Can a teenager do the atkins diet?

Can a teenager do the atkins diet? Topic: Can a teenager do the atkins diet?
May 22, 2019 / By Adison
Question: Hi, im a 14 year old male (15 next month). I am 5' 8'' and 160 pounds so i am a little over weight. My belly is quite big and my parents and i are considering me doing the atkins diet along with exersize. Is it O.K for me to do the diet?
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Stephanie Stephanie | 6 days ago
Atkins lifestyle is good for any age. @Liam: Yes, most definitely I believe the sustained and increased level of carbohydrate intake in the United States has caused obesity, not to mention a myriad of metabolic disorders which are also correlated with obesity. Not until the mid 20th century did popular "opinion", not scientific fact support the saturated fat hypothesis. Actually, saturated fat was first demonized, but never proven in critical clinical trials to be associated with cardiovascular disease. However, it was commonly stated that saturated fat rose cholesterol levels greatly, which increased chances for CVD. Unfortunately, there was never a causal study EVER produced, just correlation or link. This is not proof. Furthermore, saturated fats, and other fats were thrust into public scrutiny when a non-scientific political committee in the 1970s, headed by George McGovern provided the US Dietary Guidelines. The AMA and countless others opposed this set of guidelines which defined the way America has eaten since - limiting fats and "cholesterol" filled foods. The guidelines were for the most part conjecture, yet the USDA was pushing to get the word out that fats were bad and should be limited. Unfortunate for your theory, here are several facts: 1)Insulin is the main regulator of triglyceride storage in the human body. 2)When you eat fat, insulin has nearly 0 response, thus fat is easily digested 3)When you eat fat, a common misconception is that it "sticks to your arteries" and that it makes you fat. Fortunately, fats are rapidly broken down. 4)Those that eat carbohydrates have something going on in their system many know little about. It is called lipogenesis, or the creation of fat. How does this happen? Carbohydrates - any carbohydrate - convert to glucose, or sugar in the blood. Lipogenesis is the conversion of glucose to triglyceride. This is why those on low-carbohydrate lifestyle, when they ingest large amounts of fat, have a high triglyceride level for around 1 hour, then the triglyceride level plummets dramatically, especially when at fasting levels. However, those who continuously eat carbohydrates have continuously high levels of triglycerides, not to mention blood-glucose levels. These high blood glucose levels have a drastic affect on your body over time. After awhile, your body - on the cellular level begin to resist insulin's normal responses. This is when insulin resistance begins. Unfortunate for your body, your fat cells have no problem with continuing to accept triglycerides for fat storage. Eventually, many people may become fat - or worse develop a major metabolic disorder such as type II diabetes. Your argument that too much food is what makes people fat is flawed on several levels, but I am restricted by response limit... History lesson: Incorrect. Some of those foods - cereal, bread are considered Western foods. Once many Native American, Inuit and others were exposed to these types of flour and starches is the same time they began to develop metabolic disorders, i.e. obesity. It was only when the wagon trains ran through the New World and completely changed the way the Native American ate, that obesity became a problem. I agree with you that carbohydrates are sources of energy, for those in glycogenesis. However, this does not give way to reason that it is the best state for one's body to be in. The alternative of course is ketosis. Name some sources of carbohydrates that are high in fiber. Fiber cannot possibly counter all of the available carbohydrate-laden foods in grocery stores. Fiber reduces bowel cancer? Cancer REQUIRES glucose to survive. In fact, it needs a lot of it. Guess what happens when you reduce your glucose level significantly by severely restricting carbohydrates? Sorry cancer! We're not just talking about bowel either. Breast cancer is a metabolic disease that is 10% genetic, 90% metabolic. BC is often cited as a western disease for this reason. Asiatic women tend to have very low BC contraction. However once they move to the US, within 1 generation their risk factor jumps several fold. The fact is the US has been decreasing animal fat consumption while increasing carbohydrate intake as part of the McGovern experiment of 1977. All the data is there to see. Carbohydrates do not make you fuller longer. I'm sad for your eating habits, honestly. Plenty of think individuals (or not fat) have organs surrounded by visceral fat. Just because you don't look fat does not mean in the least things are looking okay inside. Furthermore, the carbohydrates/glucose is continually inflaming your body, causing internal infections. this can lead to serious complications such as CVD and other major metabolic disorders.
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Stephanie Originally Answered: Is this a healthy diet for a teenager?
no, it is way to low in calories & a healthy diet is a diet in moderation. You need more of pretty much every food group except fruit. Put if you add some whole grains, maybe some natural cheese, etc. you can loose still a good amount of weight by summer. you dont want to loose more than 2 pounds each week. you are only consuming around 830 calories. Even to be dieting you should be getting probally double that, especially if your young or active. Never go below 1200 calories or it can damage your whole bodies functioning. breakfast: cereal: 110 (depending on brand, sounds like you'd be eating special k or something low in calories like that) Orange juice: 110 medium apple? 80. snack: medium orange? about 60. lunch: soup: 120 Yogurt:100 dinner: fish:100 vegetables: 30 bananas: 120 per large banana & for excercise: find something you enjoy: dancing, yoga, jogging, running, bicycling, swimming(find a local ymca) etc. I have hear walking is one of the best excerises out there if you think thats do little do some powerwalking. I lost a very unhealthy amount of weight and my only excercise was walking!. Don't over excercise either. only do intensive excercise 3-5 times a week. I hope I helped(:

Quenby Quenby
Any idiot can do the Atkins diet, whether you are a young teen or an adult. The only diet that actually works is the reduced calorie diet. Exercise also helps. Weight loss is difficult, which is why lots of people waste time looking for an easy solution rather than get on with it, and some people make a lot of money by selling people false information such as books about the Atkins diet. @Josh - You seriously think carbs are to blame for the level of obesity in the US? Hamburgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, gigantic steaks... it would make more sense to blame protein and fat. It's not the potatos that makes McDonalds fries unhealthy, it is the saturated fats! The fact is, no foods are bad for you, only too much food. Throughout history, carbohydrates have been ever present; cereal, rice, potato, millet, bread, yams, the most readily available food source for people across the world. When potato crops in Ireland were ruined, thousands starved to death. Developed countries send sacks of cereal and rice to starving nations, Rome destroyed fields growing carbs to starve the city of Carthage. Carbs have always been the most common source of energy, and it is only in modern times that obesity has become a widespread problem. Sources of carbs tend to be high in fiber, and fiber is useful in reducing the risk of bowel cancer. A diet with too much meat actually raises the risk of developing a variety of cancers. The idea behind Atkins is that protein makes you fuller much sooner so that you eat less. But carbs, espeically wholewheat foods, make you fuller for longer, and can also make you eat less. Carbs are not bad for you at all. Again, it is how much you eat that matters rather than what you eat. I say that as a person who has lost 14lb over the last 3 weeks despite enjoying foods like burgers, pizza, chips, and plenty of beer which is also a source of carbohydrates. I did it by eating in moderation, fewer calories than my body needs to maintain weight.
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Meg Meg
I would never recommend any fad diet to a teenager. Your body is developing right now. You need a complete life diet of whole fresh foods from all the food groups to get all the macro and micro nutrients for complete development. A much safer and simpler way to lose weight at your age is to avoid as much processed and refined food as possible. You don't have to be a purist but cut back as much as you can. There are tons of hidden calories, salt, sugars, and trans fats in our modern food supply. Eating foods in their simplest form is the best. Eat an orange, don't drink the concentrated juice. Eat oatmeal with some honey, cinnamon, and berries, not Captain Crunch. It really is that simple. A key to weight gain rarely discussed is sleep. Every recent sleep study connects poor sleep or lack or sleep to weight gain. 8-9 hours a night at the same time will help loads. You don't need a fad diet just common sense. Good luck.
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Lavone Lavone
Depends on your medical history. You should probably contact your doctor to get a professional opinion since your so young. But my advice is to just eat healthy and make a lifestyle change. Diets tend to not work and most people just gain all their weight back after the diet is over. So just eat healthy and exercise a few times a week. Your young so you should be fine. Oh and by the way... you sound more healthy then you think. 5'8" and 160 sounds fairly healthy.
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Jocosa Jocosa
Don't do it, I tried it and it screwed up my metabolism, just cut out processed foods, and btw with the Atkins diet you can't excercise otherwise you'll get to skinny the Atkins diet is mainly for people too lazy to excercise. ( Not always.)
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Jocosa Originally Answered: Easy healthy diet for teenager?
Well, if you aren't looking to lose weight, you really don't need a DIET, per se, but healthy eating is what I'd recommend. Try to get fruits and veggies fish or meat WHOLE GRAINS, and that will keep you on track. If you're like me you do like fruits and veggies, what I suggest is V-8 v-fusion juice, available at most plain old grocery stores. It contains both fruits and veggies but tastes like awesome fruit juice. No broccoli taste or any other repulsive veggies. In every cup you get a serving of both, also make sure to eat a HEALTHY breakfast, not a pop tart while you wait for the bus, but REAL breakfast, a bowl of lucky charms even, though that's not the healthiest option it does have the whole grains that you want. One last note stay away from high fructose corn syrup, not only does it show on your hips, it's bad for your health. I hope that it helps. Be healthy!

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