Is pain in left side of rib and lower back pain a sign of ectopic pregnancy

Is pain in left side of rib and lower back pain a sign of ectopic pregnancy Topic: Is pain in left side of rib and lower back pain a sign of ectopic pregnancy
January 29, 2020 / By Kristen
Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant and have had some brown spotting for about 4 days, very light spotting . Its like the end of a period. I have also had lower back pain and a sharp pain by my left ribs. I'm concerned about an ectopic pregnancy the more I read about it. the sharp pain in the ribs comes and goes, and mostly feels like a sideache. Also I feel very bloated a lot of the time and am also pretty constipated. Should I be worried? Does this sound like an ectopic pregnancy? For those who have had one, where exactly is the abdominal pain at, is it in your lower stomach or can it be higher like by your ribs. Oh I also had a brief instant, where the spotting I had turned bright red, but didn't last long and was not heavy....I'm very concerned now....
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Jazmine Jazmine | 6 days ago
You need to talk to your obgyn about this, he can run test and see what the problem is! The first warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy are often pain or vaginal bleeding. You might feel pain in your pelvis, abdomen, or, in extreme cases, even your shoulder or neck (if blood from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy builds up and irritates certain nerves). Most women describe the pain as sharp and stabbing. It may concentrate on one side of the pelvis and come and go or vary in intensity. Any of the following additional symptoms can also suggest an ectopic pregnancy: vaginal spotting dizziness or fainting (caused by blood loss) low blood pressure (also caused by blood loss) lower back pain
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Jazmine Originally Answered: i'm 19 i have severe chest pains and pain in the lower left side of my back?
Okay - let's have a think about the possibilities. From the outside in, your pains could come from: Skin - classically from shingles but other skin rashes or skin conditions can be painful. Shingles is often associated with blisters and a classic rash. You would need to see a doctor about this to get the special antiviral medication you would need. Chest wall - ribs, intercostal muscles - these could be sore if you have been struck on the chest (eg been in a fight or in a car accident). Viral illnesses can cause inflammation of the ribs typically where they join on to the sternum (breast bone). The pain here is often worse when you breath or with movement of the chest wall (coughing, laughing ... movement of the trunk). Chest wall - spinal muscles - these can be sore if you have strained them (in activities, particularly lifting heavy objects) or again with trauma to the chest. If you also have a fever and are unwell in an infected kind of way (sweats, shivers, poor appetite, feeling like you have a bad flu) then you could possibly have some sort of abscess or infection there - rare, but possible. Spine - you are too young to have much arthritis in your spine. However you can still have a variety of ailments that cause "chest pain" which arise from your spine. Disc protrusion and disc bulges can compress nerve roots and give rise to a shooting electrical nerve pain that goes around the side and around to the front. Infections of the spine or areas around the spine would give you pain in the back, associated with fevers/chills/loss of appetite etc. Cancer of the spine - very uncommon at your age. Lungs (1) pleurisy - viral illnesses and autoimmune diseases can give rise to inflammation of the lining of the lung (pleura) classically a pain that hurts most when breathing or coughing (ie when the lungs are moving) (2) pneumonia - gives a similar pleurisy pain, associated with the infective signs - fever/chills/loss of appetite. PNEUMONIA CAN KILL YOU (I found out today an elderly patient I arranged an admission for a fortnight ago struggled on with a severe pneumonia and eventually died 5 days later) particularly if you are old/extremely young (like less than 1 yo)/or especially infirm with medical illnesses (3) pulmonary embolism - the "economy class syndrome" ie. clot in the lung - can be very insidious with minimal complaints or can give this pleurisy pain again as the lining of the lung is inflamed when the lung has no oxygen to a portion. The clot (usually comes from the legs) travels in the veins to the heart with the de-oxygenated blood and then travels out to the lungs where the blood is re-oxygenated. But the clot sticks somewhere and blocks the circulation to that part of the lung. Very tricky to diagnose. May require a blood test to exclude, or perhaps one (or more) of a variety of special scans. PULMONARY EMBOLISM CAN KILL YOU - all it takes is a sizeable clot to block off both pulmonary arteries and you fall down dead before you can call the ambulance. (4) pneumothorax - air between the lung lining and the chest wall - can occur with trauma (esp with rib fracture), penetrating trauma, or spontaneously (esp in young tall skinny people, esp in asthmatics) - again with the pleurisy type pain, shortness of breath - need a Chest X-ray to diagnose this. PNEUMOTHORAX CAN KILL YOU - some types cause a one-way-valve effect with more and more air accumulating in the chest, compressing the heart and great vessels and eventually blocking bloodflow out of the chest Not convinced to go to the doctor yet? Read on! Heart (1) Ischaemic heart disease - very unlikely in a person in your age group and gender. The "heart attacks" we see in young people are usually associated with amphetamine or cocaine use. There is a small group that are caused by vasculitis. Any drug that closes up your blood vessels can close up blood vessels in your heart and cause lack of oxygen to the heart muscle. This in turn leads to chest pain and cardiac muscle cell death. Different pain to the lung pains. ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE CAN KILL YOU (2) Pericarditis/myocarditis - usually viral or autoimmune - can sometimes have a pleuritic type chest pain, or can be constant and mimic a heart attack. This is usually diagnosed on ECG (EKG if you're in the States) and/or by a process of excluding other causes Great Vessels Dissecting aneurysm classically causes a tearing back pain. AORTIC ANEURYSM CAN KILL YOU if it ruptures and pours blood into your chest. This is quite a rare condition Oesophagus Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GORD) (oh yes, GERD if you must) can cause a burning pain usually central and up and down in the front of the chest. This is occasionally worsened with posture being better on standing up and worse on bending over or lying down. Kidney Stones These typically cause a pain on one side of the back or the other - and the pain can radiate down into your groin. The pain is classically described as extremely severe - worse than childbirth (is what the men say) or as bad as childbirth (or sometimes not quite as bad). Other things I'm not going to reference. Look them up yourself if you think this is what is going on: gastritis, pancreatitis, biliary colic, (hepatitis - liver is on your right) Now - what should you do about all this? I think you need to go see a doctor who can ask the proper questions and examine you properly before moving on to some special tests. Enough of these things can kill you that you should give thought to attending an emergency department rather than seeing your usual doctor.

Faith Faith
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/aymhN It will most likely go away, I'm 9 weeks and some change pregnant but when I was 6 weeks I was feeling the same pain but I was spotting a bit, the doc in the er thought it might be an ectopic pregnancy because usually when you bleed it can be a sign that you are having one. But everything was fine and he said its normal for some woman to get abdoinal pain and spot during pregnancy
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Connie Connie
Your OB should do an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy is in your uterus. I had a similar fear because I had sharp knife like pains where my right ovary is, so at 5 1/2 weeks my doctor brought me in for an ultrasound. We saw the sac in the uterus so I knew everything was fine. They told me there are some strange pains with the uterus growing that can cause pains in that area but you should get it checked out. By 8 wks they can get a very clear picture of where the baby is.
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Berta Berta
i had ectopic last year,,i remember that i had a light to heavy period,,for 28 days,,felt dizzy,sharp pain on my left abdominal,,its like i cant stand up, well just to make sure be sure to go to ur doctor right away,, i just hope that u have a safe pregnancy,, gudluck!
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Affrika Affrika
Did you already tried using Back Pain Relief 4 Life mechanism? Go to this url : http://www.BackPainInstantRelief.com/ . This will absolutely save yourself!
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Affrika Originally Answered: What could be the cause of my lower left *side* pain? Details below.?
You are really young to have the problem I am going to describe. You could possibly have a diverticular problem. If you are constipated it causes bulges in your intestines. I was in the hospital for 11 days getting IV's full of two different antibiotics to get rid of an infection. You probably don't have an infection if this has been going on for so long, but it is essential that you get a diet high in fruits, vegetables and other fiber. Drink lots of water, 6 to 8 glasses a day. Get plenty of exercise to get things moving through you. Laxatives are not a good idea when you are having this kind of pain. I know this sounds gross, as you say, but you have lots of poo building up in there. Please take good care of your digestive health now while you are young, so you don't get as messed up as I did. The longer you put off eating a healthy diet and exercise, the worse your problem will be. Take good care of you!

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