Only drinking Green Tea for Weight loss?

Only drinking Green Tea for Weight loss? Topic: Only drinking Green Tea for Weight loss?
October 19, 2019 / By Kris
Question: I want to shift a few pounds and feel more energetic. I want to do this for a week once or twice a year to detox. Roughly how much should I expect to lose in a week of only drinking Green Tea and keeping hydrated with water? I know its temporary loss, so no lectures needed, any help would be appreciated. I'm 18, 165lbs and 5ft 6'' Thanks!!!
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Jayma Jayma | 9 days ago
So am I understanding correctly, that you will not be eating anything, only drinking green tea and water? http://www.positivehealthsteps.com/calor... says that to maintain your present weight, you need 2400 calories a day. A pound of weight loss or gain represents 3500 calories. So, 2400 x 7 = 16,800 / 3500 = 4.8 pounds I remain unconvinced that there's any need to detox one's body, since there's nothing toxic inside us. And I believe in starvation mode, where your body notices its caloric intake is hugely reduced and instead of using fat for energy as usual, it switches to using muscle in anticipation of starvation to come, saving the fat stores (which we want to lose!) for last use. This is bad, since muscle at rest burns calories and fat does not, so even if your weight is down, it may not be a "good" loss.
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Jayma Originally Answered: can drinking cofee and green tea help you loose weight?
Green tea will help you lose weight. Green tea will eventually speed up your metabolism. I recommend the diet green tea citrus. coffee, caffeine, soft drinks are things that are bad for you to drink and actually help you to gain weight. The best drinks are water (I use crystal light sugar free it helps me drink a lot of water), diet citrus green tea (or white tea raspberry). This is what I have heard from some of my friends that are trainers. I would also google the benefits of green tea and caffeine. That might also help you.

Everild Everild
Consume honey before bed because consumption of honey may help to burn more fat during those early hours of sleep
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Coline Coline
If you're constantly needing high-sugar, high-fat foods, it may mean you'll want to eat more protein.
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Berlin Berlin
She said she only wanted a temporary loss! I went on green tea for 30 days and i lost 25 pounds. Its basically the same as a water fast but healthier. I didn't do it because i wanted to gain energy but because i was a fat ****. Im not guna lie and say that you will maintain the weight loss but you wont gain more than half a stone if you start with extremely low calorie foods. You will keep most of the weight off if you eat healthily and avoid binging. Its ******* hard though! But achievable! But most of all you have to believe that you can do it, because if you start this **** by thinking 'oh i might not last' then you wont. If you slip up, dont think 'oh, i may aswell ******* binge my life away cos i had 1 solid'. That's just stupid and doesn't work (ahem, experience) Exercise too! I though if i didn't eat i would be fine but exercising helped me get more energy and helped shift the pounds! But anyway, i experimented with different types of green tea and even though i didnt really care about gaining energy, i had so much more. I felt really clean and good about myself. (Dont worry about shitting yourself in the first few days cos green tea has laxatives But yea, green tea all the way, and you may feel like giving up at the start but it gets so much better. The same with the energy drop, you will experience it the first few days and then you will have a spurt of energy after the first few days. Basically the first few days is hell! But good luck! That turned out way longer than i intended, but at least you wanted to hear about my green tea rants, yay.
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Adrie Adrie
Add protein powder to fairly sweet recipes (like these Rice Krispies treats) to boost the nutrition.
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Thady Thady
turn dinner into a healthy lunch the next day by wrapping your lean leftovers in a whole wheat wrap add a little dijon mustard or curry powder for added flavor
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Thady Originally Answered: Will drinking green tea 10 minutes after every meal make me lose weight?
You can drink green tea any time of day and it will boost your metabolism. You could drink a tall glass of water before eating to help you feel full faster, and in between meals drink green tea.

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