Is my daughter constipated or is it something else?

Is my daughter constipated or is it something else? Topic: Is my daughter constipated or is it something else?
July 20, 2019 / By Ohndrea
Question: my daughter cries every time she tries to poop but her poo is loose i would say like watery how baby poo is suppose to be her poo is not hard her face turns red and its only when she wants too poo please help i feel so bad im breastfeeding her no formula and she is only a week old well almost 2 weeks this sat 2-25-12
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Madge Madge | 4 days ago
It is very common for babies this age to grunt & act like pooping is hard. Try to imagine though - what ELSE does she do all day? This probably IS hard compared to the rest of it. Try not to worry. babies have been pooping & farting without any help since the beginning of humans. They were meant to do this. It might look like it's a "problem" but it's not. She will soon have it better figured out & it won't phase her at all. Constipation is firm poop - not how hard you push or how frequently you do it. It is ONLY hard poops. At this age she should have 4-6 wets a day & 3-4 poops. In a few weeks (4 weeks or so) she will slow down on the pooping & it could be even 7-10 days between poops sometimes, or even always. My 2nd pooped once a week (yay for me)...so she won't always be having to poop so much & she will get better at doing it. When she is pooping, try putting he rover your knees & rubbing or patting her back to see if it eases her crying. The pressure on her tummy might help her & it certainly won't hurt. Try not to worry. She will outgrow her displeasure with pooping soon. MANY babies act like this. It's nothing to be worried over. Now if she had diarrhea or foam or blood in her stool, THAT would be a cause for concern. Getting upset WHILE she is pooping is pretty normal for many babies. They don't all do it, but many do.
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Madge Originally Answered: My daughter is constipated, what can i do for her?
Constipation is likely to happen when your child doesn't drink enough water, milk or fruit juices, or if your child doesn't eat a healthy diet that includes enough fiber. Fiber is found in foods such as cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables. If your child eats a diet high in fat and refined sugars (candy and desserts), he or she is probably not getting fiber, which may result in constipation. Also, young children with chronic constipation often ignore the urge to have a bowel movement. When a child avoids bowel movements, stool builds up in the lower bowel. The stool becomes larger and harder. Passage of the stool can be painful and makes children want to avoid having a bowel movement even more. There are many things you can do to help your child: Diet--You can start by increasing the amount of fluid your child drinks every day. If your baby is eating cereal, you can try adding a little prune juice to it.. If you have an older child, make sure they are drinking plenty of water, and you can also give them large prune juice, bran cereal, and fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Bowel habit training--Your child should be taught not to wait to have a bowel movement. To establish a regular bowel habit, ask your child to sit on the toilet for at least 10 minutes at about the same time each day, preferably after a meal. Make sure your child can place his or her feet firmly on the floor while sitting on the toilet. If this is not possible, put a footstool in front of the toilet. While your child is sitting on the toilet, you might let your child read a story book or listen to the radio. Medicine--Many laxatives are available to treat constipation in children. The choice of laxative depends on the age of your child and how serious the constipation is. Ask your family doctor to suggest a brand name and tell you how much to use. Start a reward program-Begin rewarding your child for just sitting on the toilet. For example, if your child sits on the toilet at the planned time, reward your child with a favorite activity. If your child has a bowel movement, give your child praise and a reward. Try not to use food as a reward. Some children like to be awarded with stickers or stars on a shart. Older children like to add up points for a larger reward, such as a trip to a movie theater. Hope she feels better soon!
Madge Originally Answered: My daughter is constipated, what can i do for her?
I feel the pain! Give her prune juice somehow, and see if she'll eat dried up fruit. Apples and coffee always helps me.

Kennedy Kennedy
im bfing my daughter too, from about the time her poop started being more loose she started pooing about once every three days and when she did it was Alot and she would grunt like it hurt and i thought she was constipated but her doc said i was lucky she only goes that often and around 4 months it should be getting better and it is she doesnt seem like shes in pain anymore just kinda looks funny now when she strains and its more often so i wouldnt worry too much take her to her doc and they will check her out, most likey she is fine good luck to u.
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Ivy Ivy
Doesnt sound like she is consipated but maybe gassy...try some gas drops(: my baby is 8 weeks old and it worked wonders(: and its totally safe. If your all about going natural, which I was in the begining try gripe water. It should definitly help. If it doesn't I would talk to the pediatrician. Good luck!
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Ivy Originally Answered: My 4 month old daughter is VERY constipated.?
My son had acid reflux. The only formula he could take was Enfamil AR. It does not come is soy I am sorry to say, but, it helped his reflux greatly. As for the constipation, my pediatrician told me to put a 1/4 teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia in with his formula once a day. It really helped the constipation. Be sure to ask your pediatrician about it though before giving it to her. Have you tried prune juice with water? Prunes are a natural diuretic and it really helped my son as well.

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