Am I Constipated? I'd really like to know?

Am I Constipated? I'd really like to know? Topic: Am I Constipated? I'd really like to know?
September 19, 2019 / By Alysa
Question: Ok, I know this is really gross and what constipation is, I just wouldnt say I have it but oh well. I'm 17 and I've holding my dump for a whole day and it hurts everytime I try to let loose. I also cannot pee that much. I've tried sooo much to just let it go but its far to painful and everytime I try it just feels worse and worse. Any methods or meds? Thanks guys!
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Vester Vester | 6 days ago
Dear Aaron, It’s much said to hear that you have constipated at very young age of 17. Don’t be panic. Try to consume Fiber at least 25 grams per days it’s helpful for constipation because its serves to both add bulk and softness to the stool. Many fruits are excellent source of dietary. Apricots, Figs, Papaya, Peaches, Pears, Vegetable’s for constipation Vegetables: Artichoke hearts, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, green beans, peas and squash. Avoid Fat foods, such as cheese, eggs, and meat this fatty foods takes longer time to digestive. I hope it will help full for you Good Luck you are in my Pray.
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Vester Originally Answered: my dog is constipated?
I know this may sound a little crazy but if your dog is constipated she can eat a little canned pumpkin. it is kinda like a natural laxative. I do not recommend suppositories at all. How ever you can use a stool softener.they usually come in the form of a gel cap. The active ingredient you are looking for is Ducosate Sodium. We use this all the time at the Vet clinic I work at.

Roscoe Roscoe
Ok, um, this is going to sound crazy but anyway, take a blob of vaseline and shove it up your ***. This should make things a little smoother. Then just go to the loo and bear the pain, once its out u won't feel pain anymore. Check to see there is no blood, if there is, go to a doctor. Drink a teaspoon of castor oil, that helps too. Don't hold anything in, this could cause way worse problems. Drink loads of water and eat healthy! Fruit and veg and fibre every single day! Goodluck!
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Montgomery Montgomery
Try a stool softener before a laxative !! Laxatives sometimes cause diarrhea but they for sure empty it all out!! A stool softener does just what it states it will do!! Try increasing your fiber - Shredded Wheat works well!! Also 4 bottles of water atleast daily I often have same issues if I don't eat enough cereal or consume enough water/I add that Mio to water to drink enough!!
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Kean Kean
eat chocolate and some fiber stuff that should help and try to go to store and pick up a laxative which should definitely flush it all out
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Kean Originally Answered: How often do you get constipated?
Some things such as narcotics, antidepressants and other medications can cause nearly constant constipation. Some women have constipation every month associated with their period. For some people, "normal" may be going once every 2 or 3 days. Once a day isn't normal for everyone.

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