6 day old bro constipated for almost 3 days!?

6 day old bro constipated for almost 3 days!? Topic: 6 day old bro constipated for almost 3 days!?
May 22, 2019 / By Laurel
Question: my 6 DAY old baby bro has not pooped for almost 3 days!!!! we have moved his legs up and down and gave him breast milk mixed with syrup but that did not work. we have thought about using infant glycerin suppositories but my mom is scared it will not work and make it worse. please tell me what might work for a really young baby! something thats sensitive but effective. we are going to either take him to the doctor tomorrow or have my dad take him in tonight. which i dont think we will do. he isnt making it seem like he is THAT uncomfy but we know he is definitely. he is also trying to pass also please help fast and he has been puking a tiny bit also.
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Jill Jill | 5 days ago
so this baby is breastfed right.....he is NOT constipated then! don't give him syrup either.......a couple of things could be going on here if your mother's milk just came in, then give baby time to start having regular bowel movements....he may still be passing meconium....soon his poop should turn to a yellow seedy consistency OR, your mother may not be breastfeeding him on demand and often enough...tell her NOT to schedule his feedings and let him nurse as much as he needs....even if it's every hour or more often if she is concerned, she needs to go back to the hospital and see the lactation consultant who can weigh the little guy after a feeding to see how much he is taking in
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Jill Originally Answered: Constipated for 5 days!?
Take a laxative for heaven sakes. Milk of Magnesia works quickly and does not cause cramping. Get the mint flavored variety (the unflavored is horrible) and if you feel like you have to pass gas, go to the bathroom.

Frankie Frankie
This can be perfectly normal and usually isn't of major concern unless the baby is visibly in pain or his tummy is distended (you'd notice like a huge bump or swelling on the abdomen). My daughter started off the same way and the following is what my dr suggested: firstly, DO NOT introduce syrups into the baby's diet! If you notice the baby is over-exerting himself when pushing, you can try stimulating his rectum with your (or your mother's) pinky. Wash your hands first or use a wipe and then gently insert the tip of your pinky into the baby's rectum and gently work it around. This should cause the baby to have a bowel movement soon after. If that doesn't work, follow up with the baby's dr, a suppository may be prescribed or the dr may request an abdominal xray. My daughter was fine BTW and was irregular until around 3 mos old. Good luck!
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Darcie Darcie
you can give him gas medicine medicine, i use mylicon, and that will help him pass gas which may help him go poop. that's what helped my newborn son. also what i do with my son now, he's four months, i take the infant suppository and put it up his butt but i still hold on to it. when he tries to push it out, he poops. if you want to put the suppository in and let it sit then you can cut it in half so it's not the full dosage. my cousin is an rn and works with babie and told me it's ok and she does it on newborns. suppositories won't make it worst it helps a lot!!!!!
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Brandi Brandi
Breast milk is sometimes considered so efficient that babies dont poop much, at least thats what I heard. However, constipation is awful especially on a baby that small. Please call the Emergency Room and ask for their advice or take him on in. Good Luck!
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Brandi Originally Answered: Constipated for two days?
You can deal with the anal fissure in a few days (hopefully) by using hemorroid ointment (like Anusol) on the spot where it bleeds. Practising anal Kegel-exercises (flexing the anal muscles) is good for strengthening the brown-door against damage. When you know there's a big hard lump of s.h.i.t in there, best thing is to take a glycerine suppository or a soap-sliver suppository - either one will empty your butt in minutes.

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