can't you use dish soap as a laxative?

can't you use dish soap as a laxative? Topic: can't you use dish soap as a laxative?
June 16, 2019 / By Allie
Question: and if so how. i thought i read it somewhere. i think it said you used a syringe and inserted . anyone heard of this? sorry i was meaning to say........ you put the liquid in a syringe then insert the soap. well to tell you all the truth i remember now i read it from an old medicine book that was givin to my grandparents back in the 50 or 60's.
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Best Answers: can't you use dish soap as a laxative?

Uz Uz | 9 days ago
well that explains a lot. they used to recommend women douche with a low concentration of bleach water too in the 50s and 60s..... *shivers* kinda makes you wonder what things docs tell us these days will seem barbaric 30-50 years from now!
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Uz Originally Answered: Do we really need soap to keep our bodies clean?
you seem to be concerned with what's natural and not wanting to unnecessarily harm your body with chemicals. water can only clean you for so long before the oil and dirt build up. that's why even people from thousands of years ago used soap. natural soap only consists of 2 ingredients: an oil (or fat) and an alkali (such as lye). the oil is acidic and the alkali is basic. they are combined and the resulting soap becomes a base that removes acids such as grease and oil. at least that's my understanding of it. natural soap, like organic, isn't as penetrating as the mainstream ones with all their chemical agents. i use an organic bar soap which isn't even mild and my skin isn't dry. natural soap doesn't have anti-bacterial ingredients. i think that's one of the big reasons why mainstream soap is so demoisturizing. at the end of the day, no matter the soap, just use a bit of soap and a lot of water to clean yourself.

Rodger Rodger
Actually yes. Glycerin in the soap will cause severe cramping and force you to go. Dish soap is WAY to strong. Try plain water first if you really want to try an enema.
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Midian Midian
Yeah, you insert the soapy water into your rectum and it is called an ENEMA. They were VERY popular in the 50's and 60's to cure constipation and sometimes as a form of punishment.
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Julian Julian
it was an old time thing used in an enema bag. yuck. fortunately today we have numerous otc laxatives that are not only more effective but are far safer to use.
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"ecogreensoap" Pick a name that is available on the web, short, and easy to remember. If your company is not on the internet nowadays, it may as well not exist. Make sure the .com, .org, and .net suffixes are available so you can glom onto them all at once. For this name all the suffixes are available. In case you want to go with some more unusual names, there is a brand name generator at: http://www.netsubstance.com/ (This site also allows you to check if the domain is available.)

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