Help. I feel so depressed because I'm so skinny. I want to gain weight fast?

Help. I feel so depressed because I'm so skinny. I want to gain weight fast? Topic: Help. I feel so depressed because I'm so skinny. I want to gain weight fast?
January 18, 2020 / By Abra
Question: People make fun of me because I'm so tiny (I'm short AND skinny. How's that!), and its hard to find my size from normal women shops because smaller size is like medium for me, so its like I have to buy stuff from kids section and thats not even funny. Please. I need some suggestions on gaining weight on what to do, eat etc.
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Best Answers: Help. I feel so depressed because I'm so skinny. I want to gain weight fast?

Sybald Sybald | 5 days ago
You could just eat a bunch of fatty foods and stuff but that is not very healthy. You don't want to gain fatty weight. But you should gain muscle weight. By gaining muscle weight you will feel bigger and look bigger. Obviously you will not get huge, but once you have a good muscle amount a small layer of healthy fat will accompany it. Even women need to work out and have a good muscle mass. Just need to eat more healthy foods that are full of protein and hit the gym. When I say hit the gym I mean hit the weight lifting machines, the cardio machines just would make you loose any weight gained. You need to try to gain some muscle mass before you start gaining any other weight. Well don't know too much on this stuff. But i hope i helped by giving you an idea of what the healthiest way to gain weight is.
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Sybald Originally Answered: I feel depressed because of what I weigh?
Feeling bad about the way you look is one thing - but having a serious metabolic issue is another. #1 stop feeling sorry for yourself #2 do something about it. You have a metabolic fat storage defect. This can happen to children even younger than yourself. It is due to continuously high levels of insulin in your body. Insulin is a hormone that regulates fat storage in your body. When you ingest carbohydrate (any carbohydrate), your insulin responds to lower your blood sugar. Part of that process involves insulin pushing fatty acids to storage in your fat cells. This is how you get fat. If your metabolism is out of whack and your insulin is not working like it should (cannot keep up with glucose levels), you have problem. Some individuals won't even gain weight though - they may get type II diabetes. This defect can lead to weight gain, type II diabetes, cancers (including breast) and heart disease. So what to do? Restrict carbohydrate as much as possible. Especially refined carbohydrate right now. This includes grains (cereal, bread, pasta) and sugars (fruit juice, sodas, desserts, high sugar fruits). If you don't know how to begin, pick up the latest Atkins Diet Revolution book on Amazon.com or at your local library. It is a lifestyle change. Know that you are not alone. 66% of the US is either overweight or obese. All stemming from the same problem. Once your body reaches nutritional ketosis, your fat cells will actually release stored fat for fuel - this is the only true way to burn stored fat. It will not happen via exercise. Did you hear that ? You don't need to exercise to lose the weight. Let me know if you have any questions.
Sybald Originally Answered: I feel depressed because of what I weigh?
I have lost weight eating a lot of carbohydrartes. I also consumed a lot of protein. Junk food too, everyday in moderation. Do not listen to Josh- carbohydrates are good for you. Without them, you will have zero energy. Go ahead, follow his advice and then say I was wrong. You cannot. I have tried low carb for four weeks. Horrible!!!!!!!!!! Calorie deficit, that's all to it.

Patsy Patsy
Weight Gainers! I know that seems a bit in the face, but I have recommended weight gainers to many women and men in the past who have had problems gaining weight. Sometimes they are the last resort for many individuals who can't gain weight. For most, a shake is alot easier to consume than calories from actual food, which I still recommend eating too. The good thing about weight gainers is that they already have a balanced mix of carbs, fats and protein to help increase lean muscle mass. You can also add of other additives such as fruits or peanut butter to add even more calories. Here is a trusted vendor on the web http://www.i-supplements.com/weightgainer.html
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Lorn Lorn
You didn't really specify your age..but some stores have petite sections, clothes made for smaller women. being small isn't a bad thing! If you're young it just takes time to fill out. I've never heard of a girl that wants to gain weight! People are probably just jealous
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Lorn Originally Answered: Am I too skinny? How can i gain weight FAST?
I'm just like you! 5'2 and weigh around the low 80's and it's nearly impossible to gain weight! Since we are the same size you are probably underweight like me (that's what the doc said). I've been super skinny all my life and I hate not having curves etc. Not to mention feeling really insecure when going out. I'm going to assume that you are quite young, so your lack of weight gain is probably due to your high metabolism. In high school I would be the only one eating lunch and all of my friends are just sitting around and I would still look like a stick -_- I suggest eating more high calorie foods (I've heard nuts have a lot of calories), eat larger servings, and muscle exercises every day. EDIT: I used to take these prescription drugs that help you gain weight (by eating more) however it didn't do much for me. On the other hand it helped my mom gain weight when she was my age (18). If you are really desperate you could talk to a doctor about it.

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