Why are healthy food products expensive?

Why are healthy food products expensive? Topic: Why are healthy food products expensive?
October 14, 2019 / By Hadwin
Question: like organic food and anything that is healthy .. >.>' and ALL of the junk food go on sale and is cheap?? why ??
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Earle Earle | 8 days ago
in the case of cheese...powdered milk used to make MOST of the cryovac shingle slices is much cheaper that having a heard of hormone free cows grazing on pesticide free crops and cared for by the farmer that runs the dairy and ensures that he's using raw milk that is tested to the highest degree and has a trained team of specialists adding naturally made starter and rennet to his milk. Then add an aging room and more tests and finally you get a product perhaps 1-2 years later. An American cheese factory cranks out thousands of pounds of cheese in one hour. An average cheese dairy can only make around 700 pounds in on day.
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Earle Originally Answered: Why is healthy food so expensive?
Yes, some whole grain products are more expensive (bread, pasta), but you can offset this by buying cheap, healthy foods, like rolled oats (not instant- yuk!), generic cheerios or bran cereal (cheaper than sugar-laden cereal), beans, brown rice, milk, plain yogurt, eggs, peanut butter, frozen vegetables (better for you than fresh), fresh apples, bananas, lettuce, cabbage, and carrots. You're already saving money by not buying meat. Soy "milk" is expensive, it's not really milk at all and is loaded with sugar. I don't do "organic"-not worth the hugely inflated cost. Do you have an Aldi nearby? the ww bread is 99 cents, only a little more than the white, and the rest of their items are cheap too. .

Byron Byron
I think it's because the people need to maybe do special extra things to keep the bad stuff out of the food also some comes from far away i'm sure someone has to pay different people money so we can have these good foods. maybe these are a few reasons. J J
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Aldus Aldus
You would think that if they dont have to spend money on fertilizers and sprays that the food would be cheaper. I can't figure it out either. I grew tomatoes this summer, no pesticides and it all it cost me was the original price of the plant.
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Tallula Tallula
without pesticides and and chemicals that rid of diseases and bugs, most of the crop often can't meet the requirements to sold. Thus money is wasted, raising the price.
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Regina Regina
http://www.burningthescale.com/is-healthy-food-too-expensive/ Here is a good link that completely answers your question. Happy readings!
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Regina Originally Answered: Why is it so much more expensive to buy healthy food than it is to buy cr@p food? Where is the logic in that?
it is cheaper to produce crud. think out of the realms of food, shoddy furniture - cheaper. shoddy clothes - cheaper. so shoddy food - cheaper. if you can, even with just a small porch or landing, grow some of your own veggies. there are books at the library which could help you see how.

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