May Be Stupid But I Really Don't Wanna Go To The Dr.?

May Be Stupid But I Really Don't Wanna Go To The Dr.? Topic: May Be Stupid But I Really Don't Wanna Go To The Dr.?
January 28, 2020 / By Maddison
Question: I've been sick so much this season & don't want to go to the dr unless I NEED to since they're so antibiotic happy. I'm not sure if my symptoms are dr worthy or not. ~ swollen glands ~sore throat red w/o white spots so I doubt strep ~feels like I have a fever but it's below 97 ~nauseated w/ diarrhea ~white frothy phlegm ~sinus headache/pressure ~stuffy nose then runny (clear mucus) ~Violent cough that's producing phlegm from chest ~occasional tight feeling in chest ~Post nasal drip ~Chills ~Ear pressure & dull throbbing pain I have fibromyalgia & lupus. Well I had the flu & had a flu shot. Believe me it's not the flu. I may make an appt to see what it is but I've been on so many antibiotics this season that my Dr. isn't keen on giving me anymore & I've become allergic to some from overuse.
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Jehoram Jehoram | 5 days ago
Seriously, go to the doctor! Explain to them your concerns about antibiotics. Usually they are good about explaining things and trying to work around it if they can if you explain yourself. But this sounds pretty bad. I don't know, maybe it is bronchitis or pneumonia, though I'm not sure if you get nauseated w/ diarrhea with that. But you have many terrible symptoms, and even if you have a fever, you need to see a doctor. There is too much going on for you not to. I'm sorry. Hope all goes well!
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Gaylord Gaylord
Rachel, you mentioned that the doctor isn't keen on giving you antibiotics, so I don't think you need to worry on that end. Some of your symptoms could be allergy or cold symptoms that might be relieved with over the counter meds. The nausea with diarrhea can also be due to mucus draining down the back of your throat and ending up in your digestive tract. The symptoms that concern me is your 'tightness in your chest' and productive cough. If you feel that the secretions you're coughing up are coming from your lungs and not from the back of your throat, you need to see your doctor. Anytime you have these two symptoms or shortness of breath, you need to be seen. Sometimes when you have allergy symptoms over an extended period of time or a viral infection, they can become a bacterial infection. Go see your doctor. It can't hurt, right? Hope you're feeling better soon!
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Dezi Dezi
GO TO THE DOCTOR! Taking care of your health is they're job! Honestly why wouldn't you have gone to the doctor already? I would hate to be living like that! Just go into an emergency check-up and see what they say! Sounds like a horrible flu to me!
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