Spicy food healthy or non-healthy?

Spicy food healthy or non-healthy? Topic: Spicy food healthy or non-healthy?
December 9, 2019 / By Geneva
Question: I mean food that has hot sauce on it. I put around 2 teaspoons or whatever in my meals all the time. Is it healthy or non-healthy? Is there a health difference in naturally spicy foods and hot-sauce-spiced-up foods?
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Deirdre Deirdre | 7 days ago
I read in a magazine that eating 1 teaspoon of red pepper sauce every day will boost your metabolism.. spices are fine.
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Deirdre Originally Answered: Is Korean spicy food healthy or not?
Moderation is the key here. It also depends too whether if you have ulcer or any medical conditions that will prevent you from enjoying the spicy dishes. That may be what the west was referring to? Most spicy foods has chili which contains capsaicin, which is known to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health conditions. It definately has health benefits if you are a healthy individual consuming it in moderation.

Bronte Bronte
It's bad only if you have an ulcer or if you're prone to getting ulcers. Otherwise, spices are good for you- they add flavor without adding calories, peppery and hot spices improve blood flow, and they make life more fun.
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Alissa Alissa
Generally speaking hot sauce is not bad for you except if it has sugar in it. Check the ingredient label to find out.
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Urban Urban
healthy. there would be a difference in naturally spicy foods and hot-sauce-spiced-up foods... hot-sauce-spiced-up foods may not be as easy on your digestive system
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Robert Robert
depends on which kind of spices you use a healthy choice would be rosemary or fennel or flaxseed some you can mix good and you cant even tell that they're in the dish
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Robert Originally Answered: I ate spicy food. Later I will have to go to the bathroom in pain. What can I do?
Eat some dairy, and some fresh fruit. The fiber will help with the constipation and the dairy will help your insides coat itself with mucus for protection. Edit: Also invest in a good book to help take your mind off it ;-)

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