Help! Healthy food makes me constipated!?

Help! Healthy food makes me constipated!? Topic: Help! Healthy food makes me constipated!?
October 15, 2019 / By Pen
Question: I've suffered from chronic constipation all my life although it got better as I got older. But the strange thing is healthy food really seems to make things worse, while greasy food especially helps a lot! On the advice of my doctor, I went veggie for a couple of months and it really didn't help, if anything it made me even more bloated than usual. On the other hand, I had a long period where due to stress and self indulgence I ate lot of fast food and fried food, and at that time I had softer stools, less bloating and would go to the loo more often. Now that I am back trying to eat healthy food again, ots of fruit and vegetables, porridge for breakfast, still eating meat as not eating it made me anemic, I'm back to being bloated and very constipated! I want to eat well so what shall I do!!
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Marisa Marisa | 5 days ago
Hi I think greasy food helps you in constipating because some of the food are not good like too much oil (which could be oil that is being used over and over again in cooking the food), chilli which could be kep quite long, or some mustard which I believe are not so fresh.. Anyways I think firstly you should exercise, e.g. swimming, jogging, stretching exercises etc at least 3 times a week and each time half an hour. It helps in you movement of your whole body and helps blood flow and therefore helps digestion. Secondly please eat moderately. That is don't overeat and make sure you have a lot of vegetables and fruits plus of course fish (best choice) or chicken or lean meat per meal. Try not to eat too much beef or pork. Try to take soupy meals, it helps in digestion. Dont' sit too long especially at home or when you watch television, some people just become couch potato. I have some good suggestions on nutritious food that I believe will help you. Please do go over and have a look, it might help you. Please go to==> http://www.squidoo.com/mediterraneanhealthydiet, do give me your feedback about fast food versus daily food. I hope the blog would help you in your condition. There is also video where it teaches you about exercise (easy and good ones too) Thank you
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Marisa Originally Answered: what makes me feel so constipated?
Your colen needs a little cleaning .ask your local drug store drugest . tell him or her what you just said 7 to 8 dollars later you feel just fine

Kristia Kristia
Obviously you are eating enough fiber...how much water do you drink? Because lots of fiber with no water make you bloated. You need to get enough of both, fiber and water in order to get some results, it really helps regulate our intestinal function. I know because I used to have the same problem. Where do you live? If there's a spanish-latino store near by, you can get a spanish tea called "Te Manasul", and drink it according to the indications. It really, really works. I buy it at Pathmark, but if our local Pathmark doesn't carry it, you can also get it online at www.hbamart.com There should be other websites selling it, but make sure it's just "Te Manasul" and not "Manasul-chamomile" or something else. The ingredients of this tea are Cassia angustifolia Vahl. and mentha piperita L. I hope it helps you!!!!
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Jeana Jeana
Continue your healthy diet. You are doing the right things. HYour bowel is probably not "used" to handling fibers & healthy foods. :) Try 'metamucil', it is flavorless & helps you to stay regular.
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Fancy Fancy
ahhhhh well i think fiber does it. it makes poop harder i think. and unhealthy food just ends up as diarrhea
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Fancy Originally Answered: Low fat, high fiber Vegan diet makes me really constipated? why?
Believe it or not, you really may not be getting enough fat to really properly eliminate the waste from your body. If by upping your fiber and drinking more water you still have the problem, I would suggest adding more fat to your diet. If that doesn't work, talk to your doctor as their are a variety of things that could be causing the problem. As already pointed out, fish isn't part of a vegetarian/vegan diet. You have a diet where you have made the choice of cutting red meats from your diet, but not all animal protein.

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