Hepatitis C breathing difficulty?

Hepatitis C breathing difficulty? Topic: Hepatitis C breathing difficulty?
September 17, 2019 / By Almah
Question: so my dad has been having difficulty breathing. sometimes in the mid of the night, he has to get up and gasp for air. it really scares me cause at times it is really serious and you can hear him coughing and gasping. is this normal for him to do this? and he also snores really looudly. my dad has to get up at 6 everyday to go to work and at night, he constantly wakes up and uses the restroom or like in the middle of snoring. this might sound dumb but like his snores are not just looud but they get to the point where he is aware that he is snoring - i guess that is the best way to describe it. i have read everything i know about hepatitis c, and knowing that there is no cure for it kills me. my dad is the best dad and teaches me everything, i cant stand to just sit there and not try to do something to help him. please, if there i anything out there that can make him better please tell me. oh and my dad goes to this really..i say retarded doctor in my opionion. his doctor tells him he shouldnt eat meat, chicken, pineapples, eggs,.. just the stupidest things that i have never heard of , leading to the cure of hepatitis. so i been telling him that the docotor is wrong and he needs to find another one. am i right ? thanks for annswering!
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Val Val | 7 days ago
"his doctor tells him he shouldnt eat meat, chicken, pineapples, eggs,.. just the stupidest things that i have never heard of , leading to the cure of hepatitis." -- Is your dad followed by a hepatologist or infectious disease specialist? What kind of doctor gave him diet advice? Did you hear the doctor come out and say that following a certain diet will cure him? I'd love to know the answers to these questions. It's true that nutrition is important in managing HCV. Water, plain water, is the most important nutrient your father can have. A healthy hepatitis diet is low in fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium, high in complex carbohydrates and has adequate protein. If your dad is having problems with appetite, several, small meals and snacks may work better than 3 larger ones. There's no reason he can't eat fresh pineapple (without heavy syrup) if he enjoys it. He can eat lean meat and chicken as well. "Hepatitis C breathing difficulty? is this normal for him to do this?" -- Is your dad receiving any form of treatment at this time, or did he recently undergo treatment? Lung problems can be related to liver disease and to some of the meds used to treat it but your dad's issues sound more like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Sweetheart, respiratory difficulties are never normal. You keep listening to your instincts. Have him sleep with a second pillow under his head. The elevation may help but addressing this will help infinitely more. "this might sound dumb but like his snores are not just looud but they get to the point where he is aware that he is snoring - i guess that is the best way to describe it." -- Not dumb at all. This is exactly the way to describe it. He wakes himself up. This is a link to a site called Hepatitis Central. Use this link to locate physicians in your state who treat HCV. http://www.hepatitis-central.com/hcv/drs... Your dad deserves to have more options. The nursing student is on the right track for the most part and I don't wish to discount what others have to say. But I'm not a layperson. I'm not a student. I'm the real deal. I strongly advise you to use the link I gave you and consider other physicians for your dad's care. I also strongly advise you to have his primary physician investigate the possibility of obstructive sleep apnea. Your father should be referred to an ENT for further evaluation. Obstructive sleep apnea can be dangerous. At finally, do you have DPOA and/or DPOA for Healthcare for your dad? Any chance I could get answers to the 4 questions I asked?
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Val Originally Answered: my betta is losing color and seems to be "breathing" heavily.?
It seems as if he is too cold. He definitely needs heat. His tank should be between 78 and 82 degrees F. This should keep him happy. For right now try that and if that is it then his color should come back pretty quickly. If that doesn't help let us know and we can suggest other things. Just need to use a water conditioner as it detoxifies the tap water. The PH balancer is not necessary. **So sorry he died. He could have been sick when you bought him and since he had no heat it made it worse if that was the case. The bowl you used needs to be cleaned throughly, but not with bleach. I suggest you get a small tank where you can put a heater in it so you can avoid this next time. Also use a 1/2 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon of water. That combined with the heat and weekly water changes should be all he needs to be happy. Well with proper nutrition also. Goodluck!

Rolo Rolo
Hello. Thank you for supporting your dad. I have hepatitis C and emphysema and sleep with a CPAP and oxygen because of my snoring. Sounds like your dad needs to see a pulmonologist and get an overnight sleep study done. He won't get a good night's sleep if his snoring is waking him up all through the night. The CPAP will help that. Hepatitis C itself doesn't cause this - although many on treatment for hepatitis C report shortness of breath. Your dad needs to see a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist and get some better information. Pineapple is actually good for us because of the bromelain aiding in our digestion. There are many good "liver foods" like artichokes and avocados and lots of berries. If he already has cirrhosis then he would have to limit his protein intake but chicken is definitely a better choice than beef. Suggest that your dad join an online hepatitis C group and get better information than he is currently getting. The link to Hepatitis Central previously posted is a good one. Also HCV advocate at: http://www.hcvadvocate.org/index.asp has excellent information. I am a member of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HepCingles... and we have MANY knowledgeable people on that group that can answer ANY questions you or your dad might have. He could possibly have pulmonary hypertension or portal hypertension if he has cirrhosis. Sounds like he needs a MUCH BETTER doctor!
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Milton Milton
During this time, a person may not show any symptoms. This is known as being ‘asymptomatic’. So, for some people, by the time hepatitis C is detected they already have advanced liver disease Some people with chronic hepatitis C decide against treatment. There can be several reasons for this, for example if they: do not have any symptoms are willing to live with the risk of cirrhosis at a later date In 2 year agos, my friend found many ways to treat his liver diseases so he found a web and admit it,he know the natural measures to have effective treatment. you can see the web at here: http://adola.net/go/fattyliver-bible/
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Kae Kae
There is no cure for hepatitis, plain and simple. Partially your fathers doctor is right, he has to cut back on fat and cholesterol since they put strain on his liver. I would inform yourself better about Hepatitis and it's treatments. If your father is having difficulty breathing at night he needs to a doctor, there isn't a way around it. Keep in mind that you are the child here, not the adult, your father has to realize that he isn't doing well and needs to see a doctor. Support him and be there for him.
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Hashub Hashub
Props to you for caring about your dad! My dad also has breathing problems. Try getting him a nebulizer or inhaler? And just because he is "diagnosed" with Hep C doesn't mean anything. Continue living life and support your father always :)
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Hashub Originally Answered: Could I get Hepatitis or any other blood disease from this?
I think the nurse is right. You don't have to worry about it. And the cut on your finger is very small and like what the nurse said you had a barrier. The chance to have Hepatitis or any other blood disease is very minimal i think. My sister is a nursing student. She always tells us to use disinfectants to avoid diseases. So maybe you could regularly use alcohol or hand sanitizer so that you wont be bothered anymore. And as what doctors always say, keep your self healthy. It is the best thing to do to avoid diseases. Always boost your immune system. :-)

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