is it normal to crave non food like items like paper?

is it normal to crave non food like items like paper? Topic: is it normal to crave non food like items like paper?
November 17, 2019 / By Ginnie
Question: okay this may sound weird, but for some reason for awhile now I have been craving toilet paper, or some paper products.. I don't eat them but I will chew on the toilet paper then spit it out.. will this hurt me to chew on toilet paper.. is it bad for you, and most of all what would cause some one to crave non food like items such as toilet paper..
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Best Answers: is it normal to crave non food like items like paper?

Denise Denise | 4 days ago
Sounds like you might have some sort of vitamin/nutrition deficiency.I recommend your going to a dr. and discussing this issue-it,s always better to find out whether this is your body signaling you of a nutitional or mental-maybe stress related issue. Some people find relief from stress by biting down on something hard. Sweetheart, you should make sure sooner than later as to what is causing you to do this.
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Callie Callie
This condition is called "pica". It is the craving for non-food items. It is somewhat common during pregnancy. No one knows what causes it for sure, but it is common in people that are iron deficient. Chewing on toilet paper won't hurt you, and really, neither would eating a bit, but I would definitely go talk to a doctor if I were you.
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Alysha Alysha
Actually it is normal. Cravings for such things as dirt, chalk, and various odd items occur when you are lacking something in your diet. In children this condition is called PICA. It can also occur in adults, and especially in pregnant women. The craving for wood or paper is most likely linked to an iron deficiency.
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Vick Vick
My 5 year old son came home from school Thursday and informed me that he had ate paper because the other kids did it. He doesn't do that on a normal basis though. I'm thinking you should get a 3rd opinion. It could be Pica or it could be a vitamin deficiency like someone else said. She could also be doing it because it gets a reaction out of you.
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Rowan Rowan
In my opinion it's just something that releases stress when you are chewing something, and it is not weird to chew paper in my opinion many people do it.
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