what makes me feel so constipated?

what makes me feel so constipated? Topic: what makes me feel so constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Deloris
Question: usually i eat sausages , tea , coffee, bread , juice for breakfast and for launch i eat rice , meat , salads and have very little meal like rice ... i sometimes eat fruits like orange what should i do to make me feel better its really hard to pass
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Caelie Caelie | 3 days ago
Your colen needs a little cleaning .ask your local drug store drugest . tell him or her what you just said 7 to 8 dollars later you feel just fine
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Caelie Originally Answered: I am looking for a weight loss pill that either makes me feel full or suppresses my appetite?
I was asking myself the same question and I actually came up with a GREAT answer for once- caralluma extract. It's not a stimulant or a pharmaceutical. It's not harmful in any way and is natural. It's from a cactus and Indians have used it for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years. The studies that were done on it were awesome! People that I've talked to who have used it have felt way less hungry, plus have more energy AND even feel less depressed! I know it sounds too good to be true but I seriously have looked for a downside and have not yet found one. The products it is in are called Genaslim and Slimaluna. The Genaslim has caffeine, though, so I don't recommend that because caffeine rebound is not a nice thing and you also develop tolerance to that. The only reason that I haven't yet bought any is because I'm broke for another 2 weeks! I read a few message boards where people were absolutely RAVING about this stuff.

Alma Alma
I agree with the first two answers. (In the US there are two types of brown bread-- bread that is made with only white flour and flavored wheat and other additives and 100% whole wheat bread that is all natural. There is a thrid brown bread as well 100% whole wheat that is processed to taste like white and has additives like artificial colors and corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup....) In addition to more whole grains and fruits, try adding whole vegetables as well as more water. Also, in the US a yogurt is advertised for irregularity. It all but claims that if one eats the expensive stuff (three times a day, of course as the more one eats the more one buys), then one will be regular. I have noticed that the people in the commercials complain about not eating well and being irregular. Gee, poor eating and irregularity? Go figure. (Of course, like any good commercial in the US, it is not directed to independent, free-thinking people, but gullible lemmings.) I haven't had yogurt in at least seven years and the only times I've had problems with constipation is when I don't eat much for a day or two or when I was pregnant. Largely, I avoid white flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, artificial flavors and anything that looks as though it was created in a lab by humans and not in nature by God. My diet consists of whole grains, whole fruits and whole vegetables.
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Uzziel Uzziel
Eat more fruit, and try adding prunes to your diet. And make sure the carbs are whole (brown rice, brown bread), not refined.
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Rolly Rolly
Buy some psyllium husk powder and take three teaspoons of it in juice every day, it will keep things moving along nicely! You can take it in water but it tastes pretty bland that's why I use juice.
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Rolly Originally Answered: When i go to the bathroom to take a big one,i feel constipated and often it bleeds.why?how do i treat it?
You would know if you had hemorrhoids, you would have some itching and pain even if you were not having a BM. I would guess a fistula. It is a sore inside the rectum that heals over when you don't have a BM but when you do the scab tears off of it and causes the bleeding. You need to add fiber to your diet and juice with pulp. Also raw veggies are good for fiber. You can get metamucil and take it every day. It will soften your stool and the constipation problem will stop because you will be going more regularly to the bathroom. To heal the fistula, douce a cotton ball (a large one) in witch hazel and hold it just inside your rectum after a BM until the metamucil and veggies , fruits & fiber kicks in. It will burn some but it will heal the fistula. Also drink LOTS of water. You will be better in about a week or less if you follow these directions. EDIT: With the extra info you just provided I can tell you that you have a hemorrhoid. There is prescription medication the Dr can give you to help shrink the hemorrhoid but in the meantime there are medications in the pharmacies for hemorrhoids. Until you get to the Dr the witch hazel will still help shrink it and you can put hydrocortisone on it if it bothers you too much. The witch hazel will work. I don't like Preparation H or Annusol, but hydrocortisone helps till you get to the Dr to get medication. It can be removed in the DR's office if it is not too large. Good luck. EDIT: I recommend metamucil because it softens the feces and lets it be expelled much easier than trying to expel hard feces, also it doesn't cause as much bleeding because it is not having to force itself out. I know a person who had hemorrhoid surgery and the surgeon told the patient to make metamucil his friend for life and he would never have to under go that type of surgery again. Preparation H helps but I like Nupercainal because it numbs the area and stops it from hurting. It is a hemorrhoidal &topical analgesic ointment. Works great for the pain. You just put it on the outside and not on the inside as you have to do with Prep. H and Annusol. Give it a try.

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