I'm constipated and taking laxatives?

I'm constipated and taking laxatives? Topic: I'm constipated and taking laxatives?
July 20, 2019 / By Aldred
Question: Is it bad if I take one laxative every other day or so? It's not that I don't eat healthy i've always been that way! My dad's the same and he takes laxatives but is it bad for your stomach? Is there something better for me to take?
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Tajuana Tajuana | 7 days ago
Taking a laxative every other day is most definitely not a good idea. The problem is the body gets used to needing that extra help for you to defecate. It is a much better idea to eat properly. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure the breads you eat are whole grain. It is also important to drink enough water throughout the day. If you do these things, both you AND your dad will feel much better. Stay away from any fad diets, as they are just designed to separate you from your money.
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Tajuana Originally Answered: What Happens When You Eat After Taking Laxatives? ?
Eating after taking laxatives usually just makes them hurt a little more. Stay away from dairy though.

Regan Regan
My little one suffers from constipation alot. What I do for her is upload fiber to her beverages. Benefiber (inexperienced bottle)or fibersure (has a blue bottle) is what I use. It has no style, grittiness, thickness or scent to it. It will have to begin to give you the results you want in a couple of hours. Basically the way it works is it brings water on your stool so you'll be able to clearly use the toilet, quite simply. If you are taking an excessive amount of you can get the runs for a brief at the same time. I might take 2 servings immediately to get matters relocating alongside. Just be certain to take with lots of water. Usually with a laxative it takes 12 to 24 hours to paintings. I do not in my opinion maintain laxatives motive they mostly can motive cramping so I observed choices with the fiber or suppositories. Another factor you'll be able to take a look at is a suppository (will have to be within the identical discipline you purchased the laxative).. Suppositories can get you pooping in approximately quarter-hour or much less mostly. Do you consider such as you ought to poop or are you simply worried that you simply did not poop in an afternoon or 2 and believe that your constipated? If you consider such as you ought to poop then take a look at the suppositories, it is going to carry it down. If your simply worried that you have not moved your bowels in an afternoon or 2 and you have no suffering that does not imply your constipated, you simply do not ought to move proper now, that is all.
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Michelle Michelle
Start eating fiber, whether you find it natural in veggies, grains, fruits, or eat cereal with fiber. You can also take a fiber supplement that comes in powder form. You just add it to your food, drink.
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Lexa Lexa
I am not sure because if you read the back of the box it does say not for everyday use.Have you been to the doctor about it? I have the same problem and i went to the doctor and they found out i have ibs maybe you have it to and just dont know about it yet.Go and look ibs up and see if you think thats what you have.GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE.
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Lexa Originally Answered: HELP! im taking laxatives?
I think you should try a more natural way start eating more fruits and veggies. Try putting fiber into your meals. Laxatives are addicting and you will have to take more and more. start drinking more distilled or purified water. Get a juicerif you don't like veg. and mix the veg with the fruit.....raisins and or grapes. you will mess up your intestines because it will depend on the laxative. how old are you? If herbal do not take anything with burdock in i, I hope this will help you decide. And remember fiber! If you want e-mail me and i will help you more! Good luck

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