How to go on a diet when I'm allergic to fruits and vegetables?

How to go on a diet when I'm allergic to fruits and vegetables? Topic: How to go on a diet when I'm allergic to fruits and vegetables?
September 20, 2019 / By Alise
Question: So I'm not overweight, but I definitely want to lose around 10-15 pounds. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables. So even when I buy the canned fruits, it's not much healthier than pretzels. My diet usually consists of: Breakfast -cereal with milk No Lunch Snacks - pretzels during the day or granola bars Dinner -usually some form of meat -bread -frozen/heated up vegetables -milk/iced tea How can I shed the weight when I can't really eat that healthy? And I don't necessarily work out all the time, but tennis at my high school will be starting soon meaning that I will be working out 2 hours everyday, 5 days a week. I'm 15 years old, and 5'5 or 5'6 somewhere around there and I currently weigh about 125 pounds. Any ideas?? Really though, I am allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables. Apparently, I'm allergic to a protein in the birch tree that reacts the same way as a protein in fruits and vegetables when its in my body (however, when things are cooked that protein is no longer present in the fruit, that's why I could eat applesauce, but I can't eat an apple) I went to an allergist after my throat closed from eating a plum and was tested for all fruits and vegetables and that's how I found this out. I had 5 viles of blood taken and then the allergist decided to do this needle thing or something and my arm swelled and had hives completely all over it. Believe me, I know I am allergic.
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Ultan Ultan | 6 days ago
Your weight is fine! If you lose 10+ pounds you'll be underweight. Also, try some other fruits or veggies and see if your allergic to it or ask your doctor. I'm sure you haven't had all types of fruits and veggies right? Have you tried things like: Apple Apricot Atemoya Avocado Banana Bilberry Blackberry Black Sapote Blueberry Boysenberry Cherimoya Cherry Clementine Coconut Date Dragonfruit Durian Dwarf Sumach Elderberry Feijoa Fig Goldenberry Golden currant Grapes Guava Granadilla Grapefruit Gooseberry Hautbois Huckleberry Jaboticaba Kiwi fruit Kumquat Lemon Lime Loquat Lychee Mango Mangosteen Minneolas Nectarine Orange Papaya Passion Paw Paw Peach Pear Physalis Pineapple Plum Pomegranate Pomelo Rambutan Raspberry Red currant Sharon fruit Starfruit Strawberry Strawberry Guava Tamarillo Tangerine Tomato Uglis Watermelon
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Ultan Originally Answered: Healthy diet to lose 30 lbs without fruits and vegetables?
Atkins diet would probably suit him best though i'm not sold on it for a lifestyle due to the higher fat content with this plan. But eliminating all that refined flour and sugar he ingests daily will definitely help to detox. I think your b/f needs to suck it up and eat his veggies. Fruit, a few pieces a day, isn't a bad thing.

Ripley Ripley
Ignore the people who say you are lying. They are obviously not doctors and are to absorbed with talking rather then listening or doing research. I too am allergic to fruits and vegetables unless they are cooked. It is the pollen I am allergic to though. If applesauce is all you can eat then well eat a lot of it.. you just have to deal with it.. Im trying to go on an all baked fruits and veggies diet because im so backed up not even a bottle of magnesium citrate helped.. however I do not always have time to cook my food, so I lack the proper vitamins.. I have been trying to eat a lot of fiber like oatmeal and what not.. but do what you can and take your vitamins and drink a lot of juice..
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Methusael Methusael
If your allergic to fruits and veggies go to the store and ask for the fake veggies cause there is a lot of them.For fruit just eat those granola bars cause there not real.You might need to go to the frozen isle and and get all the fake stuff you need cause there all fake.
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Joshawa Joshawa
Get your doctor to refer you to a qualified nutritionist. As long as the canned fruit has no sugar in it there are still significant health benefits over pretzels!
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Hanoch Hanoch
Hi ! You need to eat a high fiber, high protein diet. Baked / grilled chicken and fish, unsalted nuts, whole wheat breads, brown rice and plenty of water.
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Hanoch Originally Answered: i wanna eat healthier, but am allergic to fresh fruits!?
You can eat healthy without eating veggies or fruit. Drinking 8 glasses of water, or more, a day is perfect. Just try to stay away from a lot of sugar and high carbohydrates, unless you will be working out. Try to eat whole wheat bread, rather than white, or any whole grains. I try to do this and it helps a lot. My mom is not obese at all, but she is diabetic and so I just try to see how she eats. She "tries" to stay away from sugars, white bread or high carbohydrate foods, etc., etc. Also, chicken breasts or any kind of lean meat is good to eat. It is not only healthy, but helps you keep your iron. Let's see...black beans are a good source of protein and baked potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates. Maybe you can look into a nutritionist or your Dr. regarding your concern and maybe he/she can help you with a list of things you can eat. I hope this helped. Good luck!

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