Why would kitty just now decided to be more affectionate during my pregnancy?

Why would kitty just now decided to be more affectionate during my pregnancy? Topic: Why would kitty just now decided to be more affectionate during my pregnancy?
January 26, 2020 / By Gareth
Question: ok so i know that pets can sometimes sense that your pregnant, but my cat has basically hated me through out my whole pregnancy, until about 30 weeks, im now 31 weeks 4 days, since then she is almost constantly laying on me, purring and she used to never come near me unless she wanted food, and i know that's not why shes doing it now, because i always make sure her food bowl is full when i get up in the morning, any reason why she is just now deciding to be super affectionate?
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Derryl Derryl | 1 day ago
She can sense there is a baby.. She has that motherly instinct.. I had a dog when i was pregnant and she was so jealous.. she never had ever chewwed anything up until I got preg the only thing she chewwed was my pregnancy book. Animals sense that there are changes and life growing in your belly... give the kitty attention she will miss it after baby.
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Benny Benny
When cats are about to go into labor they tend to sit on your lap and demand pets to comfort them. Your cat in turn probably senses your baby is coming in a couple months and wants to comfort you. I wouldn't worry or anything, your kitty is just trying to be sweet. Enjoy it.
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Abidah Abidah
My cat has done the same thing! We did just get rid of our other cat (her buddy) a couple of months ago, but I do think she can sense something too. I don't know what it is! It's weird, though. Congrats on your baby! :)
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Abidah Originally Answered: should i buy more medicine for kitty?
Exactly what symptoms is your kitty showing that makes you think he has worms? Is he passing them in his stool or has he vomited worms? I understand hard times and little money to treat kitties--I have been there treating elderly ill kitties. Luckily, the money seemed to appear when I needed it most. I do prefer to take mine to the vet for medicines because years ago I made 5 kitties very ill (one almost to hospitalization) with OTC flea medicine. That being said, I researched the chemical in the Worm Eze and it is FDA and veterinary approved. But vomiting is a side effect of the drug for overdose. Did you give him the dose the was recommended on the package? Or he may have just had a reaction to this chemical. Is his behavior normal (eating/drinking/using litter box) other than the vomiting? Another thing, Worm Eze only treats roundworms. If he has another type of worm (hookworms or tapeworms) you will need another de-wormer. So you are giving kitty multiple doses of different chemicals. If money is tight for a trip to the vet, here are some options: --Borrow some from a friend or relative --Contact your local animal rescue or welfare group--many have funds to help pet owners with veterinary expenses. --Speak to the vet to see if payment arrangements can be made. If you truly suspect worms, see if the vet will just allow you to bring in a stool sample to confirm if and exactly which worms kitty has. This way you are only paying for the fecal evaluation and not a full office visit. The vet can then prescribe the correct wormer, which may be a little more expensive than the OTC, but you know you have the correct wormer at the correct dose and saves on the guessing game you are doing now. Purrs to you and kitty. ** Edit ** Thank you for the additional information. Yes moving can be very stressful for kitties, just as it can be for us. Kitties attach to their surroundings whereas dogs attach to their people. And you have greatly changed his surroundings. If he is not loosing weight, that is a wonderful sign! So I take it he is eating and drinking normally, he just has loose stool? What do you feed him? If what you feed him hasn't changed, my guess is the manufacturer of the food has changed their formula and whatever that change is, kitty is not tolerating it. Does the food have dyes? Many kitties cannot tolerate dyes. Try switching him to another food (grain and dye free if possible), but just buy the smallest bag you can to see if it helps before you invest a lot of money. For the loose stool, try a little plain canned pumpkin--not one with the spices for pies. Just give him about a tablespoon once a day. Pumpkin will help with loose stool or constipation. Some kitties love it and some won't touch it, but it is an inexpensive treatment to experiment with. There are some intestinal parasites besides worms that will cause loose stool but they usually are associated with weight loss and lack of appetite. Just to rule those out, a fecal evaluation by the vet would be a good idea. What the vet would look for are giardia and coccidia, but then again, these are usually present with cats that are younger and haven't built their immunities up yet. Your thinking about the worms is correct. Unless there is a significant infestation, you will not see the adult worms. Only eggs are passed in the stool and they are microscopic. It does not hurt kitty to deworm him, unless kitty has a reaction to the medicine like it appears he did, it is only a waste of money if it is not worms. Dewormers only kill worms if they are present, do now help with future infestations. Also, since he seemed to react to this dewormer, the chemical in the Worm Eze is Piperazine, so if you have to worm him again, look for wormer that does not use this chemical. So, all this said, my guess is it is a reaction to his food. After all this time, I think he would have started getting used to his surroundings. If you think he is still not adjusting to the new home, you can try the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy or Feliway. I have used the Rescue Remedy for one of my kitties when she was dying (gave it to her and me) and it helped us both. It can be purchased on line, or I have seen it at a local natural pet supply store. Again, this is natural, will help or will do no harm. I have not used the Feliway, but I have seen good reviews about it. Below are some articles about both products. If you will give me his name and a description of him I will include him in my healing prayers. Patty

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