What diet pill works best?

What diet pill works best? Topic: What diet pill works best?
January 28, 2020 / By Sib
Question: i am trying to lose some extra weight I have gained due to some thyroid peoblems. I have heard that Hydroxycut max is the best? have anyone used it? or have used soething that REALLY helped? thank you!!
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Odran Odran | 6 days ago
I am not sure about Hydroxycut, but i tried out Proactol. This is a clinically proven daily supplement which will easily help you reduce excess body weight and become the attractive, slim person you have always wanted to be. I tried it few months ago, with the 3 months packages, I lose about 15kg. I still get to enjoy my daily routine without any changes to it. and it also don't have other side effects as compare with other. Check out the review here.
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Odran Originally Answered: can someone please tell of a diet pill that actually works?
diet pills are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. if you really care about losing weight and being healthy- see a nutritionist or eat healthy and exercise.

Larry Larry
Sadly, there is no diet pill that works effectively, long term and without side effects. Exercise and sensible diet are the only ways of achieving long term weight loss. That said, if your weight was due to thyroid problems, it will go back to normal once you start taking medication for the thyroid problems. Good luck.
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Ithiel Ithiel
Diet pills don't work and many of them contain ingredients that are hazardous to your health. Look, Weight loss is really quite simple; there are only two things you need do to reach your goals: 1. Restrict daily calories to 1600 calories per day. By increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat, you will be able to keep your intake at this level without feeling hungry or uncomfortable. 2. Exercise for one hour a day, every single day. It can be anything from pilates to just plain walking, but do it. One hour. Every day. This is a pretty simple recipe for weight loss, but it works. It has worked for me; I have lost 78 pounds this way. I even lost weight over Thanksgiving. It will work for you if you commit to it and stick to it.
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Fester Fester
No bad side effects with Proactol. Proactol is darn good and is clinically proven. With some people diet and exercise won't work by itself. Proactol can curb your appetite, burn fat, AND lower bad cholesterol. Don't fall for the knockoffs at Wal Mart, Meijer, and Target. More at my site and order form. Buy bulk and save more. Up to hundreds. http://www.clintonsreviews.info/weight-loss-pills-reviewed.html
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Damian Damian
Its true diet pill may work but there are serve side effects. I hear Alli is a good dieting pill but the best way to lose weight is to workout the old fashion way, exercise.
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Damian Originally Answered: Diet pill that really works?
Dont u tell me that u r not watching CNN and BBC if yes then how come u missed to know about Fast and Effective way to loose weight and Burn fats & calories!http://www.gordoniihoodia.net/hoodia-balance yes ! my mom has an experience of last one 4 months, my mother weight was 300 pounds and her over weight and fats hesitate her all the time then she hear about the Hoodia Cactus Diet pills, its natural herbal pills for losing weight in 4 weeks with 100% moneyback guaranteed and do u beleive ma mom loose her weight upto 50 pounds in 3 weeks and finally now she lose her weight upto 97 pounds in three and a half months. http://www.gordoniihoodia.net/weightloss-pills.html

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