How do lose weight off my biceps quickly?

How do lose weight off my biceps quickly? Topic: How do lose weight off my biceps quickly?
November 21, 2019 / By Devan
Question: i have gained some weight on my upper arm but my wrist and lower side hasnt, lol anything i can do to make it go away lol? lolll what things can i do??
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Best Answers: How do lose weight off my biceps quickly?

Candi Candi | 5 days ago
Unfortunatley you can't decide where you want to lose weight from. To lose fat you have to lose it all over. Having said this, different people are generally more defined in some areas than others. You sound like you can lose weight from your biceps by doing some simple weight lifting. If you have access to a gyml, that's great. If not, simply try to find something relatively heavy for the following exercise This is called the hammer curl. Simply hold the weight in one arm by the side of your body and bring up to chest. Google for better explanation Here's an extra little tip. To find how much fat is on your arm, but it a a right angle (as if you were carrying a box) an tense your bicep. Pinch the muscle with your other hand and slowly pull it away. The first thing to drop off will be your muscle, leaving the fat. Keep going and the fat falls off an you are left with just skin but be careful that one hurts. Sorry this was long. Good luck
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Candi Originally Answered: how can I get more defined biceps?
Forget the drugs unless you want the side effects and possible heart failure in your 30s. You need lower body fat. More cardio and a better diet will help to get ripped. If anything you can try the supplements Creatine and extra protein for fairly quick and good results. If you are serious about this then ask the people at your gym, they should have been through college to study this and their advice will be free if you are a paying member (semi free guess). You can see a nutritionist too. You can start off now by checking reputable web sites on body building asking on the forums. There are different ways to go and diet is essential in this, the amount of fat, protein and carbs can be very different in each regime. There is a huge difference in going for the athletic loo, ripped or just plain strength. You can also look into low glycemic diets. If you carry on eating crap then even taking steroids will really not help that much with definition. I see a lot of people on about acai berry but generally this is unproven and unregulated. It's like one of these cure alls from the 1800's you would see in a film. A waste of money, stick with high quality whey protein and creatine .

Amanda Amanda
the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon may dial up your bodys ability to burn fat especially if you add some exercise
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Wallace Wallace
Eat balanced meals and excersize as much as you can but remember to eat because your body holds on to fat if you havent eaten anything! You could also try avoiding fatty foods but eat them occasionaly because obviously you need some fats, you could also try by walking to school/work and avoiding lazy ways good luck (:
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Ruby Ruby
find the right diet for your individual body because there are many ways are there to lose weight just find what works for you
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Ruby Originally Answered: How do i increase my weight and biceps easily?I need an answer, wat are the foodstuffs that increase weight ?
it's not easy, so don't even think that. It takes work, and to increase weight, eat meat, protein and good food, not junk food, but good food that has some weight on it. I've heard bodybuilders eat meat, lean chicken, rice ,you know.. things that have good nutrition.

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