Is my new budgie neurotic or is this normal?

Is my new budgie neurotic or is this normal? Topic: Is my new budgie neurotic or is this normal?
November 17, 2019 / By Premislas
Question: I have had my new budgie for 3 weeks. He doesnt seem to be afraid of me when I am at his cage talking to him. He actually seems to like it. But as soon as I open that cage door he goes to the corner top of the cage and will not let my hand near him. I have tried giving him time to adjust but someone told me He will never just come to me and I need to catch him, bring him out and pet him at this point. I have been doing this but all he does is bite the fire out of me nearly breaking my skin. He is terrified of me. I also very rarely hear a peep out of him as far as chirping. He has many toys and I havent heard one bell ring yet. My last budgie wasnt like this so I dont know where to go from here. It hurts so bad when he bites, he really is trying to hurt me with all of his might!!! I talk to him sweetly all the time, I dont understand why i am not making any progress. What do you all think? Is this normal or do i have a defective budgie? I want him to love me and i am sooooo frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Major Major | 5 days ago
Be patient & keep trying. I would give up grabbing him until he trusts you more. Does he still have his flight feathers ? If so is he in a safe place as not to fly out of the house or into windows? If so I would leave open his cage door as long as he is supervised perhaps placing a perch & treat on top of his cage so he has some incentive to come out & learn that outside of his cage is safe too. My budgies loved bathing in a shallow bowl of warm water & I let them do this out of the cage, again more incentive to come out. Good luck.
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Major Originally Answered: Why did our Budgie die?
Since your budgie didn't eat much vegetables you might consider whether or not your bird's bottom had feces packed on it . If so, then your bird was constipated. Toxins from her feces could have poisoned her. If not, your bird could have caught a virus or might have had a disorder that killed her. I am so sorry for your loss. I know you are upset and it is true she was young to die. Before purchasing another bird be sure to use clorox to disinfect the cage and wash it all off well so the next bird doesn't catch any virus you last bird may have had. You don't want to have to watch a repeat of the same sad ending.

Jep Jep
Don't worry, there's no such thing as a defective budgie! =) It's just that they are all different. Some take more time to trust people. But if you grab him he will never trust you, plus most budgies don't like to be petted (although SOME do). So be very patient with him. Try putting your hand in his cage and just holding it there so he sees there's nothing to be afraid of. Once he does not seem bothered by your hand being in there move it closer to him. Try feeding him millet spray that your hand is holding. Eventually he will let you hold your finger up to him and step on because he will trust you. =)
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Geoffrey Geoffrey
I think you need to be a little more patient. When I had budgies, I would train them to like sitting on my hand (still in the cage) by holding a treat (usually a veggie leaf) in my hand. I would make it so they could only nibble at the treat if they were on top of my hand. Then, when they got used to eating on my hand while in the cage, I progressed to moving my hand around inside the cage, and then finally to outside the cage. It took a lot of time, but I started late with my budgies - they weren't babies any more when I started this.
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Diklah Diklah
Mine were like that too. I guess because they're still not used to it either. I suggest you let it out, grab your parakeet with a glove or something so it won't bite your finger and let them explore first the outside of their cage. You'll see he'll get curious and begin looking around. They eventually become accustomed to the sights and sounds of your home. Also, for something they do right, give him some millet spray, they LOVE that stuff, it's like candy to them. That's how my cockatiel was when we got him, but he's used to us now because he likes to follow the other cockatiel we had before we got him. I suggest you get a partner for that one so it won;t be too lonely, because to keep them happy you'd have to give double the attention to that one bird, and it might become difficult because you might not have enough time to get them used to you.
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Diklah Originally Answered: Can You Feed These Fruits To Your Budgie?
I wouldn't feed the rhubarb. . The leaves contain large amounts of oxalic acid and i would imagine there is some in the upper part of the stem. Why take a chance. The citrus can be fed in small amounts once in a while . Plums are ok. All fruits should be fed in moderation. Steer clear of seeds and pits such as apple,peaches etc. The flesh is okay. Avacado can cause severe digestive upsets. Most melons are fine http://www.parrot-and-conure-world.com/n... I would also steer clear of Physalis as there are many forms of it and some are poisonous. it would be easy to make a mistake. That's quite a list you have there.

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