laxatives? 10 points best answer. help!?

laxatives? 10 points best answer. help!? Topic: laxatives? 10 points best answer. help!?
October 14, 2019 / By Alvy
Question: long story short: I don't have regular bowel movements. I crap like three times a week if im lucky, sometimes once a week even. I eat a lot of fiber, I exercise, etc. ive just always had problems crapping. anyway, so it went four days without crapping so I bought laxatives. Dulcolax. I took it for 3 days n a row, each night I had diahrreia. it was great because I was constipated for so damn long. anyway, the fourth day I decided not to take laxatives because I read it was dangerous to take it everyday? whats wrong with taking laxatives everyday ,anyway? its been 2 days since Dulcolax laxatives and I haven't crapped@ I want take laxatives again tonight! is it okay if I take laxatives, Dulcolax every other day??? or once a week??? because I honestly don't crap a lot. and ive done everything everyone says, but I just don't rap. have had trouble since a baby. so can I take Dulcolax every other day or no? whats wrong with taking laxatives everyday? I heard about miralax. I think that's the name. I thought I heard u can take that daily? is that true? should I switch to miralax and take that daily? I think that's powder? or should I stick to Dulcolax. btw, I eat fiber, etc. so don't say have more fiber. will miralax work? what would be the worse thing if I had Dulcolax every 3 days?
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Thrud Thrud | 6 days ago
Laxatives are very harsh on your stomach, and can ruin your intestinal lining. Yes, you Can Take MIRALAX every Day. I have been taking it for years and am quite normal. There will be a point where you will be so normal that you may skip a day or two, and then start again.
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Thrud Originally Answered: Best answer gets 10 points!?
Antibiotics are not going to cure a tooth infection. If you are taking birthcontrol the antibiotics may stop the effect of the pill and you could become pregnant. And with all the other stuff you are taking (which you do not need at 17) you could hurt the baby. If any one these things have Iron in them you are definitly hurting your liver at your age. You need to talk to someone abot your obsession to take these pills. My sister was like that and is now crippled up from whatever she takes and she smells awful like an old vitamin bottle.

Roseanne Roseanne
It's best to go to your Dr. There may be a treatment. Miralax is a better choice. It is fiber so you have a more normal stool & eliminate a normal way. Ducolax makes you have a bowel movement by stimulation. It's an artificial way. Your body can get addicted to it & then it's hard to go without stimulation. Sooo.......... Stop the Ducolax. Start using Miralax & see if it's good. Going 3 days a week may not be abnormal for you. Everyone has a different schedule. If your stool is like hard balls, that's constipation. If Miralax doesn't help you have bigger, softer stools then go yo the Dt.
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Myra Myra
Constipation isnt about the frequency of yout bowel habits its about the consistency of your stools If you are straining or producing hard stools then do take laxatives for short term use Dulcolax is a powerful stimulant laxitive If you abuse laxatives you are at risk of dehydration and loosing essential minerals in your body.
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Lora Lora
I think you can get dependent on them and then you won't be able to crap without them, but you can't crap anyway, so it's probably better to just take them. You've only been taking them short-term, so it's not going to be a huge problem. Try really, really strong coffee in the morning, does it for me.
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Kasandra Kasandra
OK, YOU HAVE TO SEE A DOCTOR. You can die from this. I forgot how. But I know someone who hadn't gone to the bathroom and died.
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Kasandra Originally Answered: Dieting?HELP!10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
Rule of thumb for weight loss: Diet= 70% exercise= 30% Great 7 step plan to follow for LASTING & healthy results (My sources: world-class athlete since age 6, read tons about health for years e.g. Gunnar Peterson's The Workout [trainer to A list celebrities] and Tony Robbin's "The Body You Deserve"& after educating my brother, he lost 45 pounds in 4 months & has kept it off for over 2 years): 1. Awareness of what you eat by keeping a diet journal to see where ure going wrong plus writing down very specific goals w/a time frame on them (be realistic yet firm) & view them on a regular basis. Tell someone encouraging who wants to see you succeed, about your progress toward your goals on a regular basis- this will keep you accountable. I have a google spreadsheet w/all my goals & weekly progress toward them that I share w/my boyfriend each week so we can discuss it. Family members or best friends are great choices. Be VERBAL about your commitments so that your family understands they must bring healthy food in the house or at the minimum not pressure you to overeat or ruin your goals. If u think healthy food is expensive, try affording hospital bills later in life when ur poor diet gives u cancer & other diseases. SAVE your pennies toward the most important thing in life= health. 2. Best cardio is running in terms of weight loss. It is however, very high-impact & can lead to injuries. If you get injured- 2nd best is rowing, 3rd is cycling (both of which are less impact). You should be doing cardio minimum 4 x/wk 30min.-1 hr. Weight loss heart rate range is one where u can carry on a conversation w/o a big struggle. Mix it up to keep from losing willpower or getting bored. People lose motivation when exercise isnt fun/engaging. If u love soccer, do it! Cardio is cardio! 3. Resistance program to help firm muscles/give u tone (u can't spot-reduce- weight training results per individual body part will only be visible after the fat layer is off from the cardio). You should do this 2-3 x/wk for 30 min-1 hr each time. It's important to have that break in between so ur muscles can rest. Remember- each muscle gained= more calories lost on a daily basis b/c this revs up your metabolism! Jessica Biel is a great model for a muscular gorgeous body. Look at a picture of her & visualize ur face on her body. The mind's thoughts literally create ur reality; this has been proven over the centuries. 4. Breakfast= eat like a king, Lunch= like a prince, Dinner= like a pauper. 3 meals/2snacks per day of high fiber/ high protein/ low carb nutrient-packed foods help keep u full NOTE: Complex carbs like salad, fruit, whole-grains are good, just avoid simple carbs like white bread and processed stuff. The best foods for u are the natural foods our ancestors ate that are filled with FIBER (shoot for 35 gm/day- this will kick cravings to the curb!) Anna Kournikova eats a fruit + drinks a glass of water 30 min before her meals to be fuller/eat less. No diet sodas- the fake sugars actually make ur body crave more sugar. Stick to tea & water & never bring bad foods into ur house. Its very unhealthy for a woman to go under 1200 cals/day, slightly more for a man.Take a high quality multivitamin each day & maybe essential fatty acid fish oils if u can afford both. Lastly, take 1 junk day off/wk (my day is Saturday) so that u dont feel deprived & can sustain this long term. 5. Americans in general are impatient & want things QUICK & easy. U must be patient in terms of your results & never give up. This is a LIFESTYLE change, there are NO get-thin quick schemes, PERIOD. If u abuse your body u will ruin ur metabolism & in the future u will gain weight MUCH easier than today. Diet pills will kill u as quickly as they helped kill Anna Nicole Smith. They are no better than illegal drugs AND they dont work! So be smart, have long-term perspective- is it better to have 0% body fat in a wheel chair or 20% body fat w/vitality & a long happy life? 6. Weigh yourself once/wk, never more than that. Check waist circumference, body fat %, muscle %, water % (there are good digital scales that do this) b/c u could be gaining muscle which weighs more than fat or be full of water and be like- why the heck wont i lose weight and then binge. Also, reward yourself when u make progress! Make it fun or else you'll quit sooner than later. 7. Drink min. 2 liters of water/day (more for men) & whenever ur stressed- take DEEP BREATHS rather than reaching for food. Breathe in this ratio: Inhale 5 counts, hold for 20 counts, exhale 10 counts. If u do 10 of these 3x/day youll be releasing toxins, decreasing appetite, & increasing energy. You can do it! Good luck, keep a positive attitude, & never give up! :)

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