Home made toilet bowl cleaner?

Home made toilet bowl cleaner? Topic: Home made toilet bowl cleaner?
June 18, 2019 / By Alexandrea
Question: ok so i dont like to use a lot of chemicals around my children any ideas of how to clean a toilet bowl with products around the house
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Ty Ty | 1 day ago
u might try orange glow or ajax. orange glow is available at family dollar, dollar general, target, walmart, etc and it is eco friendly and made from the rind on oranges. works good on ovens too.
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Ty Originally Answered: clorox automatic toilet bowl cleaner?
Of course you can remove it anytime, but be sure and put rubber gloves on. I love to use those tablets to keep the toilet bowl cleaner longer plus we have hard water and it helps condition the water. My husband does not like it because he says it gets hooked up near the chain. It hardly moves once it's in the right spot. I just move it over to an empty corner in the tank. It is no problem to remove it.

Rick Rick
I agree with Johnz. Coca Cola works great. Just make sure to use the original coke. Pour the can into the bowl, let it sit for 15-20 minutes then scrub. If that doesnt work try alka seltzer! It also works by fizzing in the bowl. Just drop 2 in and let them fizz. This loosens up the gunk and makes it easy to just swish off with the brush.
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Merit Merit
i don't be attentive to three abode made lavatory bowl purifier, yet methodhome has a biodegradable lavatory bowl purifier that works nicely and scents constructive. this is asserted as Little Bowl Blu, and you will desire to purchase it at purpose. I swear by potential of the approach products; they are all biodegradable and maximum are targeted so that they are unquestionably comparable in cost to the main producers.
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Jonny Jonny
I saw the lady on the BBC How clean is your house? show use alka seltzer tablets on this really gross toilet. Two tablets twice a month.
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Hall Hall
in a 500 mil. spray bottle, 10 mls ammonia, 50 mls white vinegar add water.you can vary it to suit your needs, e.g. add vanilla essence if you wish. can be used to wipe inside baths etc.
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Either prunes or drink prune juice. But don't over do it. It might take a few days to work but it's natural and really works. You might also try eating one or two a day just to help maintain a regular routine. Good luck and feel better.

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