My newborn throws up formula?

My newborn throws up formula? Topic: My newborn throws up formula?
June 16, 2019 / By Alexus
Question: My newborn throws up about once to twice a day. She's drinking similac sensitive for fussiness and gas. She's also had problems with constipation. She cant drink Similac Advance because when she was first born she couldn't hold it down. The Dr says he can't switch her formula because my WIC won't pay for it. Scary part is, she has thrown up while napping. Luckily I was there and picked her up right away. What if I'm not around and she chokes on her vomit. I don't know what to do Thanks for all ur advice. It is not spit up. Its like projectile vomiting. It comes out her nose too. She usually drinks about 3-4oz. I burp her after every meal. dev_ang......is that only for organic? Im a new mom but the formula can DOES say DHA/ARA. I didnt see it on the list. I wish we had places that gave donors mother milk but I'm sure u have to pay for it so that would be a problem. Again everyone thank u very much
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Tyler Tyler | 5 days ago
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Tyler Originally Answered: symptoms to formula allergy? what formula is your baby on, why did you switch?
Yes, I believe your baby is allergic. My 1st daughter was rashy head to toe, fussy, spit up all the time and never slept through the night until she was 10 months old. I too could not breastfeed so at 6 weeks my Dr. put her on Similac w/Iron. I wish I was smart enough to change her formula - I think it would've made a difference with her. My 2nd daughter started all the same symptoms at 4 weeks when I gave up breastfeeding. However this time my husband was working for Abbott and brought home a soy based Similac to try - that made all the difference in the world. She started sleeping through the night and all the nasty spit-up stopped along with the fussiness. My 3rd daughter - the same story as my 2nd. When my little boy came along I just put him on soy from the start. However soy gave him terrible diarrhea, so we switched him to a lactose free Similac. He was as good as gold after that. Don't be afraid to try different formulas - I wish I was smart enough with my 1st. Best wishes...

Ricky Ricky
It sounds like your daughter has Acid Reflux. I am sorry because I know how stressful that can be! My daughter spits up all the time, and does not have Acid Reflux. My best friend's son does however. Her ped has had her son eating cereal since he was 2 weeks old. According to him (the ped) babies with Acid Reflux cannot keep liquid down because it is not heavy enough and it all just ends up coming back up. So starting out slowly my friend added one tablespoon rice cereal for every 2 oz of formula/breastmilk. She has now worked up to feeding him more cereal than breastmilk and he is almost 4 mos old. She fed him the cereal/milk mixture from a bottle. Just poke a large fork end into the nipple hole to stretch it out. I know that they say do not give babies cereal earlier than 4 mos so if you are unsure ask your doctor if it's possible your baby has Acid Reflux and if cereal may be part of what steps you can take to help keep her food in her tummy. Stick it through mommy! Soon she will be eating solids and hopefully this stage will pass! Oh and my friend uses Nestle Goodstart formula instead of the others. Best wishes!
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Merrick Merrick
She might be getting overfed; make sure you feed her enough to fill her, but not enough to stuff her. She is still very young so she shouldn't need much. Make sure you are burping her after every "meal." She might just have a bubble but isn't able to get it out without throwing up whatever is in the way of the trapped air. As far a WIC, i don't know if a doctors note wouldn't help. I would assume they can tailor it to your needs as long as its formula that can be bought at a regular store and not a specialty store or online only. Ask next time you go in to WIC.
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Joram Joram
Hi there, congrats first of all and secondly, it's normal for some babies to spit up, and as my baby's doctor says, don't worry unless baby isn't gaining weight. Thrown up while naping is scary, i remember my daughter doing that, and it would came out of her nose and mouth sometimes. i was so terrified. I am not sure what cause it but when she was 6mos, i was told by another doctor to give her less formula and more frequently, and there she stopped. As far as WIC goes, your doctor shouldn't be determining what WIC pays or not. WIC mostly pay for medical formulas. Ask your doctor about Nutrimigen, the protein in it is broken down so it's easier on the babies tummy. Good luck, and i hope things get better for you.
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Joram Originally Answered: Is it better to mix baby formula with milk or water? Or should I opt for liquid formula?
I hope that breastfeeding works out for you. However, to answer your original question... For the first 3 months the risks for a fairly rare bacteria is higher. It's a rare bacteria, but if a newborn gets it, they can get very sick and die or be hospitalized. So there are recommendations that you should either use ready-to-feed, concentrated mixed with sterile water, or powder added to HOT water so as to kill the bacteria. It is impossible for powder formula to be sterile, but concentrated and ready-to-feed is normal. However if you make it with hot water then it kills the probiotics and degrades some of the nutrients/vitamins. It's sort of a problem as no one is quite sure which is more important. These prebiotics have been shown to help a formula fed babies gut to be more like a breastfed baby's, and to increase their immunity to diseases. When mixing formula you follow the instructions on the can. It should never be mixed with cow's milk since cow's milk has proteins that are too complex for a baby to digest and can cause anemia. And while cereal can be added for some disorders (some babies have problems like GERD that make doctors recommend adding cereal to the formula, follow your doctor's advice), for most people they shouldn't feed cereals except by spoon starting between 4-6 months. Take 'risks of formula' with a grain of salt. It's politically correct right now to shame and make anyone who feeds any formula feel bad about that choice, and saying "there's risks to all formula" or overplaying risks is one of the ways people do that. Some believe in a pseudoscience called 'open gut theory' that if a baby is fed anything but breastmilk then they don't have a 'virgin gut' and that this can lead to all sorts of problems with allergies and weight, but it's been disproven since babies who were exclusively breastfed to 6 months actually had an increase of allergy risks and weight gain has been shown to be more connected to bottles and bottle feeding habits than what's in the bottle. A recent study showed that the use of formula may help mothers continue to breastfeed if they're having difficulty, but you'd want to use something like a syringe and use a specific plan and a limited amount given after each breastfeeding session, something you can't figure out and use if you plug your ears and close your eyes and pretend that formula doesn't exist! See second link about it. You're not an idiot. My niece exclusively breastfeeds and has breastfed all 4 of her children without having her milk fail, but she also had formula and bottles for those times when she might not get home in time, or something else interfered. She kept her eyes on the prize and she didn't use the formula unless it was an actual emergency and it didn't hurt her breastfeeding. It's like people who say that if you are dieting then you can't have chocolate in the house. My opinion is if you're that weak in your self discipline then you have bigger problems. Breastmilk is the most complete and best food for newborns and babies. However formula is not poison and shouldn't be something you pretend doesn't exist and avoid like it's going to hurt your baby! With every 'risk' someone gives you, do research and read the counter, usually the first link is about the only jumping off place you can find since google is weighted against both sides since it's usually believed that if you don't think formula is going to hurt a baby you're more likely to use it. Still she connects to research you can jump and read and figure it out. Congrats on your baby, and I hope everything goes well. I do hope you have no problems breastfeeding, but if you need to mix formula then I hope this answered questions. And if you make more than enough, see about donating some of it to a milk bank to help out those who can't. :)

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