can I grow coffee and chocolate at home?

can I grow coffee and chocolate at home? Topic: can I grow coffee and chocolate at home?
September 17, 2019 / By Alycia
Question: I heard its illegal to grow your own coffee or chocolate plants. is this true? I'm in California, USA if that matters.
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Verne Verne | 4 days ago
It is not illegal to grow these plants. Cacao is a very large plant and I do not believe it would be possible to grow this plant to maturity and fruiting indoors, and outside will require considerable space. It is not in the least hardy, so will require the warmest tropical climate for successful cultivation. Coffee plants are readily available in most garden centers with a houseplant department. I have seen very nice starts in 4 inch pots at Home Depot. The plants are beautiful shrubs with glossy deep green leaves which in conditions the plant likes (humid jungle -- indoors provide a location in a window which gets lots of bright light but little direct sun, and mist daily, or even a couple times a day, to boost the humidity the plant craves for optimal growth. In warm climate zones, coffee may be grown successfully, but they are also very tender, although not as unforgiving as the cacao. In time, when the plant is sufficiently mature, it will bloom with deliciously fragrant white blossoms. When the plant finishes blooming, the spent flowers develop into showy red berries, which contain the coffee beans. It is unlikely that you would be able to grow enough houseplants, in the home garden, or even in a large home greenhouse to obtain enough coffee beans for use. Think of how many beans there are in a one-pound package of whole bean coffee, and how many cups of coffee you are able to get out of it. You would need to devote a large parcel of land and farm the plants for any reasonable production. However, as I said, Coffee plants are top-notch houseplants or warm-climate shrubs in all seasons, and an interesting conversation piece.
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Verne Originally Answered: How to grow organic vegetables at home?
Juts grow your fruits and vegetables on fresh soil. Have lots of patience and take great care. Just know that some bugs are good for the soil and plants. do not spray any stupid chemicals now matter what. Some chemicals they say wont harm the plants and blah blah but it does all of them. Make sure you always have some type of water source nearby. Make sure your surrounding of the garden looks good. so birds and ladybugs( frogs too) ( depending on where you live) can come and eat pests that may come. Don't constantly moisturize the plants and soil because that's how fungi can grow. Breeze and spacing between the plants is necessary. Growing organic fruits and veggies are better to grow in country side areas with lots of land and soil. But it can work from home

Rorie Rorie
It depends on what part of CA you are in for the coffee. I'm in San Pedro, zone 10B and we grow coffee here outdoors. It need frost protection and a true freeze, temps 32F and below, will kill it. You can see coffee growing at the Quail botanical gardens in SD and at the OC Fairgrounds. Chocolate, Cacao, is a different story. It's an Ultra-Tropical and can't take temps below 55-60. It does, however, do very well as an indoor house plant here, but takes a real green thumb to get it to thrive. Both are legal to grow and they are commonly sold on Ebay.
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Montague Montague
You heard incorrectly. Unfortunately, both crops require a tropical environment. While you may be able to create these at home [California contains no tropical zones], it will be labor intensive with no guarantee of success.
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Kassidy Kassidy
You can grow them indoors as house plants just about anywhere if you maintain the right conditions. I believe that you need at least one other tree of each for cross pollination.
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Haywood Haywood
I doubt there is anything illegal about it in either case, but the practicalities might make it close to impossible, even if you are in the deep south of CA.
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Shade grown coffee is the traditional way of growing coffee and has a much better taste profile, not to mention that it saves trees. You can, of course, get shade grown, fair trade and organic all in one. Check out Larry's Beans.....it is by far the best coffee I have ever had: http://www.larrysbeans.com/items.php?sub... Kim at: http://www.peaceful-organic-planet.com

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