I just turned 21 and my parents told me last night that they are selling the house and moving away?

I just turned 21 and my parents told me last night that they are selling the house and moving away? Topic: I just turned 21 and my parents told me last night that they are selling the house and moving away?
January 28, 2020 / By Chantale
Question: I am a student and my mom was diagnosed w/ luekemia last year. She is recovering from the treatment and a bone marrow transplant. Her parents live in Oklahoma and she really wants to live near them and be close to her side of the family before they die I guess. My parents have plans on opening up a small store and thats all good with me. Since I am going to school/live in Dallas, TX, I am not going to move with them(4hr drive) BUT I don't have anywhere to live. My dad told me that I'd better find a job and find an apartment since they are selling the house(I argued about this but their decision is set). I don't eat much so I can keep the cost of food down, but how much should I be looking to spend on an apartment? I don't really like living with roommates, I'd much rather live by myself and I would be willing to pay the extra money for that. The college I am going to doesn't have dorms so I can't live on campus. Also, is the cost of apartment include water/electricity/gas or is that all seperate? Do you think a $1000 a month would be good enough to cover all the bills? Any advice is appreciated!
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Ansonia Ansonia | 2 days ago
Yes that would be enough money Utilities all depends on the owner. Being in Texas, your A/C would be more than Heat, so they might pay gas, but not electric. Again,it all depends. If you check apartments near campus, those places usually understand what a students budget is. They are often furnished with just what you need. Book cases desk etc. They are priced right for students Utilities are usually paid too. Ive lived in a lot of apartments over the years. 37 ! I much prefer an older house, made into 2-3 apartments rather than a big complex owned by a company. They are usually more homey, often hand crafted features. Quaint. Not so active ( theft, parties, noise, laundry problems general juvenile deliquency, etc. ) If you can snag the apt in front, with the front porch..even better. Some landlords will even let you plant some flowers. Complexes are loaded with rules rules rules. Kids stomping on your ceiling. All kinds of stuff. You eat light, like me, and I can spend less than 50.00 per week, including consumables like laundry soap, shampoo etc. I would get a one BR or large studio apt./loft/condo Make sure it has enough 3 prong plugs. Ask on the Travel category> United States> Dallas What the good and bad areas are. What the avg studio, loft or 1 BR apt should cost. Nice Safe areas near the University. You could get some ideas on Rent.com http://www.rent.com/rentals/texas/dallas... Also, dont think you need a houseful of items. Go to like Walmart, and buy 2 forks, 2 spoons. a couple bowls a couple plates. Pizza pan/cookie sheet and frying pan and a sauce pan. Youre mom may get rid of some of her stuff too. Less stuff you have, the less dishes to wash. Save containers from butter etc for storage. EDIT: If you get into an apt complex, an inner corridor for your front door is less preferred than a door on the outside of the bldg. If you come home late, you know there is no one lurking in the hallways etc.
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Ansonia Originally Answered: I just turned 21 I have been diagnosed with systemic Hypertension?
Ashley, Your doctor is doing what is correct. Blood pressure readings of those levels need to be worked up in order to detect a cause. I don't know that hypertension at that age is rare, but it does mean that there is something wrong which needs to be detected, and then treated. Ruling out pheochromocytoma is very important. This is a major cause of really accelerated hypertension in young people, and it can be treated. Ruling out Cushing's Disease, and other endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism is also a very important thing to do. I would also rule out Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Try not to worry too much about this. Keep your appointments and allow your internist to hunt down the cause of this hypertension. You may also be referred to a nephrologist because accelerated hypertension is within the purview of nephrologists as kidney issues and disorders can impact blood pressure. Very best wishes, and thank you for your service to our country !

Zabdi Zabdi
The rule of thumb is that your rent should not exceed a weeks salary, which now a days if pretty hard to do. I don't know how much the rent in Texas is , however I live near a college and I rent out an extra bedroom for 400 mo. that includes everything, I know these students are struggling plus they have use of the kitchen as long as they clean up after themselves. You might want to look into something like that. There are a lot of people that are looking into generating extra income, and that could be an option. You want to try to get something with your utilities included, because rent is not the only expense you will have
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Sheridan Sheridan
WOW!!! I cant believe I just read all of that but it sounds like you both have issues. Now for one you got with him too young and for it to be a serious relationship. If you are cheating you are either not trying really hard to make it work or you dont have that type of attraction to him. I would stop cheating, and try to make it work. If you cant make it work, then get your GED, get a job, and start saving money on the side. He deserves the secretive because he robbied you of some of your childhood. He should have never been with you since you were under age. Now if you are now married, and you get divorced, you can get child support and alimony if you can try to stay married for at least 5 years. I got married when I was 19. I was married for 12 years and stuck to it. I had thoughts of cheating but never did. I ended up leaving him because he didnt change a bit after the 12 years. I lost my 20's and my childhood, cause I had my first babies at 16(twins). Now I am 35, divorced and have 5 kids. But I have a great job, own my house and car. You can do it, it just takes advance planning. And dont depend on no guy but your husband right now. Guys will sleep with you and leave you. Also with you sleeping around could give ya STDS or worse and you will be bringing it home to your hubby. Not cool. Plus, what if you get pregnant again then you will have babies with no bio father. You have alot to think about. Try marriage counciling? Try what ever it takes please to make it work, then if it doesnt then get your crap together and leave. He cant take your kids if you have income and a roof over your head. Unless he can prove you get high, then they will be gone. yes your marriage is a joke, but you have kids, and he is your best friend. You two need to see if there is still love there and work together at the marriage.
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Norton Norton
If you are not really want something in an upscale area, you should be comfortable with $1000. Try to find a studio apartment, which is just a room, a small kitchen and just other bare necessities, but is enough for one single soul. Water, electric & gas is different with every landlord, mostly, gas & electric is not covered. But I am sure your $1000 budget with get you through if you try to spend it wisely.
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Lamont Lamont
iT DEPENDS ON THE AREA. aLL AREAS ARE DIFFERENT IN PRICE. sOME APARTMENTS INCLUDE UTLITIES IN THE MONTLY RENT. Some places will make you pay that seperate. I would say for that price you could get a small apt and pay little bills as long as u dont have a car payment. It stinks but this is what they have decided and you have to go along with it. You will be fine.
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