What is the reason people have high blood pressure?

What is the reason people have high blood pressure? Topic: What is the reason people have high blood pressure?
October 14, 2019 / By Laz
Question: My brother has Lupus and the doctor has tripled medication on steroids, but recently he has had high blood pressure. is there anything out there that is not a drug and can help him reduce his blood pressure?
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Jacob Jacob | 10 days ago
High blood pressure and Lupus can be caused by prednisone and it can also be caused by kidney or heart issues associated with Lupus. There are ways to help lower blood pressure without taking medication such as a low salt, low fat diet. These should be followed when on prednisone anyway but they will also help lower blood pressure. Unfortunately, he may still have to take blood pressure medication if there are complications due to his Lupus. I wish him the best!
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Jacob Originally Answered: Is Subway sandwich a healthy choice for people w/ high blood pressure?
The reason their sodium counts are high is because of processed meats. I don't think that subway would count as a heart healthy diet. It may make sense calorie healthy but if you are looking for heart healthy you need to stay away from any processed meats. When I say heart healthy I am including problems with high blood pressure. You could eat one of their vegetarian subs with no problems. It would be low sodium.

Finley Finley
Normal blood pressure in a teenager and adult is:120/80. There can be lower pressures, for instance, 110/60, and that would be quite good. Sometimes, patients suffer from, "white coat syndrome", or otherwise, anxiety about being in the Doctor's office. If the treating Doctor felt that the findings were OK then they were OK, since all factors are taken in consideration. The reason to be concerned when a young person has high blood pressure, is if the child or teenager is obese. Then they're suffering from high blood pressure just like an adult. In this case the teenager must be treated, because the idea is to have longevity of life. Wouldn't it be tragic to leave the problem untreated, when our life expectancy is at an all time high? This problem of high blood pressure (that would be high for 3 or 4 visits consistently over 6 months), is becoming more common in children who are obese. So, the answer is multifactoral: monitor, do a check-up to rule out some occult health problem, make life-style changes, treat.
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Darell Darell
I gather his medication caused the high blood, is this correct? Any family history of high blood pressure, some foods you eat can raise blood pressure, stress. His doctor needs to take note and find out what is causing this.
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Azazel Azazel
Hi, In the book I am reading, Dr. Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes, he writes that most high blood pressure is caused by to many dissolved fats in the bloodstream make it more viscous, and thus more difficult to pump. This might not be the case with your brother though. Is he hydrated properly? Is he avoiding acidic foods and soft drinks? Coffee is acidic too. Best of luck to you.
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Azazel Originally Answered: Can anxiety be the cause of high blood pressure?
Most definitely anxiety can cause high blood pressure and I believe you. Doctors are always ready to throw pills at you if your overweight You can test it by taking a natural supplement an hour before you go to the doctor next time. or go to a reliable pharmacy they have either a newer machine or have had it checked recently just ask at the window if the machine is accurate. then check your blood pressure you can take 1 Valerian capsule about a half hour before you go to check or if you don't have grass allergies of hay fever you can sip 1 cup of 1/2 peppermint 1/2 chamomile tea with honey on your way to the doctor or a half hour before I recommend warm it is more relaxing and soothing. please let me know what happens.

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