Does taking vitamins help a hangover?

Does taking vitamins help a hangover? Topic: Does taking vitamins help a hangover?
January 26, 2020 / By Finola
Question: i have vitamin pills and i was wondering if it will help my hangover because i know alcohol soaks up your vitamins.
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Best Answers: Does taking vitamins help a hangover?

Cyndi Cyndi | 1 day ago
well, i usually just drink a crap ton of water, take green tea vitamins, drink coffee, and take vitamin c and that works for me. i've done this to the point where i can get totally shitfaced and i don't really have a hangover that bad anymore, i've built an immunity and take vitamins daily and drink coffee and water so i'm good. answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...
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Cyndi Originally Answered: Taking too much vitamins at once?
I don't think it is a good idea to take too many vitamins at once. It will just be wasteful and unnecessarily. Your body can only absorb so much in one day. When your body cannot absorb anymore of the vitamins you swallowed, it will only come out in your urine. In another word, "You will be paying for very expensive urine."(Sheldon Cooper, Bazinga) You won't have any side effect because vitamins are not harmful products. Cut down on the amount of vitamins you are taking to only 1 or 2 pills, perhaps the ones you need the most.
Cyndi Originally Answered: Taking too much vitamins at once?
I don't think the number of pills you take at once is much of an issue, just watch you don't choke yourself on them. A more urgent issue is how much of each vitamin you are taking. Cod liver oil contains quite a lot of vitamin a and d and if you are also taking those vitamins in a separate supplement you could be overdosing on them. You can check by looking at the info on the bottles, usually the percentage of the recommended daily amount of each vitamin is listed, make sure that you are not taking more than the recommended daily amount in A and D particularly as these are what are called fat soluble vitamins that stay in the body. Overdosing on vitamin A can cause eye problems including night blindness. There are other vitamins which can cause problems if taken in too large doses too. You might want to consider looking at a combined multivitamin and mineral supplement which will contain virtually all of the supplements you mention in one tablet and more importantly in balanced amounts. Oil of evening primrose is generally not covered in the multi supplements and will you will probably still need to buy that separately. As far as I can recall that shouldn't clash with the other supplements but do check. Ideally buy your multivitamin from a health shop or a pharmacy so that you can get good, informed advice from a professional.

Bibi Bibi
No, a hangover is just about dehydration and taking nutrition C may not restrict it however ingesting water and taking in electrolytes can support you recover from it quicker. Taking a multivitamin too can support you to have a fast recuperation.
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Ailey Ailey
Alcohol dries you up that is the reason for the headaches. To avoid this, drink a crap load of water when you're getting hammered. I don't mean like drink bourbon then chug it with water, lol, but like after you party or in between drinking breaks. And in the morning take one advil and drink a crap load of water.
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Ailey Originally Answered: Could I be taking too many vitamins and supplements?
Well you didn't mention how old you are but are you really taking 3 multi-vitamins a day? That is too much of a good thing. Only take one multivitamin a day, that is what they are designed for. And yes you can suffer negative health consequences if you have too much of certain vitamins. Ok I just realized that your multi-vitamin is a 3 a day supplement which seems a little excesssive. You may way want to switch to a one a day vitamin. You may also be overdoing it with the Salmon oil since it looks like Salmon is a regular part of your diet. Other than a multi-vitamin many of those additional supplements are just that - meant to supplement parts of your diet that are missing. The real thing is always better than a supplement and your diet is by far better than the average persons. The protein powder did seem a little excessive but you also have a very vigorous workout regiment so it is probably fine. Next time you are at the doctor I would run this by him as well.

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