Want to eat more organic/healthier?

Want to eat more organic/healthier? Topic: Want to eat more organic/healthier?
June 16, 2019 / By Alia
Question: So i've decided I want to live a healthier and more organic lifestyle. Organic foods usually tend to be a little bit more expensive, and I know there's other ways of eating more naturally and healthier but I need some help. I'd like to replace most of the junk food and processed/chemically enhanced food with more natural, healthy, and organic food. In order to make this transition I need some ideas/help/suggestions. Could you suggest some foods, tips, recipes, ideas, websites, anything at all would be helpful. Thanks so much Also, can eating more foods like this be tied into weight loss and living a more fulfilling life? What are the benefits?
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Tyron Tyron | 8 days ago
learn to cook and buy organic foods whole and in bulk. Buy locally from farmers markets and you can get great deals on in season foods. learn to can, freeze and dehydrate these foods for later use and you will save thousands of dollars on your annual food bill and cut out 90% of the crap in your diet. To do this you will have to invest in canning supplies such a pressure canner, jars, lids, rings, a chest freezer, a dehydrator, a 4 gallon cooking pot and this will cost quite a bit of money (around $1,000) initially but these items will last you for decades. Will you lose weight? Only if you don't over eat
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Tyron Originally Answered: Organic food not healthier - says who?
Organic food is definitely better quality than mass produced foods. But the catch is that organic food is far more expensive. Knowing that non-organic food is not necessarily lacking in substance is reassuring for people who can't afford to buy organic all the time.
Tyron Originally Answered: Organic food not healthier - says who?
Here's a newsflash Fruit and vegetables are not enhanced by hormones or antibiotics - you are getting things confused with meat. It doesn't take much to kill bugs on fruit and veggies. Many are selected by both regular farmers and organic farmers alike. Pesticides are expensive and no farmer would apply these chemicals just for the heck of it. Regular produce found in your grocery store is very safe. And you aren't paying for for the really expensive costs it takes to become certified organic and maintain that license. I don't buy organic because even though I am an old Boulder girl - I think you are a fool to pay extra for organic because the regular farmers don't do things a whole lot differently that organic farmers.

Rigby Rigby
Well you can't cut out every bit of unhealthy food in one day. I would suggest planting seeds if you can, and experiment with rare foods. Over a period of two months, slowly cut down on all the unhealthy items, but don't cut them out altogether - save them as occasional treats. Once you've experimented with different foods, make a list of all the foods you liked and all the foods you didn't like. Make meal plans, and vary them, so that you can keep on experimenting.
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Merton Merton
Well, I can suggest you to spend some time in finding out what are the organic food trends in the market? Do those items suit you? Would you like them?. Checkout publications like http://www.gourmetretailer.com/gourmetretailer/category-features/natural-organic/index.jsp?utm_source=yahooanswers&utm_medium=pv&utm_campaign=naturalorganic to explore more information on organic foods. Get advise from people who are already on natural/organic foods and get their opinion/feedback. All the best.
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Merton Originally Answered: I want to start eating healthier and having a healthier lifestyle all around.suggestions?
Kait, The only diet and support you need is you and nature. You decide to let nature take care of your weight and nature will do just that and give you a quality life. Abandon man's processed foods, meats and dairy foods and you will lose weight fast without strenuous exercises. Just eat right and walk or run and enjoy nature. That's all you need. Here's my typical day Up at 4 or 5 am because I am full of energy and ready to go go go! Flip on the Jack la lane juicer and throw in 3 peeled oranges and half a banana Eat a slice of organic raisin bread Go for a mile walk At 10 am I will flip on the Juicer and throw in carrots, apples and parsley 12 pm eat half an organic bread and veggies with avocado sandwich Eat an orange, dipping pieces in raw organic honey 5 pm eat brown rice with a garden mix salad with a little olive oil, sea salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice 7 pm drink a glass or organic lemonade made with lemons and raw honey Before bed boil natural lemon and honey tea And in between I just eat all the fruits and veggies I want and drink plenty of water because your body needs to be flowing with water vitamin sources instead of processed dead food, meat and dairy that contain toxins Sound boring and dull? I'm thin, flat stomach, no bad breath, no foul body or bathroom odors, no pain, no fatigue, no need for vitamin pills or aspirin EVER, full of energy, vitality, no acne, baby smooth skin, clean bill of health, and everybody who wants to live a long healthy quality life can DO THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS AND BE THIN AND HEALTHY AND READY FOR SUMMER! You and nature. That's all you need. And there are a lot of organic foods out there that are GREAT for you and FUN to eat! Best wishes!

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