Fruititarian need Fiber supplements? WTF?!?!?

Fruititarian need Fiber supplements? WTF?!?!? Topic: Fruititarian need Fiber supplements? WTF?!?!?
November 13, 2019 / By Jonny
Question: For cost reasons, I've become a fruititarian....and yea im no 'malnourished', I'm pre-med and know about nutrition so I know how to get all the protein, fat, blah blah I need. So...anyone heard of a fruititarian that needed fiber supplements? i think my dr. was a bit retarded when she prescribed me 25 g fiber via metamucil + bowl of fiber1 cereal daily + fiber yogurt daily + fiber bars....ALL on top of my reg. meals which primarily consist of beans/legumes, tofu, veggies and fruit Wouldn't taking fiber supplements while being a fruititarian be BAD for you? I mean, too much fiber can screw u up.... I appreciate all responses but please stay away from passing judgement: 1. bashing my typos...if typos make you lose credibility on this casual site, then that's just insane. 2. assuming that I feel superior to my medical doctor. I am allowed to ask questions to see if anyone else has had to utilize fiber supplements while eating primarily fruites/veggies because I find that strange--whats so wrong with that? 3. I get my protein and fats. I just said that. So please answer the question according to the details given.
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Hall Hall | 4 days ago
I agree. Fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber, it should be the LAST thing you need to worry about. Maybe your doc didn't get enough sleep the night before, lol.
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Hall Originally Answered: Fiber Supplements?
They don't really do anything because most of them are soluble fibres: they pass through the digestive track without staying too long in the stomach. You need to try supplements that contain gelatin or pectin that form a gel in your stomach (when ingested with water, 30 mins before your meal). But remember that this should only be an aid in the beginning phase of your diet: you want to shrink your stomach to control your appetite in the long run. And the only way to achieve this is by allowing it to shrink by eating less and less gradually (in terms of volume) and not by filling it with things that expand in your stomach.

Ebby Ebby
Umm...... fiber doesn't stiffen your stools, it loosens them. Fibers work as stool softeners, and will help to clean out your colon because of it. The only thing that might "stiffen" stools without constipating you would probably be probiotics, but those can have a laxative effect on some people when they first start them (depending on what bacteria is already in their intestines).
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Cainan Cainan
Get a 2nd opinion! But, make sure, as a fruitarian, that you are getting your b12!! That is probably your biggest concern...not the fiber. Do you do mostly raw? Because that alone should balance out your digestion...if you're having any problems in that area...then there could be something more serious going on, and I would try talking to another physician who is more knowledgeable about fruitarianism.
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Alerick Alerick
Absolute nonsense. When will they start requiring med schools to teach courses in food and nutrition? Obviously, with your diet a fiber supplement is unnecessary. Also, even if you needed more fiber, why would you want to obtain it from highly processed sources?
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Tami Tami
Well, are you a doctor? Do you know better than your doctor? If so, don't take the fiber supplements. You don't even spell fruitarian right. The Health Promotion Program at Columbia University reports that a fruitarian diet can cause deficiencies in calcium, protein, iron, zinc, vitamin D, most B vitamins (especially B-12), and essential fatty acids. Additionally, the Health Promotion Program at Columbia reports that food restrictions in general may lead to hunger, cravings, food obsessions, social disruptions and social isolation.[12] As an extreme vegetarian diet, fruitarianism is highly restrictive, making nutritional adequacy almost impossible. In children, growth and development are at risk. Nutritional problems include severe protein energy malnutrition, anaemia and a wide range of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.[13] Several children have died as the result of being fed fruitarian diets.[14][15] As a result, children have been taken from parents feeding them fruitarian diets.[16] Lack of protein in fleshy fruit can make the lifestyle difficult to sustain, and can lead to the condition of hypoproteinemia or kwashiorkor.[17] Nuts (if included) are a good source of protein. Due to the lower digestibility of plant proteins, however, the American Dietetic Association (ADA) states "protein needs might be higher than the RDA (when) dietary protein sources are mainly those that are less well digested, such as some cereals and legumes."[18] Vitamin B12, a bacterial product, is not found in any fruits. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health "natural food sources of vitamin B12 are limited to foods that come from animals."[19] Like vegans who do not consume B12-fortified foods (certain plant milks and breakfast cereals, for example), fruitarians need to include a B12 supplement in their diet. This may pose a health risk for strict fruitarians, as the B12 in fortified foods and supplements is derived from bacteria, not fruits. It is also contrary to the philosophy that humans are perfectly evolved to live off fruit.
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Tami Originally Answered: Fiber Supplements For Diarrhea And Constipation?
BE CAREFUL! Fiber bulks your movement up, this allows your system to PUSH the waste through your intestine, when waste is forced through the system it can actually poke small holes in the intestine causing Leaky Gut Syndrome. A more effective way to cleanse is with an oxygen colon cleanser, check out this site, it should help you: http://oxypowder.com/ Take care and good luck to you!

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