how can i gain weight?

how can i gain weight? Topic: how can i gain weight?
January 18, 2020 / By Nivek
Question: ok i am 13 and i weigh 73 pounds!!well i am tired of being super skinny and my mom thinks i have a eating disorder so i want o prove her wrong so how can i gain weight plz!!!!help me!!
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Korey Korey | 2 days ago
once you go through puberty, you will gain weight naturally. if you really want to gain weight now, just have more calories. try a drink called ensure or boost which help gain weight. eat lots of protein and foods with high fat (butter, cream,oil)
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Korey Originally Answered: muscle gain weight gain help confused?
Gaining weight & muscle is a two step process: you have to eat more and lift weights or engage in some sort of strength training routine. The most important rule to remember if you want to gain weight is to eat more calories than you burn. Only by doing this can your body use the excess energy to build muscle. If you eat less than you burn, there is no way to gain weight, it's as simple as that. Your first step is to figure out how many calories your body burns per day. Use this calculator http://calorieneedscalculator.com to get an estimate. Now eat more than you burn and you're on your way to gaining muscle. Gaining weight is as simple as eat more than you burn but if you want to gain muscle, you also need to exercise. If you just ate more without lifting weights, you'd just gain fat and become unhealthy and overweight. When you lift weights (or participate in any strength training) you're actually causing some damage to your muscles. When you rest, your body uses those extra calories to repair and rebuild the muscles. When this process is complete, the muscle is stronger and a bit bigger than it was before. You obviously won't notice a difference right away, but over time you will find yourself becoming stronger and bigger. You need to keep your diet clean to gain the right kind of weight. Stay away from sugary and simple carb foods such as candy, foods made with white flour, soda and other junk. These foods will promote fat storage, something you don't need. Stick to foods made from whole wheat flour, oats, brown rice, lean sources of protein (chicken, some cuts of beef, fish), nuts, beans, legumes and protein shakes - yum yum. If you need more details, go to the Straight Health Forums - http://forums.straighthealth.com
Korey Originally Answered: muscle gain weight gain help confused?
There exists a moderate probability that you've a few sort of hormone imbalance generating this syndrome ("gynecomastia"). However, if you're specified that it is from being a usual lazy slob, then do not hassle. If you're energetic and undertaking most often (five-6 occasions every week) however nonetheless have this crisis, that is approximately the one manner that you've first rate simple task that you've a hormone imbalance. Otherwise, you are simply getting fats from being inactive. Your first and important mission will probably be to kick it at the treadmill. Spend round 20 min according to day for the primary 2 weeks, then bump it as much as forty for 2 weeks, then 60. From there, you must begin to look all that fats soften away. After you could have gotten the fats off, seem at your self within the replicate and make a decision whether or not or no longer you've got ample muscle to fulfill your self. Then you'll check if you want a weight routine. Your first precedence must constantly be weight reduction and middle force. Building muscle is the ordinary macho-man reply, considering that it is going to be simpler to do and it makes you suppose satisfactory approximately being all muscular. But then if you happen to can not hold it (occurs to everyone, seem at Arnold S.), all of it turns again into fats and you are again at rectangular one. Fitness is approximately cardiovascular force and correct frame mass.

Indy Indy
Get into the weight room and start taking weight gainer proteins. I recommend Cytogainer by Cytosport, take this after workouts and you'll gain good weight pretty fast (especially at your current size).
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Everitt Everitt
The healthy way; Tell your mom to buy you lean meat. Maybe salmon, steak, chicken. and be sure to exercise. The unhealthy way; Fast food
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Everitt Originally Answered: Lose thigh weight, gain upper body weight?
Run to lose the leg weight. But if your body is naturally shaped like that, it will probably always tend to be that way. You could try weights for your upper body, other than that I don't think there is too much you can do.

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