Special Kitty cat food?

Special Kitty cat food? Topic: Special Kitty cat food?
January 26, 2020 / By Alfrid
Question: Although i told her no store brand foods, my mom bought some Special Kitty while she was in Walmart. The nearest petsmart is about an 1hr drive away, so there isnt much of a selection and she's very finicky. I gave my cat (who has been eating a can of starkist tuna for about a day and a half) a can of the beef, as I know all the tuna can't be good for her (too much phosphorus and magnesium is bad for cats i know). I don't like cheap cat food, so i went on menufood.com and saw that the packets of Special Kitty was recalled (http://menufoods.com/recall/Cat/Special%... I'm probably being an overbearing (cat) mom, but do you think she is ok? I've gotten rid of what was left of the canned beef food in her plate. Has anyone fed their cat special kitty and noticed any adverse reaction? wow i'm taking the food back. you guys are really terrifying me. I've only given her one 3oz can, and she didn't even eat it completely. She's okay, right? 3/4 of a can won't be the end. right????? Also only the packs were recalled not the cans, and none of the UPCs were on the recalled list. I also give her about half a cup of dry food (Goodlife Recipe). Over the past 2 days she has eaten a can (the 1.5oz) of tuna. The tuna is just an occasional treat for her (which is why she is sick of it now). Mercury, that's what i was tryung to remember but magnesium kept coming to mind. I'm from a small town, so no all night places. And being its sunday, the grocery stores closed over an hr ago. My neighbors are dog people. She doesn't like Fancy Feast much anymore, so I usually give her Petite Cuisine, Friskies Grilled poultry packs, Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness, and Simply Chicken. I've tried ordering organic cat foods like newman's own, and the like. Wouldn't come near it. I even boil and shred chicken breast for her. She'll have none of it.
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Tamsen Tamsen | 4 days ago
Go by what the codes say, there were specific codes recalled, not all the Special Kitty food had problems. Our stores did check and take them off the shelves and return them to the manufacturer. Having a recall doesn't mean 100% of the label choices are bad,just the ones on the recall that were made in a specific time frame. That's why they post it online, so you can check. The food was likely just fine. You also have to check the DATES of the recall, the stuff from 2 years ago was already taken care of. Recent recalls have specific manufacture dates mentioned. Information is available online, and is updated as needed.
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Tamsen Originally Answered: What is a good Kitty food?
I like City Classic litter for Longhaired Cats and Kittens. Its dust free and doesn't stick to fur, and has a baby powder scent. You change the litter completely about every three weeks and scoop the poop each day. Also, don't use a clumping litter, since when wet it expands... and kittens like to nibble litter, so you don't want it to expand in their throats or stomach. Here's all I know on kitty nutrition. And a lot of this stuff even applies to dogs in terms of ingredients and nutrients, though dogs need a little less protein and a few more carbs. However, dogs don't need grains at all, though they do benefit from fruit and veggies. We have to remember that cats in the wild only eat meat, and that is the ideal diet. Meat is high in protein and fat, which are the primary energy sources for cats. Try to follow this natural rule when you pick foods. Generally, any brand you've heard of on TV, magazine ads, and even from a vet are low quality. They spend money on making advertisements, not on good ingredients. Vets also don't have to take nutrition courses, and they might cover nutrition for maybe 4 classes- and these classes usually have a person from a big brand like Hill's or Purina come in. Vets are also -sponsored- by these companies to sell their foods, even though they are full off crap. The sad part is, vets are actually extremely uneducated in that area- and thats where we need the most help. So cats eat meat, which is protein and fat. Those are its primary sources of energy, and your food probably doesn’t have enough to keep your cats satiated. Remember that fat is good- it doesn't promote obesity- carbs do. We have to remember that they are carnivores, and are not human. Please read on. Things to avoid: -Grains Grains (corn, wheat, oats, barely, rice) and their by products (gluten, hulls, etc) are bad for cats. They are high in carbs, which cats do NOT need for energy. A cat's body recognizes carbs as sugar, and then transforms it into fat. Most commercial cat foods are way over 35% carbs and are mostly grains- thats why a quarter of pet cats are obese, not because of fat. Most cats also wouldn't have diabetes if it wasn't for grains. Grains also have proteins, but they are plant proteins that cats can't use. So if a food has grains in it, that adds to the protein percentage- but your cat won't get the amount labeled on the bag. Why are grains in there? Simple. Its cheap and a profit for the companies that make them. Rule:NO GRAINS and UNDER 20% CARBS. -By-products By-products are cheap bits of meat that are unsuitable for human consumption- heads, feet, organs and intestines, etc. They are usually the only 'meat' in most pet foods. Cats do eat these in the wild, but they do eat NICE meat too! Rule: NO BY-PRODUCTS. This rules out almost every brand you've heard of, sadly. Even 'Science Diet' . If you look at the ingredients, its filled with crap! What to look for: -High protein/High fat/ Lots of meat Look for more than 40% protein, so that he can have proper muscle and a shiny coat. Look for over 16% fat. Make sure that there are lots of nice meat ingredients. -Wet/Canned Food. Cats don't drink because they are meant to get water from the raw meat they should eat, which is 65-75% water. Because of this, they don't have a thirst drive. Even if a cat drinks a lot of water, it only gets about half of the water it needs. When cats are dehydrated, their urine becomes concentrated and forms painful crystals- this is Urinary Tract Infection. Dry is too dry :( Canned foods are about 78% water, and so imitates raw meat well. While they look like they have less protein and fat, that is because its diluted by water. To calculate the real protein, here's the formula and an example. moisture: 78% and protein: 10%. Remove moisture from the 'total' (100%) and you get the percent of dry matter, which is 22%. Turn this into a decimal (0.22). Divide the protein content (10%) by this decimal (0.22). You end up with 45% protein! The average can (5.5 oz) feeds about 6-8 pounds of cat for a day. Since you have a kitten, you should feed at least 60% canned. Also, kittens have to constantly eat, so always leave food available, or just have very frequent meals. When she's older, feed about 1 can a day, with maybe an 1/8th of a cup of kibble. Good dry foods are: Orijen, Innova EVO, Wellness CORE, Horizon Legacy, Artemis Maximal, Nature's Variety Instinct Good canned: Innova EVO, Wellness, Nature's Logic, Natural Balance, Evanger Go to their websites and use their store locators. They may cost more, but your cat will eat less (which mean it lasts longer) and be healthier- no 'fat cat' or 'diabetes' vet bills. www.catinfo.org is a good site, and www.pets.ca's Bulletin Board has a colony of awesome nutrition fanatics.

Richarda Richarda
Many years ago, even before the problems Special Kitty has had, I noticed vomiting, diarrhea, dull coat, and excessive dander. She'll probably be okay, just keep an eye on her. There is the possibility that she might have sloppy poop, and this isn't specifically because of the Special Kitty, but because it is a different cat food she is not used to, so don't panic if her stool seems loose. Raid your freezer for any burger or chicken you might have in there or make a late night trip to the supermarket, or call a cat-owning neighbor and ask if they can spare a can or two. The issue with tuna goes beyond phosphorus and magnesium, it is the high mercury, tuna can inhibit potassium absorption, and cats fed a diet containing excessive amounts of tuna can develop steatitis, also known as yellow fat disease. Going too long without the proper nutrients, especially taurine, can cause health problems also. (Whoa...and you were worried about Special Kitty!) Fancy Feast is actually pretty good, and Meow Mix and Friskies have come out with holistic/better cat foods, so in a pinch, feed those when you can't get your favorite brand at the pet store. So, now that you are totally freaked out....get off the computer, get to an all-night market (or borrow some food) and just keep an eye on your kitty.
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Milly Milly
For the record, my cats have eaten the Special Kitty food, more than once, without issue up to this point. I didn't even know it was recalled. The haven't had any bad reactions (their main food is dry, but they've had it at least 3 times in the last month). Mine are still kittens. The soft food we give them only as a treat. Iams is supposed to be the best, but they seem to prefer whatever else I might give them. Whiskas Kitten (or adult, for that matter) with the little meaty chunks is their 2nd favorite. They like Purina Kitten food too. Their favorite, sadly, is Kit N Kaboodle -- with all the non-organicy additional colors and everything cheap and bad that you can get. They love it. I got it once because...it was late and it was there.
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Lilianne Lilianne
My vet gave me some great information about cat food. She said that Special Kitty ( and any cheap cat food) was the equivalent of fast food for a cat, and that the more expensive cat food was like the better fruits and vegetables. I personally use the Purina One that is bought at Wal-Mart and my vet said that was fine. For a 7lb bag I pay about $12. I have two cats that are 3 years old and they are very healthy, active, happy cats.
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Justy Justy
I haven't fed my cat that. But if its been recalled, don't feed it to her. My 20 year old cat died a few years ago from tainted cat food, when we had that pet food scare. She was healthy up until we got her this one food and within weeks was gone. So you are not being an overbearing cat mom. I feed my cat Purina One because the first ingredient is actually meat.
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Justy Originally Answered: What exactly makes Organic food so special?
I would think the absence of pesticides might be one very good reason. Did you know there are many fruits and vegetables that absorb pesticides even if they are washed and peeled? And because foods are organically grown, that means the environment is cleaner. Read this..... it's a good list. http://www.ota.com/organic_and_you/10reasons.html

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