Atkins diet on indian food!?

Atkins diet on indian food!? Topic: Atkins diet on indian food!?
July 20, 2019 / By Farquhar
Question: is it possible to follow the atkins low carb diet on indian food..if so then plz give some plan or useful link..
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Cullen Cullen | 4 days ago
I'm on a low-carb forum which has members from all over the world and many different cultures. Probably some of them would have suggestions for you. http://forums.lowcarber.org/
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Cullen Originally Answered: Atkins diet and low carb food?
Well so far you haven't many carbs. 1g of sugar is virtually no carbs so you're fine. But yes try to stay away from high sugar products. The lettuce wrap sounds good. That salad dressing sounds bad though. Try to get vinaigrette based dressing, they usually contain no carbs and low calories. Paprika is fine. Any spice is fine.

Asshur Asshur
This is a hard one. Most Indian food by nature is low in meat and high in carbs. I would recommend buying a recipe program like Recipe Pro that calculates nutritional info of a recipe. Then play with the ingredients until you hit a low enough carb level
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Verina Verina
i've been on atkins for years and find that indian food is fairly good, provided that you avoid the purely vegetable dishes as they've normally got potato in it. also avoid naan bread and rice which are very high in carbs (but i do indulge in poppadums occassaionally) meat and non-starchy vege curries are the way to go, provided you make the curry yourself and know what goes in it. store bought stir in sauces usually contain sugar and thickeners.... AVOID!
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September September
For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDCjh Buffalo, Elk, Whitetail Deer, Rabbit just about any critter that walks, swims or flies. That's if your referring to American Indian. Now if you talking about the Hindu type of Indian then I've got no idea.
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September Originally Answered: what are the lowest calorie indian food dishes?
all food provides calories, whether it makes you fat depends on how much you eat and how much exercise you have. Not many Indians are fat (in India, at least). If you look at the different groups (fat, carbs, protein) of Indian food cooked in Western society, you will find it contains too much protein for a balanced diet. A very good food is one based on channa dhal, or Indian chickpeas (NOT garbanzo beans), the channa is very low on the glycemic index. If a reipe calls for ghee, use rape seed oil, or half/half rape seed oil/olive oil (NOT EVOO), to provide a perfect source of omega 3/6, in the correct proportions. With careful attention to calorie counting, most India foods can be made as a balanced meal. for every gramme of pure carb or pure protein, count 4 calories, for every gramme of fat/oil, count 9 calories.

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