What to do when constipated?

What to do when constipated? Topic: What to do when constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Tess
Question: I was at the salon i am in a program at school i am 1 week in school the other week i do work for experience! And i was crying cause it hurt so much i couldn't walk and i just had to go to the bathroom but i tought it was because of something else it's the second time in 2 years it happens but it's very unconfortable what can i do to prevent or to help when i am ? i ate some apples to help and it did!
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Rosalind Rosalind | 6 days ago
you should eat salads ,vegies also sometimes dried prunes are good for when you are constipated. it always helps me to eat these things when i am constipated. also, there is a stool softener called colace you can get it at any cvs or target, walmart. but eat these foods often and you won't be constipated. i hope i could help!!
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Rosalind Originally Answered: my dog is constipated?
I know this may sound a little crazy but if your dog is constipated she can eat a little canned pumpkin. it is kinda like a natural laxative. I do not recommend suppositories at all. How ever you can use a stool softener.they usually come in the form of a gel cap. The active ingredient you are looking for is Ducosate Sodium. We use this all the time at the Vet clinic I work at.

Morgana Morgana
okay well when my bum goes outa controll i eat lots of prunes, eat grape juice or cranberry juice, also if nessecary go to the doctor and ask for a sellign shot, it clears out your bowels. anyway also i was wondering if your poo is as hard a a rock, if so just eat some youghurt or soup to thin the poo up! i have had the shot and i have never had constipation yet!! also it helps to pok your finger up and pull the poop out, if you just wear like a diaper it should be fine xx
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Livvy Livvy
For constipation, diet and drinking lots of water are key. Are you eating a lot of fiber? That would be all whole, natural foods, vegetables, fruits, whole grains ( grains that you can see with your eyes), ie, oats, barley, brown rice (not white rice) beans, etc. Avoid all white foods, white sugar, white flour, and anything containing them. Avoid packaged, processed, and fast foods. We should have one bowel movement for every meal, so 3 per day. the site below has some great information.
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Karina Karina
Drink tons of water and prune juice. Also stool softners over the counter should help if taken regularly.us
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Karina Originally Answered: How often do you get constipated?
Some things such as narcotics, antidepressants and other medications can cause nearly constant constipation. Some women have constipation every month associated with their period. For some people, "normal" may be going once every 2 or 3 days. Once a day isn't normal for everyone.

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