My 5 month old daughter is having Hard Stools?

My 5 month old daughter is having Hard Stools? Topic: My 5 month old daughter is having Hard Stools?
July 19, 2019 / By Baylee
Question: She was strickly breastfed until about 2 weeks ago, these last few days she has had hard green stools, is this normal? She also was just started on solid foods a month ago.
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Adeline Adeline | 1 day ago
Breast milk is easier to digest, and as I'm sure you know, has a bit of a laxative effect producing looser stools. Transitioning to formula often causes a bit of constipation at first, but if your child does not appear to be in pain, there's probably nothing to worry about. It is common for there to be a change in color and consistency of stools when adding solid foods to your child's diet, as well. Again, if your baby does not seem to be experiencing discomfort (distended abdomen, vomiting, excessive gas, etc) this, too, shall pass! (pun intended! lol!) If constipation persists, try adding a few teaspoons of pureed pears to your child's diet and offer a few ounces of purified water in between feedings. Pureed prunes work, too, but sometimes produce gassiness that can be uncomfortable for your child. Pediatricians do not recommend adding juice to your child's diet before the age of six months, now, so pureed pears are the best choice. It is important to introduce new foods one at a time, waiting a few days before introducing another. Breastfed babies appear to be more prone to food allergies when they are switched to formula. It's important to observe your child's reaction to new foods for a few days to monitor for food allergies. Symptoms of food allergies include: Skin rash Digestive upset ( gas, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation) Difficult breathing Nasal and chest congestion Diaper rash If your child is displaying any of these symptoms, a food allergy could be the culprit, and it would be wise to consult your pediatrician for advice. When I stopped breastfeeding and put my daughter on formula, she developed an allergy to cow's milk that persists to this day. She can not digest the proteins in milk. She had chronic constipation and gas. I spent many wakeful nights trying to sooth her. We finally had to put her on soy-based formula. There are lots of reasons babies develop constipation, so try the pears and water, this will add moisture and bulk to his stool. If this problem persists for more than a week, however, consult your pediatrician.
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Adeline Originally Answered: 7 month old kitten has dark green and hard stools !?
It sounds like constipation, or like a pp said, a blockage. If you're feeding her only dry food every day, along with her bowl of water, you should also be giving her wet food daily. Cats don't drink enough water to make sure that they's not dehydrated... so if they get only dry food, it becomes too dry in their digestive tracts, and can cause blockage and/or severe constipation. My kitten is 12/13 weeks old, and she gets her dry kibble (1/8th cup) mixed with half a can of the wet food twice a day. Her poops are perfect. If I notice that she's not drinking quite enough water, I add just a little bit of water to the food mixture, and it gets absorbed by the kibble. Then I give her a few crunchy snack pieces to help clean her teeth.

Ted Ted
She's a little constipated... the iron in formula and the adjustment of her digestive system to solids can do that to a baby. Give her a little diluted prune juice (about an ounce or two should do it) and she should be back to 'normal' in no time. If she won't take the prune juice, apple juice, grape juice and orange juice will have the same effect. Her stool is green because of the iron in the formula. It's normal unless she has diarrhea.
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Pharaoh Pharaoh
Diarrhea is not uncommon among babies, they just very easily catch a bug. But blood in the stool is can be a sign for something more serious. It could be cause by something he accidentally swallowed. It also could be caused by something his mother ate. Frequently cow-milk products, or peanut products in the maternal diet can cause problems to exclusively breastfed babies. Come up with a list of everything the mother ate, and bring your child to the pediatrician.
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Lynton Lynton
Prune juice works well, their are stool softeners on the market and you can also get them over the counter or prescribed. my son gets 4oz- 6oz of prune juice a day and if he is constapated i will give him a stool softener. His prescibed is: Senokot over the counter is : Docusate sodium
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Jeffrey Jeffrey
As they say, give her 1 oz of diluted prune or pear juice. Or if she hasn't done a smelly for 2+ days, give her a baby glycerine suppository.
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Jeffrey Originally Answered: Daughter losing weight: Any creative ideas and/or recipes on what to feed my VERY fussy 19 month old daughter?
What about stuffing pasta (which you said she likes) with other stuff? Make ravioli and stuff it with stuff you'd like for her to eat but she won't. Also, for the mac and cheese, I wouldn't worry about finding something you can make in 15 minutes, find a good recipe, it'll probably take a while because really good mac and cheese is baked, make a whole bunch of it and freeze it, then you can warm it up in less than 15 minutes whenever you need to. My daughter loves cheese too, so if there's something she won't eat, we'll try melting a little cheese on it, this works for me maybe 60% of the time. I've also find that it's easier to get her to eat if we are eating whatever it is she is eating. She loves rice as well, and we were having pork ribs the other night. She won't usually eat meat either, so I made her some veggie fried rice. She wouldn't touch her rice! And she loved the ribs! I would maybe just freeze a bunch of meals that you know she likes, and let her eat some of whatever you are eating, and use the frozen stuff as a back up. I also find that ketchup helps with things she won't eat. I'd offer some recipes, but I just kinda throw things together as I cook. I hope I helped at least a little.

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