What's the basic gist of the atkins diet and how do you wean yourself off it so you don't gain back the weight?

What's the basic gist of the atkins diet and how do you wean yourself off it so you don't gain back the weight? Topic: What's the basic gist of the atkins diet and how do you wean yourself off it so you don't gain back the weight?
September 23, 2019 / By Maeveen
Question: I'm desperately seeking the best way to lose weight. I just don't want to start anything and find out a month after I'm not seeing results. I understand that losing weight takes time but I want to know whatever I'm going to do is going to be the right thing works ultimately.
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Kerri Kerri | 7 days ago
The atkins diet has some good things about it that will help you lose weight, but at a real cost to your health. You need to do some research that you will not find at the diet companies or the lamestream media. Mary G. Enig, Ph.D. is the world's foremost expert on fats and oils and has wonderful information regarding weight management. Read her book called "Eat Fat, Lose Fat." There is huge misinformation flying around everywhere these days about fats. Enig will help you greatly and it is a very healthy way to live and manage your weight. good luck to you
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Kerri Originally Answered: after extreme diet, shrunken breasts, will they grow back when i gain a little weight back? please help!?
they will grow back, I promise! You start to show weight gain, for your height at around 5 pounds. Your body and metabolism just need time to catch up. good luck!

Jacqueline Jacqueline
I can tell you from personal experience that ANY extreme diet does not have lasting results. The problem with going 'on a diet' is that you either have to stay on it for the rest of your life or go 'off' the diet and gain the weight (and usually then some) back. Extreme diets are the WORST thing for you... Eating right is more of a common sense thing. Atkins is an extreme, low-carb diet. Common sense tells us that any meal plan that says you can eat steak for breakfast lunch and dinner but can't have an apple should send up red flags. If you want the best way to lose weight, stay away from diets. Watch your caloric intake, eat small, well balanced meals throughout the day, and exercise. No one ever wants to hear this (Lord knows I sure didn't) but making a lifestyle change (implying FOR LIFE) is really the only way to lose weight and keep it off. If you do happen to have the money, I also suggest joining a gym and getting a personal trainer for at least a month. I am morbidly obese, have lost 60 pounds so far and still have over 100 more to go and I have been making steady progress since I started working with my trainer. Personal trainers are NOT only for the perfectly fit! In fact, if you've never been supervised when working out, it's really important to have a few sessions with a personal trainer to make sure you're doing the work outs properly and aren't in danger of injuring yourself. Another plus of joining a gym: Many of them have classes and/or nutritionists who can give you individualized help based on your dietary needs. ATA: For the record, because it contains simple sugars, an apple contains carbs. So, to reiterate, I have an issue with ANYTHING that tells me to pile on the beef but an apple is going to ruin my health. To the OP, I highly suggest consulting a doctor and/or a nutritionist before going on a diet that requires anything other than common sense and balance.
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Emeline Emeline
I've been one of those people that were chubby all my life. I tried every diet plan that came along. A couple months ago I saw a friend of mine that I han't seen in over six months. She had lost over 40 lbs and looked amazing. I started following her plan and I've dropped 17 lbs in 3 weeks. You can read about her plan at http://ow.ly/1tU9a.
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Christine Christine
best ways to loose weight at home follow these three simple steps open this blog http://learntoburn.notlong.com (copy n paste in browser to open it) wen it opens u ll see green color links open them they will take u to the best weight loosing exercise start loosing weight
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Aveline Aveline
I've tried out every diet known to man but nothing worked as good as acai berry. I know they say that pills won't work, however they definitely worked for me, and they've been shown on CNN too. There's a free trial on currently at http://wisads.healthybusiness.info , try it, what is the worst that could happen?
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Aveline Originally Answered: Needs tips for a healthy, basic diet (to lose weight)?
*** g89 5/22 pp. 8-10 Four Ways to Win *** The Right Food Foods high in calories and low in nutrients are not the right foods for weight reduction. Fats and simple sugars are loaded with calories but empty of nourishment. The right foods for both weight control and nourishment are the more complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables; the preferable meats are fish and fowl. “Another basic approach to weight loss,” we are told by The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases, “should be to eliminate everything from your diet that is not a whole, nutritious, non-processed, natural food. In addition to food energy . . . your body constantly needs protein, fats, minerals and vitamins in optimum amounts to participate in body processes and to repair and renew body cells. When you eat whole foods [nonprocessed food complexes], you can be pretty confident that you’re getting necessary nutrients and not ‘empty’ calories.” The Right Time The right time is not while watching television. The incessant nibbling goes on for hours, perhaps consisting of greasy potato chips or French fries, cookies or desserts loaded with sugar, with uncounted empty calories mounting into the hundreds—so hard to stop the snacking since fats and salt add flavor to food and sugar delights our sweet tooth! Some nutritionists are now “coming around to the conviction that the body has less tendency to accumulate fat deposits if meals are eaten more frequently and served in smaller portions—without a reduction in the daily food intake. They have also found that the meal which is most important and should therefore make the largest caloric contribution to a person’s day is breakfast.” The Right Amount Eat a variety and eat enough. You have learned what will happen if you panic the fat cells by stingy eating! On a weight-loss experiment, rats were given only one meal a day. During the study, their enzymes responsible for depositing fat increased tenfold. The report said: “It was as if their bodies were saying, ‘The minute more food comes along, I’m ready to lay down extra fat just in case this stress happens to me again!’” So “if you have to diet, don’t make the mistake of fasting or eating just one meal a day (essentially a 23-hour fast).” Be content to lose slowly, a pound or even a half pound a week. You took a long time to put the fat on; give your body time to take it off. So eat enough to keep your fat cells relaxed and even willing to contribute a few of their own calories to the cause. But don’t get gluttonous. Enough is enough! And with the passage of time, less is enough. As we get older, muscle cells decline and fat cells take their place. Since the lean body mass requires the largest portion of energy, with its decline energy needs decline and metabolism slows down. If food intake does not decline accordingly, fat accumulates. And if older people exercise less—as they usually do—still more food goes to fat. But one researcher says, “You can exercise the intramuscular fat away.” And remember, a good dietary effort can be nullified by binging from time to time.

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