelve months of the seasonal flu than the H1N1. ninety 9% of the deaths that do occour from the flu are because of the individuals are already ill with another subject. They then get the flu on suitable of the different ailment.

Ross Ross
Hello! I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's condition. However, you should know that she and her physician have her condition under control and there is no reason to be too worried. What you heard on the news about the swine flu was absolutely incorrect. There have not been many cases of swine flu at all, and, while some were fatal, many were easily treatable. It is FAR, FAR more likely to get a normal cold or flu than the swine flu, so don't fret about it. If you're mom does get sick, she'll know that because of her weakened immune system she should go to the doctor right away and get lots rest and so she'll be in good shape. I'm sure it's comfort to her that she has a child who cares so much about her!!
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Montmorency Montmorency
If she gets it under her circumstances then she should be taken to an emergency room. There she will be under watchful eyes. In the mean time make sure you wash your hands verryy often and take extra precautions to stay germ free.
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Montmorency Originally Answered: How long to get well after Swine Flu?
I work in the ER at a county hospital and we've had an influx of swine flu patients coming in. I've found that it depends on the person, their age and if they have any other illnesses that relate to the heart or lungs like asthma or chronic sinusitis. I have really bad asthma, but thankfully I didn't wind up in the hospital. I did try to stick it out and used some herbal remedies that did help in the short-term, but finally after a week with no relief, I gave up and went to the doctor and they gave me tamiflu which is a miracle drug. After being on the anti-viral it took me about two weeks before I was back to normal, though I returned to work only a week after. Personally, I'd rather have mono again than the swine flu. It knocks you out like Mike Tyson You will probably start to feel better within this next week, otherwise go see the doctor and they can probably prescribe something to help. If you are still experiencing flu symptoms, go and get some tamiflu. Your child on the other hand will probably have to continue on his course of breathing treatments for a few more weeks, it sounds like it's a nebulizer which I had to use for a month, but again my asthma was really bad. Get a lot of rest, and I know you won't feel like it, but stir in some ginger into some orange juice and drink up it'll taste awful, and you might want to stir in some honey for your kid (It sounds disgusting I know but it does taste better), it helps give your immune system a kick and soothes the muscles in your stomach. Get as much rest as possible, drink a lot of water and make sure you have gatorade on hand to restore your electrolytes because that is key in your recovery. You wouldn't believe how much better my flu patients feel after they've had a bag of saline through an IV drip in the ER. Hope this helped and if you have any more questions feel free to message me.Get well soon.

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