What is a low, normal and high ANA numbers?

What is a low, normal and high ANA numbers? Topic: What is a low, normal and high ANA numbers?
November 17, 2019 / By Caprina
Question: I have sle, lupus with alittle kidney failure. My doctors are saying my kidneys are doing ok. But I am always inflamed and all the symptoms. So I my numbers are always running 200 to 380. I am anemic so just need to know what the numbers are for ANA (low) (high) and (normal) thanks
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Amethyst Amethyst | 2 days ago
The ANA test is measured like 1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, 1:640, 1:1280 and so on. These are the only results there are. You can't have an ANA or 200 or 380, only the above results. Anything over 1:40 is considered 'positive' however many people have a positive ANA in low titers and have nothing wrong. A low result would be 1:80-1:320. A moderate would be 1:320-1:640 and a high result would be anything more than 1:1280. A negative result would be listed as 'negative'. The ANA result can go up and down and even be negative. But it does not reflect whether you're in a flare or doing worse. There are people out there who have SLE, have, and have an ANA of 1:80 or 1:160. There are people out there who have an ANA of 1:640 and have nothing wrong. There are even people with Lupus who have a negative ANA. It's generally agreed that once you have a diagnosis of SLE, you do not need to retest the ANA ever again. It doesn't mean anything once you have a diagnosis. Ask your doctor to test your Complement 3 and Complement 4, ESR and CRP. These are the tests that sometimes reflect disease activity. But if you have swollen joints, rashes or feel unwell, then it doesn't matter what the tests say, you have an active disease. .......
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Amethyst Originally Answered: Is 20-30 vision good? What do those numbers mean?
It isn't *good* -- but it is acceptable. It is acceptable for an eye exam to drive a motor vehicle, and generally an acceptable outcome even after eye surgery of all types. Most people think 'perfect' vision is 20/20 -- when in reality the human eye should see closer to 20/15 -- The 20/20 standard is just more a mean average of 'best correction' over an average of people. More times than not corrected vision, especially in at least one eye is 20/15 (now better than this is rare.. but not unheard of.) Also the 20/20 -- 20/30, 20/40 and so on measurements are just one aspect of your vision. When someone asks how our vision is we generally refer to these measurements which are simply our visual acuity on the snellen eye chart. Vision is much more than acuity alone. There are many people who can see 20/20 or even 20/15, but have terrible vision due to light sensitivity, glare, contrast problems, cornea disorders,.. and on and on the list goes. But in general this measurement is a good rule of thumb to try and 'correct' vision against. It is a good measurement in *most* healthy eyes to determine what is or isn't working. In your case,.. as a guess,.. your vision has probably deteriorated due to a small astigmatism (Basically a subtle difference in the curve of your cornea in relation to the lens) -- This will cause blurring, sometimes ghosting, some subtle variations in contrast sensitivity, color perception, and other qualities of the eye. When all combined make vision less than ideal. As has been said, many people choose to leave 20/30 vision as is -- there are several reasons: 1) If no major symptoms are present with this measurement.. then correction isn't really indicated. It may forever stabilize at this reading.. or even (rarely) move back to 20/20 (Sometimes some minor corneal swelling, haze, dry eye, allergy, or other condition can cause temporary vision deterioration) Further on that point.. even severe chronic computer use can push a 20/15 or 20/20 eye to 20/30 -- This is temporary,.. but for an extreme example. If Joe Blow uses his computer 12 hours a day, with little breaks, for 10 years -- he WILL develop some extreme CVS (Computer vision syndrome) which will cause tearing issues, eye strain, muscle strain (iris spams potential),.. focus issues.. and even some minor neural adaptation to the constant focus on something a few feet away that presents 3d imagery on a 2d source. ***Note this is not scientifically proven -- just theories at this juncture so don't go quoting it :) *** CVS is general is very much proven, and the correlation with prolonged use (such as Joe Blow's case) is becoming more prevalent to cause STILL temporary eyesight problems but problems that takes considerably longer to resolve. IE: Problems that mimic other organic problems because they might take several months to full resolve (with abstinence of the computer). Again -- so back to your vision: 2) Many leave 20/30 as is because you CAN function with it on most all levels. People don't like glasses, and contacts are a hassle any way you look at them. So they just don't bother. 3) At this minor impairment,.. the money of corrective lenses is a factor. 4) Even some still believe (and I am neutral on this stance.. ) that corrective lenses will 'weaken' the eyes over prolonged use. IE: You are 20/30 -- You correct with lenses to 20/20. In X years.. the eyes adjust to the lenses and without the lenses you are now 20/40.. whereas if you didn't correct you would still be 20/30. This is very HARD to prove either way (and if anyone definitively dictates either side is an absolute, be weary of their advice) -- Why? Because if you cannot tell the natural regression of the eye with corrective lenses. In other words.. you cannot tell if the eye would have regressed to 20/40 even if you DIDN'T correct them with lenses. 5) Looks. 6) Some want to hold off for laser surgery (do your homework on this.. read peoples stories good AND bad .. I beg of you.) -- It is of my personal opinion (and I've never had surgery on the eyes) that unless you need eye surgery for a major medical condition -- that vision corrected WELL with glasses should NOT be altered/or messed with. In other words,.. don't fix something that isn't broken. I know it seems awesome to think you can get rid of your glasses -- but there are soooo many unhappy post lasik patients.. and some minor percentage that have worse vision after surgery -- Further a percentage that have their lasik correction 'wear off' for lack of a better term.. after so many years that the *potential* risk , imho, FAR outweighs the good. If you can happily see very clearly with glasses -- live with any insecurty about 'frames' -- there are so many options with eye glass frames and they are so common. (I find many people look better with glasses.. really.) But if you decide to go this way one day,.. do your homework on the internet,

Ward Ward
The ANA (antinuclear antibody) does not directly correlate with disease activity in lupus. Many people have a positive ANA with little or no symptoms of any disease. 10 million Americans have a positive ANA but only 1.5 million have lupus. 3%-5% of people with lupus have a negative ANA. The ANA is a titer which means it is the number of times your blood has to be diluted to come up with a sample that has no antinuclear antibodies. You numbers are on the low end.
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Russell Russell
I had 3 laminectomies,(ruptured disc fix surgical treatment) 2 in 1980 and a million in 1982. Had 3 diverse ruptured disc, each and each and every repaired with the surgical treatment meaning they opened me up, scraped away the disc fabric that had come out and closed me back up. I presently have a bulging disc that bothers each and every now and then if I over do. The discomfort previously surgical treatment became horrid and the surgical procedures were tremendous yet i do not understand in the experience that they dot hat any extra, in spite of everything, that became a lengthy time period in the past. under no circumstances had the backbone fusion aspect, the considered that scares me. i do not opt for something fused! I do have everlasting nerve harm from the ruptured disc. i won't be able to lay flat without extreme discomfort and can't sleep except in a health middle mattress so i will modify the area to in good structure me. no individual needs to fix the bulging disc as I have lots of scar tissue from the different surgical procedures so I cope. strong success.
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Moses Moses
SLE is a kind of immune system disorder diseases. if it can not be controlled, once immune inflammation happens, the immune complexes will be produced, it will deposit in kidneys and damage kidney function. how about your creatinine level? it can tell us that how your kidney function is. and do you know your GFR? if wanting to treat lupus nephritis, these immune complexes must be eliminated, and we also should enhance the patients' immunity, in that case, our immunity can eliminate the immune complexes when immune inflammation happens.
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Kelvin Kelvin
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Kelvin Originally Answered: I always seem to get sick, yet all my tests come out normal, immune system/bloodwork normal too. Help!?
There are so many variables its impossible to answer your particular question with being a professional and even they don't have all the answers. I used to get sick once a year, every year for 40 year with the flu. For certain. I was not sickly, but got the flu and was sick 7-10 days each year. Now I am 56, drink much too heavily and drink from 375-750 (26 oz) of Rum every day, yet I NEVER get sick. I have not had the flu or even a real cold since 1998. No doubt my liver is probably toast and I might not make it past 70, but now I feel great. So, go figure. We cant answer your question. Maybe its diet. There seems to be way more people now with allergy problems than 50 years ago. Good luck. Brock Vancouver, Canada

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