How to poop, constipated?

How to poop, constipated? Topic: How to poop, constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Lucy
Question: I have always been constipated, but this ones bad. I haven't pooped in 2 weeks (it's not that I hold it in, I just never have the urge or feeling to poop). It's slowly coming out in diarrhea after taking a laxative but I have no feeling down there to push it out, so it's just giving me skid marks (lol). How can I get this out without any feeling or urge and how can I prevent this from happening again? My whole body hurts from it :(
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Kayla Kayla | 4 days ago
Sometimes a cup of coffee helps me. Eat a bowl of fruit 3 times a day. When I did this I was pooping everyday at least twice.
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Kayla Originally Answered: How can I get myself to poop if I'm constipated?
Usually speaking all you need to do is what everyone else here has advised - eat fiber and drink water. (Flaxseed is great for fiber) however there are a few medications that CAUSE constipation so you probably should check all your scripts for the side effects - also some conditions - like hypothyroidism - will cause constipation. So if you still have problems - in the end - consult your physician..

Honour Honour
2 weeks is way too long. If your diet has plenty of green veggies and fiber, you should be good. Otherwise, supplement with Citrucil (or Metamucil) type fiber supplements. Try to lay off the laxatives. Prunes are a great source of fiber, as others have suggested. If you just want to flush your system, consider a colonic treatment. Not something I'd normally recommend to people but if you really want to get your system cleaned out, that's one way to do it. If your body is hurting, it's time to go see the doctor.
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Edina Edina
Not sure if your diet has changed recently. I'd try to add foods with lots of fibre, apples, prunes, plums, (any fruit really!)
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Charisma Charisma
You need to talk to your doctor about it. Do you eat plenty of green veggies? lots fo fruit? Drink plenty of water?
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Charisma Originally Answered: I only poop out little balls once every 10 days. How can I poop normally?
You need to see a doctor. Over the counter laxatives are probably not strong enough for you. The doctor can prescribe medication to soften your poo, or may decide to carry out an enema which works much faster and will give you relief. It may be necessary to continue with laxatives after this procedure to keep your bowel moving. It is important you see a doctor quickly, an impacted bowel is not funny, and can kill. Even if you don't feel like it, exercise can also help.

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