what are some home remedies for a constipated dog?

what are some home remedies for a constipated dog? Topic: what are some home remedies for a constipated dog?
September 23, 2019 / By Clover
Question: she pooped very little but she still has more that she cant get out she has been trying to get it out for about 10 minutes
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Bell Bell | 4 days ago
Can pumpkin is high in fiber and we all know what fiber dose, mineral oil is a natural laxative also Metamucil moves things along. I would call and talk with your vet there could be an underling problem going on...
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Bell Originally Answered: My poor pup is constipated, any home remedies to help her get better? Please Help!?
Depends on why she's constipated, and for how long. First question to ask, is 'could she have eaten anything she shouldn't'. Given that she's a puppy, the answer is almost certainly yes. If its only been a short time (<48h), you might consider adding some fibre to her diet to try to sort things out. Canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), or 1/2 teaspoon of metamucil (unflavored if possible) is a good place to start). If its been more than a couple of days, there are a number of other possible problems that you're going to be looking at, some of which might be quite serious (intestinal blockage), and you're going to want to see a vet about it. Best of Luck, just remember --- This too shall pass.

Adreana Adreana
How old is your dog? Is she trying to go potty in different places? How long has this been going on? Generally pure pumpkin (NOT the pie spice) will help constipation, Don't know the size of your dog, and if she is small perhaps a teaspoon per feeding will help. . If this has been going on longer than a couple of days she needs to see her vet ASAP.
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Terrance Terrance
She may actually have diarrhea and just feels like she has to go when she doesn't. Dogs usually don't get constipated unless they've swallowed something that could get stuck in their intestines or somewhere. If this keeps up, she needs to get in to see the vet. Do not try to give her anything yourself or try stuff that works on people.
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Piers Piers
there may be more to it then just constipation. you can try pumpkin or some oil in her food to help but if she is really straining, you may want to take her to the vet for a check up.
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Mahalah Mahalah
Add a tablespoonfull of canned pumpkin to her meals. Use the canned pumpkin, not the pie filling.
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Mahalah Originally Answered: My kitten is 8 weeks old and is constipated and in some pain. Anyone know any home remedies?
one tablespoon of cows milk, either regular or canned dont matter. the kitten should eagerly drink it and it will work quickly, but do this only if the gentle stimulating of the anus does not work. make sure the kitten has all the fresh clean water it wants at all times. when the body lacks enough water it becomes constipated because the body will pull water from the intestines. more water means looser stools. let me say this tho...if your kitten is a manx...get to a vet asap! manx kittens are prone to birth defects in the spine called spina bifida...{{{{Special Medical Problems Manx Syndrome is a normally fatal defect caused by the so-called Manx gene, which causes the taillessness. The gene's action in shortening the spine may go too far, resulting in severe spinal defects--a gap in the last few vertebrae, fused vertebrae, or spina bifida in newborns. If there is no obvious problem with a Manx Syndrome kitten at birth, the difficulties will show up in the first few weeks or months of the cat's life, usually in the first four weeks, but sometimes as late as four months. It is often characterized by severe bowel and/or bladder dysfunction, or by extreme difficulty in walking. Breeders of Manx will generally not let kittens leave the cattery until they have reached four months of age because of the possibility of Manx Syndrome appearing. In most cases, however, experience will point to a problem in a kitten long before the kit is four months old. Rarely will a breeder have no suspicion of anything wrong and have the Manx Syndrome appear. Manx Syndrome may occur even in a carefully bred litter, but is more likely in the instance when a rumpy is bred to a rumpy in or beyond the third generation. For this reason, the breeder carefully tracks rumpy to rumpy breedings, and uses tailed Manx regularly in the breeding program. Generally speaking, a sound breeding between a tailed Manx and a rumpy Manx should produce a litter that is 50% tailed and 50% rumpy, but as we know, what should happen and what does happen are many times two different things. Usually, however, one may rely on this percentage. As long as litters are produced in which all tail lengths appear, the breeder may feel that the breeding program is on track. Manx litters tend toward the small side in numbers, both because of Manx Syndrome and because of the short back of the queen, which leaves less room for large numbers of kittens. A typical Manx litter will be 3 or 4 kittens--more than that could crowd the kits and a female who has a history of large litters needs careful observation during pregnancy to see that all goes well. A sensible precaution with expectant Manx queens is to have the vet x-ray or ultra-sound her a couple of weeks before the due date, to determine the number of kits to expect. Most breeders will have the tails of Manx kits docked at 4-6 days of age. This is not so much for cosmetic reasons as it is to stave off another manifestation of the Manx gene. In adult cats of around 5 years, the tail vertebrae may become ossified and arthritic, resulting in pain for the cat. The pain may grow so severe that amputation is necessary--a difficult operation for an adult cat. It is much less painful and recovery is much swifter for a very young kitten to have its tail docked. }}}}}}} i will tell you from experience, this is a very heartbreaking way to lose a kitten. another reason to seek a vet if you cant get the kitten to go is that any obstruction can cause the intestines to telescope, which is fatal. and horrible to see. good luck with the baby.

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