Does areola reduction cause loss of sensation in nipples?

Does areola reduction cause loss of sensation in nipples? Topic: Does areola reduction cause loss of sensation in nipples?
June 19, 2019 / By Abbygale
Question: I don't want smaller breast, or any reductions/enlargements done to my nipples- all i want is this tea-plate diameter of an areola to be reduce to a aesthetically comfortable size. My question is: A) Does areola reduction cause loss of sensation in nipples? B) With pregnancy, would they stretch out massively again? C) Would I be able to breastfeed? I'm not pregnant, and not planning on it for 2-3 years, I have already decided to get this done before hand, I would just like to make sure C is ruled out, then I would wait till after I had kids. Most guys don't find extremely large areolas attractive; they're really my only insecurity to be honest.
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Stef Stef | 7 days ago
A) Yes, to some extent. It varies by woman, surgery & surgeon as to how much loss there is AND how much will return over what period of time. Sensation loss is always a risk. B) They don't stretch out to begin with. Areola size is genetic. If your's grew in large & you had surgery to trim them down, they'd stay that size. So no, they would not stretch out, but your breast tissue may. C) Yes, you can still breastfeed. The surgery does not involve disconnecting the duct work to the nipple. The only reason it would interrupt breastfeeding would be b/c of some complication. Discuss all of these issues with your doctor before surgery. You should also look at photos after surgery. The areolas will not look like "normal." Your trading off one perceived imperfection for another. Make sure the trade off is worth it to you. As far as what you are comfortable w/ being seen by a male. Men have differing breast preferences. Don't do the surgery for them. What you have now could be very appealing to some men, if not to others.
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Stef Originally Answered: Do diet pills or other weight loss options cause breast reduction ?
Losing weight means losing body fat. Snice breasts are mainly composed of fat, losing weight usually results in smaller breasts, too.

Ozzy Ozzy
A talented surgeon can reattach the aerola with minimal loss of sensation, but it's always a concern. After losing 198 lb in 1 year (plus 3 pregnancies) my stretch marks left considerable sagging in my tummy & bosom and my HMO paid for reconstructive surgery. The surgeon used a new breast reduction/lift technique that didn't involve the usual t-scar (lollipop). Ask your doctors about it. BTW, losing weight slowly doesn't help saggy skin if you have stretch marks. Stretch marks are emergency skin and never go away.
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Lewis Lewis
Personally, I think larger areola's are sensual. From what I've seen, us guys all have pretty much the same size areola, so large areolas are a femine trait that I love. If I wanted to see areolas like my own, I can just go to any beach or locker room.
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Japhet Japhet
Don't do that please ;o) Actually, I don't think "most guys" find large areolas unattractive ... where do you have that idea from? ;o) And secondly, a wise girl does not care what "most guys" think - but only the one she desides to grace with her company. What "most others" think, you can't really benefit from anyway. So don't run any risks because of them (whoever they are). They are not going to do anything for you anyway - ok?
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Japhet Originally Answered: Breast reduction, weight loss, pregnancy, dilemma/obession!?
Well Judging from your picture I think that you look really good actually. I am 5'6 and before I had my daughter I weighed around 145 and went all the way up to 218 when I delivered and it took me nearly two years to get back down to 144 and now I am about 148lbs.. SO I know how you feel about losing the weight part especially before you have children. I would not recommended a breast reduction because my Aunt had one and her boobs grew back after she gained some weight so you might waste all that money to do that. I suggest that you continue to get to your ideal weight which is around 123-161 for our height.. That is the healthy range but that is according to doctors, I think the most important thing is not so much weight but rather inches. You waste should be half of your height or close to, so for 66inches your waste should be around 33 inch so if it is then your fine and do not worry about the weight, because muscle weighs more than fat, I have always had big thighs and see I played volleyball in high school and really built the muscle up. But anyways I would just focus on healthy and try not to stress about it, because that is the worst thing for our bodies.. Good Luck!

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