How do I get my body fat down to a normal amount?

How do I get my body fat down to a normal amount? Topic: How do I get my body fat down to a normal amount?
December 13, 2019 / By Karla
Question: I have a normal BMI, but 33.9% body fat according to my scales. This is huge, and I only weigh 51 kg, so I'm on the light side. I really want to get it down to a healthy 20% and maintain it there. I've never done any sports, not even PE in school, and well I've hardly worked out during my life. I'm in my early 20s now. Any advice on how to get my body fat down would be appreciated. I've already removed chips and ice cream from my diet, and besides those I'm not eating any junk foods or processed foods. I've started running and the whole circuit takes me only about 2 mins. I know it's very little, but that's the most I can do right now, I will keep at it and increase the number of laps as I get stronger. Two days a week I go to swimming lessons or swim for an hour or two instead of running. Every day I also work out for about 40 mins, stretching, abs, and a bit of resistance (bench presses, press ups and holding the plank for 1 min). Sunday I rest from everything. I've tried doing weights but even though they were very light (1.5 kg) I hurt my back muscles so bad the pain lasted for two weeks with pills from my doctor and the pain kept me awake at night. I'll start weights again after my back gets a bit stronger from swimming and the few resistance exercises I do. I've done all this for 2 weeks but my weight and body fat are the same. How can I reduce all that fat? I wish I could do a more intense workout but right now I'm so weak it's all I can do! mtulyatt: I don't want to lose weight, in fact I'd love to gain a few kilos of muscle. I just want to reduce my body fat. Klyth: I'm 158 cm and female.
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Harriett Harriett | 3 days ago
There are 2 was to lower body fat %: 1. Increase muscle mass 2. Decrease fat mass Or, obviously, both together. First, it's important to know if you're male or female. Not that this will change your approach, but your end goal will be different. Also, what is your height? I'm going to assume you're a girl because you refer to 20% body fat as healthy. A guy should really be closer to 10-15% if you don't want to look soft in the belly. Let's do the math. 51kg x 34% = 17kg body fat (and 34kg lean muscle mass and bone). If you weighed 85kg, then the 17kg body fat would be 20%! On the flip side, you need to lose 10kg of body fat to be at 20%, if you do not gain any muscle mass. If I were you, I would do both. In the end, you'll look better and feel better. You simply are carrying too little muscle mass and too much body fat. You need to strength train, do cardio and diet properly. Strength training means lifting heavy weights for low repetition. 10 at the most. Cardio means at least 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise. Your heart rate should be around 75%. Swimming is cardio, but only if you're pushing. Leisurely swimming isn't going to help your endurance or stamina. If you have to, do interval training. Run for 2 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 2, walk 1, etc. The first 15 minutes of cardio will burn carbs and quick energy reserves. After that, your body will start using body fat as an energy source. Your diet is going to be equally important. You want enough protein to build muscle, but enough of a calorie deficit to help lose weight. Say, 1200 calories, and 75g of protein per day. Also, there's no reason you should be in so much pain after you work out that you need to see a doctor or need pain pills. You are obviously hurting yourself. You should see a personal trainer to avoid injuries while strength training. At the very least, use YouTube videos and watch yourself in a mirror to make sure your form is correct. Good luck!
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Harriett Originally Answered: What is the maximum amount of protein the body could break down?
with out getting to scientific the body will digest any amount of protein that is in the GIT. how much of that protein is utilized depends on many factors such as the amount of lean body mass (LBM) that the individual has, the rate of muscle protein turnover, body composition (how much body fat) and the goals of the individual. I will give you an example: #1 - 200 lb man with 20% body fat, office worker, doesn't follow a healthy diet or perform any type of exercise. #2 - 200 lb man with 10% body fat, construction worker, eats 6x a day and trains at least 5x a week with weights and cardio and wants to gain 20 lbs of muscle. ok...so based on the shear difference in body composition 2 needs a higher protein intake than 1. since 2 works out his body has a higher muscle protein turnover, his muscles are actually getting used and are being broken down regularly, thus they require more protein. 2 is also trying to increase the amount of LBM that he has so not only does he need to supply his body with enough to maintain his body needs an excess to help build new (well bigger and thicker) muscle cells. since 2 is an athlete his body will be running an a higher level of efficiency so it will be able to utilize more dietary proteins. for the most part I tell people that they need to experiment with how much protein they need an each meal. I usually stick with around 50-60 grams of protein per meal and about 20-30 grams in my post workout shake (im 6'0 240 @ 10%). I have friends the same height but weight 40 lbs more with less body fat (yes they are on anabolics) and some of them eat about 75 grams of protein per meal.

Donella Donella
Those bodyfat scales are very very inaccurate. So I wouldn't put much into that 33.9% number. Especially if you only weigh 112 lbs. Since you are a beginner, you should just concentrate on a good eating plan and lifting weights. Your cardio work you are currently doing is a bit much if you want to gain a little muscle. Most beginners, when they first learn how to eat correctly and start lifting weights, will transform their body. The problem is most beginners do not eat correctly or lift weights with the correct program. Therefore they never see the progress they would otherwise. At 112lbs or so, here is the correct way to eat to transform your body: 150 grams of protein 60 grams of fat 80 grams of carbs. Every day. I would also only eat those carbs in the meals before and after a workout. Carbs are an energy source, so give them to your body when your body really needs the energy. So your meals can be broken down like this: meal 1: 30 grams of protein + 20 grams of fat meal 2: 30 grams of protein + 20 grams of fat meal 3: 30 grams of protein + 40 grams of carbs (before one of your cardio or weight sessions) meal 4: 30 grams of protein + 40 grams of carbs (after the above cardio or weight sessions) meal 5: 30 grams of protein + 20 grams of fat A good beginners program for lifting weights would look like this: 3 times per week (mon/wed/fri) 1. Leg Extensions 2 x 10 2. Bench Presses 2 x 10 3. Cable Pulldowns 2 x 10 4. Leg Curls 2 x 10 5. Curls 2 x 10 6. Standing Calf Raises 2 x 10 7. Reverse Crunches 2 x 10 You can use the machines for these for the first 8 weeks before you start to use the actual barbells and dumbbells. You should youtube the exercises to see how they're done. good luck!
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Caryl Caryl
Herbalife meal replacement! I've lost 17kgs and gained heaps of energy! You nned good nutrition in a lean balanced format. This will maintain your current weight but strip off the fat and build up the muscle. You just need to start the day off with a good lead protein breakfast with only 130 calories and then you won't feel hungry all dau and you will have heaps of energy. It's easy all you need to do is take two shakes a day have one healthy meal, and you can still eat the things you love and you don't have to exercise if you don't want to or don't have the time. You will still lose weight. The best program to start on is the protein plus started program, as it includes the protein powder in the pack and this is the key to losing weight, The protein stops you feeling hungry and burns off excess fat as it build lean muscle. Check out my before and after photo on my website www.trimnirvana.com You probably only need one shake a day and some colourful healthy meals! Hope this helps.
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Angie Angie
triglycerides are the volume of circulating fats for your blood movement. decreasing total frame fats would possibly not convey this quantity down; a low-fats nutrition must. the fewer fats there may be for the frame to position into the blood movement, the fewer this quantity must be. nevertheless, if you're already obese, your triglycerides would stay top even as weight loss diet, as your frame is eliminating the surplus fats. check out simply browsing "triglycerides" in a seek engine and notice if that is helping you slender your outcome.
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Angie Originally Answered: how do you lose body fat in the shortest amount of time possible.?
lose fat quickly its very bad to your health please don't get short cut. for fat lose you can do daily yoga class. i know this is very lengthy process but it have assurance you can lose your weight. for quick result you can ask your doctor he give you a best suggestion. gud luck

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