What are some healthy meals and recipes for a college student?

What are some healthy meals and recipes for a college student? Topic: What are some healthy meals and recipes for a college student?
June 16, 2019 / By Allyson
Question: Two years in college has been horrible on my body with unhealthy food choices and options. My husband and I have a kitchen in our room this year and we understand that means we have complete control over what we eat. This is what I need. -Recipes that can be frozen and reheated during the week -Spices that will make things like turkey wraps and other things much more delicious and less bland -Snack items that can replace chips and cookies etc Any help is appreciated because we want to live a long life together.
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Uzziah Uzziah | 5 days ago
You can make all kinds of pureed soups to freeze and eat throughout the week. Start with an aromatic base (onions, garlic, carrots, and/or celery) sauteed in oil, add some chicken stock and simmer your vegetables until easily pureed in the blender. Add a touch of cream or buttermilk at the end for the extra mile. Spices/aromatics always needed.. onions, garlic, cilantro, chili powder, onion salt, italian seasoning, various vinegars, cumin, fajita seasoning. Any kitchen pantry needs all types of canned tomatoes and sauce, chicken stock, beef stock, veg stock (if you don't make your own), flour, brown sugar, sugar, cornstarch, baking powder Your refrigerator needs milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt (I use in place of sour cream). You could make some enchiladas and freeze for reheating throughout the week. Recipes vary here and searching the net could help you. ___ If you really want to learn to cook for a lifetime and stop eating so much fast food, perhaps you should look into a book that teaches you about cooking like martha stewart's cooking school, how to cook everything, or joy of cooking).
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Uzziah Originally Answered: I'm a college student and I need recipes for quick, EASY, cheap and healthy meals.?
http://www.healthycollegecookbook.com/ http://www.yumyum.com/student/ Okay, I just googled that so I'm not sure if it's any good. I think if you have time on the weekend to make a pot of soup or something in a slow cooker, then you don't have to fuss, and you can throw it in some tupperware for the rest of the week. Grilling chicken and veggies is super easy, if you have like a george foreman type grill, or even if you put kebab type ingredients on a broiler pan and bake it in the oven. Easy and good. Chicken is on sale a lot at my local grocery store, so I usually like to get some a freeze it, then you can cook it up in a quick stir fry, or bake it and refridgerate it to put on a salad or a sandwich later. I think leftovers are the best quick meals, so on my day off I usually cook a LOT of something, then the next couple days are easier as far as just throwing something good in the microwave and being on my way... Unfortunately my boyfriend is the cook of the quick and easy every day meals, so I don't know recipies for you. I only know how to cook the tough stuff (^_^) plus I work at a restaurant so I take home a lot of meals LOL anyway, good luck!!

Rollo Rollo
I did these for my boy when he was in college and had a huge appetite; Bread Fritters; Go to the bakery section of the store where you normally buy bread. Ask the baker for an "unbaked" loaf of bread. He must put exactly the same amount of dough he would have used to bake a bread with in to a plastic bag for you, and it would cost no more than a loaf of bread. Take that home and in a pot warm some cooking oil to about half the depth of the pot. (Smaller pots take less oil than bigger ones do)... The oil temperature should be medium hot. (About half the heat that the stove plate will go) Now cut from the unbaked dough a slice about the size of your palm, and with a little water on your fingers (to prevent the dough from sticking to your hand), stretch out the dough in all directions until it is about the size of your whole hand including the fingers. That brings the cutting of dough to about twice the size it was when you cut it.... Now with care, drop the stretched out dough in to the hot oil. It would rise almost instantly. Fry it in the oil until it is golden brown all over, taking care to turn it over occasionally. It would be puffy and crisp when done. With a large ladle or sieve, scoop out the bread fritter and place on an absorbent kitchen towel to rid it of most of the oil still on it. Repeat this process until all the dough is done. These bread fritters are extremely filling, and can be cut open and filled with almost anything from grated cheese to minced meat to cold processed meat, syrup or jam. Try it, you will probably have some left over for two or three days, which you can take to work if you like.... Bread fritters can be frozen and warmed up again if you have made too much, but the dough cannot, so rather make the whole lot and freeze what is left over for another day. If you decide to freeze them, do so without a filling. Fillings should always be made fresh.
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Milford Milford
-Whole wheat pasta with traditional sauce and meatballs, Stir-fry broccoli with chicken in black bean sauce(chinese sauce), Veggie pizza you can buy at whole foods market, -For snacks, you can try those Fiber One snack bars, or Quaker Oats snack bars. They have a lot of different flavors to choose from. -For turkey wraps i put light Caesar dressing, or honey mustard.
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Kade Kade
A monk once told me ''to live a long life, you must be an optimistic person''. I also heard that eating bananas reduce your stress but other than that.. Super fruits are the best.
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Kade Originally Answered: Easy/basic and healthy recipes for a college student?
We are now doing the following - microwave and etc: 1. At your grocery store, buy the sealed PRE-COOKED meats that come is small packages such as the following. You can make two or three meals out of them (or you can freeze the meals too): Beef tips with gravy, Roast with gravy, Pork roast, Chicken, Baked ham, Pork chops, Meatloaf, etc. Just heat in your microwave; directions are on the packages. You will find these packages in the cold section (not the freezer). Ask a clerk to help you find these. They are delicious. Use these for your meat dish with a side dish or two of canned or frozen vegetables, beans, potatoes or sweet potatoes which can all be found on shelves or in the freezer section and they are already cooked. . You can now buy bags of different flavors of precooked rice that you put into your microwave for a minute or two. These are on shelves at the grocery store. We like the chicken flavored best of all. Have a clerk help you find them. . Real mashed potatoes that come in a bag...add water, butter, milk. Delicious. Read the directions. . Jars of all types of sauces for making pastas. On shelves. . Boxes of pastas with everything needed inside the boxes. On shelves. . Buy top brand cans of stew for each person. Serve with cornbread, crackers, or toast. . Soup and a grilled (fried) cheese sandwiches. Go to this video to see how to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich: http://startcooking.com/video/326/Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich . Omelet with Cheese - Video: http://startcooking.com/video/326/Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich . You can buy all types of salad greens in large packages now. Buy the ones that have been pre-washed. Add your own dressing which you can buy in bottles. . 2. The top brands of microwave frozen dinners are very good now. These come in single servings or in family sized bags. Follow directions. Look for the words "No Preservatives" marked on the box or package. Just add a canned or frozen vegetable as a side dish. Top brands of dinners that are found on shelves. No fridge needed. Add water, microwave. These are good to take to school or work. Follow directions on the containers. . 3. Video On How To Cook A Rib Eye Steak on Stove Burner (turn on your sound), click this link: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-rib-eye-steak . 4. Supermarket deli's have pre roasted chickens, fried chickens, roast beef, and side dishes. You can stop in on the way home and grab a quick dinner to take home. I buy their roasted chicken often...they are delicious. . 5. Buy a crock pot. You put everything into the pot in the morning, set it on low for 8 hours, and your dinner will be ready for you when you come home in the evening! I kid you not. Be sure to read the instruction booklet. There is a recipe booklet that comes with the crock pot. You can buy crock pots at places such as your grocery store, Walmart, and etc. Here are 1,160 crock pot recipes: http://www.cooks.com/rec/search?q=crock+pot DON'T FORGET TO PLUG IT IN! This happens more than you would think. lol 6. Salads. All types: http://southernfood.about.com/od/saladrecipes/Salad_Recipes_Salads_and_Dressings.htm 7. Twenty three Snacks for watching TV movies and Football games: http://startcooking.com/blog/277/Top-23-Snacks-for-All-Night-Gaming/

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