why do i feel sick while working out? ?

why do i feel sick while working out? ? Topic: why do i feel sick while working out? ?
June 19, 2019 / By Alison
Question: Just started working out, went hardcore with the weights, almost trained to near failure to muscles... i did like 3 sets of 3 different exersices then i noticed i was getting dizzy, and fast... i power walked to the bathroom on the verge of throwing up and everything was getting bright like my eyes were dilated.. i felt so nauseous and i was EXTREMLY close to throwing up what was in my stomach but i didnt.. what happneed and why? was i working too hard? i'm not in shape that well.. I took creatine with water about hour before i worked out... then about half a fruit smoothie 15 min before i worked out.. Ive started all my supplimentation today as its the first day i worked out in a long time... (creatine, whey, sport vitamin, l-glutamine, milk thistle to help my liver with all these new substances..) or is this just normal for unfit people in the gym? ahah im also a really thin kid i guess i coulda been dehydrated...i drink nothing but water with every meal i figured that would be enough..mayb not? mouth was dry midway through working out
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Ur Ur | 10 days ago
Sounds to me like you went about it all too quickly. Take it slow and then work up to heavier weights, longer runs, more of whatever. You can't jump into anything full force without it being a shock to your system and affecting you negatively. You could be depleting your body too quickly of iron. That's where the dizziness comes into play. If you want to keep pushing yourself so hard, try eating more iron-enriched foods. Taking a small break in between the harder exercises works for me as well. Say you want to do a set of really fast and hard crunches. Do those and then jog slowly in place for a while. Then do another hard exercise. Switching back and forth will also keep your body focused because it will learn to be prepared for change. I have found that it's never a good idea to eat or drink anything in bulk before or after I work out but especially before. Your body won't burn off any calories or be able to work on its core if its core is full of food and doing too much can upset the digestion process and make your body want to get what it thinks is bad food out of you quickly. Your body also needs time to cool off and slow down before you dive into food afterwards or it will burn off more than it needs to and you won't get the correct amount of nutrients from what you eat. Try going for at least an hour without food before and after you work out. Water or sports drinks are fine but not to an extreme, just enough to keep your joints lubricated, your mouth wet, and you from being dehydrated. And maybe lay off all the supplements until your body gets used to the workouts in and of themselves.
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The best way to keep him from getting sick is to continue nursing.... Your breastmilk contains the exact antiboties needed to protect your baby from the exact illness you have right now. Also, as the first person said, you can't get into this habit of sheltering from the common cold... The baby needs to get a few minor illnesses now to build up his immune system for when cold/flu season hits full sail.
Ur Originally Answered: I have a sore throat and feel like im getting sick how to keep breastfed baby healthy?
For most illnesses, you can still breastfeed baby safely. Colds are passed on by droplets from coughs and sneezes and contaminated surfaces. As far as I know, they are not passed through breastmilk. So if you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before handling him (including diaper changes), cough into your elbow instead of your hand, and take other basic anti-germ precautions (like not kissing him), he'll be okay. And even if he does catch it, if it's just a cold he should still be fine. They get stuffy and congested for a while, and it's no fun, but you can keep them comfortable with a vaporizer and saline drops in the nose. My baby caught a cold at 2 weeks of age. We didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but it was all okay in the end. And it's pretty much expected that no matter what you do your infant will pick up some sort of cold bug during his first year or so. The only times you would really have to worry extra about your baby is if you picked up an infection that was not as mundane as a cold - like influenza or whooping cough. The best prevention you can give your baby is if you've been vaccinated for these things with this year's flu shot or a pertussis booster since you've become an adult (your childhood whooping cough immunity has long since worn off). And see your doctor immediately if there are any signs that this illness is worse than an ordinary cold. But until it looks like you've got something bad, I see no reason for you to stop breastfeeding. And unless you're posting this question from the southern hemisphere where cold and flu season might still be lingering, chances are you may just be having some end-of-summer/early fall allergies instead of something contagious like a cold.

Robby Robby
It looks like your blood sugar went down fast. Remember that when you work out, you can lose too many calories right away, and there are many important organs that need energy (in the form of calories) to function. Does your gym offer help from a nutritionist? Maybe you need a light snack in between workouts, or a heavier snack an hour before going to the gym. It takes time for the body to accustom itself to new activities. Maybe you overdid it this time. Anyway, good luck!
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Micaiah Micaiah
you worked WAY too hard...that's what happened when I started exercising/weight training and overdid it...I'm currently in the process of building up to the goal at which I started.
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Micaiah Originally Answered: Started using Super Pump 250 for working out.Smoking Marijuana after working out. NO Xplode, NaNo Vapor good?
Well, you seem to have somewhat knowledge of bodybuilding, but there are definitely flaws in your routine. First of all, cut the cardio. Either you are bulking up or reducing bodyfat, you can't do both together, to reduce bodyfat you need to burn more calories than you consume, and to bulk up you need to consume more calories than you can burn. To bulk up you should be doing a variety of exercises and about 3 sets of 6-10 repetitions for each. Your weights should be heavy enough that you can lift it no more than 6-10 times. Then, to completely fatigue slow-twitch muscle fibers you would have to use a lighter weight for more repetitions. When reducing bodyfat you should try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It is the only cardio exercise that does not burn muscle. It burns fat 9 times more effectively than any other cardio as well, making it perhaps the best type of cardio for a bodybuilder. You should be doing HIIT 2-3 times a week on off-days from weightlifting. The best protein powder out there is perhaps Whey. It should be taken both pre and post-workout. Forget Super Pump, if you're getting good results you can stick with it, but otherwise, I highly recommend Whey. Also, you can go ahead and try NO-Xplode, but I've heard a lot of bad reviews about it not working. By the way, when you are bulking, you do no cardio, bodybuilders have a bulking and cutting season, during bulking season there is no cardio and an excess of calories. During a bulking season there is cardio and a deficit of calories. Make sure the sources of your foods are all healthy, junk food does good for no one. Another thing, you probably didn't know this, you need protein every 3 hours to keep in a positive nitrogen balance (state keeping you from burning muscle mass as fuel for energy). During the nighttime, you won't be getting any food for hours, so you need a slow-digesting protein right before bed. I highly recommend Casein protein for this, which can be bought at your local vitamin store. Here is a site on HIIT: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wotw40.htm Edit: Ok, if you decide to change that routine at some point you can use my advice. If you don't want too many different protein powders I think you should at least get Whey, and the most important time to have it is post-workout if you take it only once. Also, like I said, your body burns muscle mass as fuel for energy when you don't get protein every 3 hours. So at night, if you don't take Casein, you should take 4 cups of milk or a cup of cottage cheese instead, since both are full of Casein. And for your main question, like I said, if Super Pump is helping, you can take it, Whey is by far my recommendation. And I haven't heard many good reviews on NO Xplode or NaNo Vapor. Some people claim No Xplode doesn't work. I don't really know since I haven't taken it. You can try them out and see for yourself.

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