how can i grow tall and gain some weight?

how can i grow tall and gain some weight? Topic: how can i grow tall and gain some weight?
June 19, 2019 / By Alisya
Question: well im in the 8th grade and im really short. i dont know what my height is :( sorry. im 82 pounds and im 14. i hate it how can i gain weight and start increasing my height ?,is there any other way besides eating healthy because thats the same advice i hear all the time i eat healthy but somehow i dont gain wieght or height. are there videos of excercises to grow tall. thanks and how can i gain weight?? thanks a bunch :D
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Uri Uri | 2 days ago
Can't help you with the taller thing - that is god given genetics my friend. Growth takes place in our bones not our muscles so there are no exercises that work. Only advice is make sure you are getting the calcium bones need to grow. You are only 14 and most people don't stop growing until 18-21 years of age so give it some time. As far as weight that can come best from a combination of eating the right foods (protein rich foods like meat, eggs, nuts) and lifting weights. Don't try the eat crappy foods diet to gain weight. Sugar, fats, sodium all that crap will make you gain weight but it will be the bad kind of weight and you will feel like crap all the time. You are young buddy give your body time and you will get there.
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Uri Originally Answered: how to grow tall?
Sorry, hon, but there are no ways to make yourself grow taller -- it all has to do with predetermined genetics. I'm not sure how old you are right now (or how much longer you have to grow -- age matters!), but based on how tall your parents are, you may grow to be a couple inches taller . . . . but that's merely a speculation. Remember that being a model may seem like a great job now, but it is so risky and demanding -- it all depends on your age, weight, physical appearance, etc. . . . all superficial, temporal qualities. Definitely research this career choice further and keep other options open (do get a college degree first . . . . ). Remember that even if you don't reach your goal height, there is always the option to become a model for petite sized clothing. Good luck -- hope this helps you!! Keep on following your dream!! :D

Robin Robin
Height growth is dependent on 2 main things: 1) Your growth plates must be open (which they will be at 14). 2) Your body's hGH (human growth hormone) levels. hGH acts on your growth plates and causes your bones to grow longer, which translates into height growth. This is out of your control. There are no exercises that increase height growth. All you can do is make sure you are well rested and well nourished. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night, eat well and take a multivitamin. In theory (although there are no scientific studies that support this - this is purely my logic), weightlifting could increase height growth, because it causes your body to produce more hGH (which, as I said, causes your bones to grow longer). It certainly doesn't stunt height growth - this myth has been dispelled by many scientific studies and credible training institutions. As for gaining weight, I would recommend looking into Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program. It is a very basic (but HIGHLY effective) beginner's weightlifting program, centered around the big compound lifts. Join a gym, take up this weightlifting program and eat plenty. The key to weight gain is that you must be eating more calories than you are burning - this is called a calorie surplus. If you can afford to; buy some whey protein and creatine. I would also recommend joining a bodybuilding forum.
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Micha Micha
There is no silver bullet to make you tall and strong.... says modern medicine. But holistic nutrition tells a different story! There is a super food which will provide your body with everything it needs to grow big and strong. In fact the Masai tribe of Africa live almost exclusively on this stuff, and they are known for having the tallest, healthiest, strongest warriors in Africa. The scottish warriors of old were also known for eating large amounts of this super food, and they were so big and strong that history depicts them as having fought off armies by wielding ox yokes as weapons! Sounds great right? What is this stuff? (drum roll please) Milk! Not just any milk of course, Raw milk. Most milk in America has to be pasteurized because the cows are kept in cramped, gross conditions and fed cheap unnatural diets. This 'factory cow' milk is unsanitary and has almost no vitamins, even less after it's cooked. Cows who live in big clean pastures eating fresh green grass produce clean safe milk with many times the vitamin and mineral content in a highly bio-available source (that means it's easier for your body to absorb). This magical raw stuff also cures lactose intolerance! So where can you get this stuff? Find raw milk near you with this index: http://www.realmilk.com/where3.html That site also has lots of great info on how raw is safer and healthier than pasteurized. So get yourself some raw milk, get lots of exercise and sunshine, and don't smoke or play too many video games. Also sign up for a sport! Soccer is fun or cross country is very low key and a lot of exercise. ps- Whenever you feel short among your peers, take heart! The people who grow the tallest, also grow the slowest and the latest. My brother didn't stop growing till he was 24. He's 6 feet and 5 inches now. ps again- whatever you do, don't drink soy milk or soy protein powders "for body building". They contain plant estrogens (girl hormones) and can stunt your growth. Whey protein powders contain carcinogens because of the way they are made (cause cancer). And body building supplements will screw up your hormones and liver. Pretty much never buy anything advertised by someone whose neck is wider than their head, or has instructions for dosing farm animals on the bottle. (no offense intended to body building enthusiasts. I know there are are body builders who get huge with good food and hard work, but there are also unscrupulous corporations out there pushing agricultural hormones on malleable teenagers. I've also seen what that stuff does to people first hand.)
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Joyce Joyce
Try not to worry about it, you're 14 so you've got plenty more years to grow, my brother didn't stop growing til he was 22!! I know its annoying but you'll just have to wait and see what happens. Think about your posture, standing up straight can make you look so much taller and is good for your back
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Joyce Originally Answered: Doctors say that if kids and teens want to grow healthy and tall they should eat good food and do exercises?
Yes doctors are correct in this saying. A lazy kid can never be healthy. Kids should be active at school as well as home. They should be involved in various games like soccer, volleyball, baseball etc. Swimming is the best exercise. This helps to grow longer and to have a perfect physique.

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