Am I still constipated? *detailed*?

Am I still constipated? *detailed*? Topic: Am I still constipated? *detailed*?
January 29, 2020 / By Adino
Question: I went on vacation with my boyfriend over a week ago and I ate terribly and was never able to have a proper bowel movement, only small pieces. I struggled to go when I came back. I tried not eating, eating salads, flax seeds, fiber one bars and even food I know always upsets my stomach, and nothing big happened. I went back to my regular eating habit of small, healthy meals through out the day, but I would only pass smaller than normal stools, and I never felt relieved. Then, just now, I got that feeling of impending doom. I went to the bathroom, had loose, watery stool and A LOT of blood (from straining?). It wasn't as much fecel matter as I felt needed to come out, but if it's that loose, does that mean I am no longer constipated? I'm embarrassed even asking, but I've been worried.
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Stephania Stephania | 5 days ago
It is hard to say. The one thing I will say is that you were bulking up on insoluble fiber (the flax fiber one, etc) and what you often need is soluble fiber (like fruits & vegetables). One increases the bulk, the other aids in making it move & keeping enough moisture to make it malleable. Hate to get so graphic. LOL Anyway - the blood, if it is red, is coming from near the end of the rectum, not further up, so it is most commonly caused by an internal hemorrhoid from all the straining. It may also leave you with a "full" feeling in your rectum since it is inflamed. That is quite common. An irritated internal hemorrhoid can also inhibit going since it kind of gets in the way. Firstly - never try "not eating" for a constipation treatment - not good. Flax seeds are fine but balance it with things like fresh vegetables. Also bananas are good since they are one of the few foods that truly regulate bowels. They add moisture if needed & firm it up if needed. So they combat constipation AND diarrhea. I would say your body likely gave you diarrhea due to the hemorrhoid since you were only able to have small stools before. You can take an over the counter laxative & vegetable based stool softener - like Colace. It will help to make you stool softer so you can pass it easier. This is what I was on to heal up my hemorrhoids post partum. My Dr had me just try adjusting my own dose to make sure the pooping was comfortable enough without being runny. I took Peri-colace (has a laxative in it) and colace (stool softener only) alternatively, as needed, to go regularly enough so that it was NOT any strain & it did heal my hemorrhoids. And as always - it never hurts to see your Dr over this. TBH though - in absence of significant stomach pain or nausea or fever & if you are otherwise healthy & young, I personally would just do the other stuff BEFORE going to the Dr for it. There isn't much more they will do either until you have tried something like peri-colace or colace. That is generally the first thing they suggest. GL & hope your feeling better soon!
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Stephania Originally Answered: anyone know of a good detailed exercise and diet?
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Quella Quella
Keeping a food diary is great... Your dr may ask. Sounds horrible. I'm sorry ur going thru this. You never mentioned water so ill say add plenty of it. Lots! Blood us definitely a cause of concern so please calk your dr asap. Don't wait! I'm 29 and already had a colonoscopy... it was actually pretty smooth. Well Gid bless I pray you feel better soon
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Meed Meed
A possibility is that you have an impacted stool. This has happened to me and my experience was similar to what you've described. Go see your doctor.
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Meed Originally Answered: Constipated? toddler. I need help. I have a 2 yr 11 month old toddler who seems constipated.?
My grandson has had a constipation problem his whole life. He's five now and has been on Miralax since about 1 year. He eats tons of fruits and vegetables. Drinks juices and eats healthy food. Rarely does he get sweet treats or any junk food. So diet isn't the only reason a kid can have constipation problems. He been to the doctor and gastroenterologist. No help from them at all. You may have to keep searching till you find the right food that will help him go. That's what we're hoping for. Otherwise keep giving him some Miralax in the meantime.

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